Looking to unite your love for KFC and for each other. Now you can. #chickengoals

That’s right chicken lovers! KFC is launching a wedding service for six couples looking to get married in KFC with all the finger-lickin’ chicken fixings.

Ladies, now you can say ‘I do’ surrounded by family, friends and more Zinger Burgers than you can count. What more could you possibly want on your wedding day?

KFC wedding launching in Australia

Although this sounds like an April Fools joke, it’s actually totally legit. According to KFC Australia managing director Nikki Lawson, this is a “genuine service”.

“Over the years we’ve heard of some incredible proposals from fans taking place in our restaurants in Australia and around the world. Seeing these we thought ‘bucket’, let’s create a KFC wedding service.”

Weddings are better with KFC

According to Nikki, the KFC wedding idea is taking off quicker than you can say Kentucky Fried Chicken! Although heaps of couples have already applied, only six lucky couples will be selected to partake in the wedding festivities.

“KFC is all about living your best life. So many of our fans are showing that Aussie larrikin spirit by asking us to be a part of their big day,” she said.

bride at KFC wedding

How to kick start your KFC wedding dream

If you’re keen to tie the knot in a KFC store, then head to the company’s website and lodge an application explaining why you want to be married in KFC. Applications are judged on originality and creativity.

But be quick! KFC will only hold their wedding services for 8 short months, with weddings scheduled from October until May next year.

couple married in KFC

What’s included? 

You’re getting more than just a snack pack, that’s for sure! Each couple will get a bucket-full of KFC goodies including a KFC-themed celebrant, food truck, photo booth and customised chicken buckets.

There are even KFC bucket flower bouquets and mini Bomboniere buckets. LOL!

KFC wedding table KFC weddings with all the trimmings

Sounds like a bucket of good times ahead. Who needs a church or a beach when you’ve got KFC?

KFC wedding: sorry, that’s fowl!

If you’re not keen on KFC, that’s okay. Why not head to your local Costco, as this couple did? Their 2017 Costco nuptials included a hot dog and pizza dinner served at the food court after the blushing bride walked down the tyre aisle. Yes, really!

Hey, whatever works for them, right?

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