Here Come the Bridal Crocs… Just in Time for Your Wedding


Nothing says “I do” quite like a pair of bedazzled bridal crocs.

Yes, I did just use ‘bridal’ and ‘crocs’ in the same sentence. Because these sequined shoes are now an actual thing.  And, lucky for all brides-to-be, you could be trudging down the aisle in a pair of these crafty clogs for less than $200. Bargain.

Who let the crocs out?

It’s all thanks to clever Etsy seller Princess Pumps, who has taken a sequin gun to the classic croc and transformed them into something brides want to wear on their wedding day.

bridal crocs for your wedding day

She calls them “Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Clogs” and, well, they are the fanciest pair of clod hoppers we’ve ever seen. They retail for $174 AUD and come complete with a shiny sequin finish that’s sure to dress up any wedding outfit.

But, wait, it gets better. Because you can also choose to upgrade your bridal crocs to include a fuzzy lining for even more comfort on your big day.

Rock out with your croc out

We gotta admit, the idea of wearing comfortable shoes on your wedding day sounds pretty awesome, especially when the party hits the dance floor. Or even during the pre-wedding pampering session.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. According to Princess Pumps, her bridal croc collection is selling like hotcakes.

So, what do we think brides-to-be? Are crocs the next big thing for weddings? Would you consider sporting a pair of bridal crocs on your big day? Or are they still a little too ‘casual’ for your liking? I mean, a croc is still a croc, even with all the sequins in the world…

Looking for more wedding treasures? We’ve got a whole heap of classy ideas. To complement your bridal croc, why not consider a KFC-themed wedding? Or how about walking down the aisle in your local Costco?

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