Stores Running Out Of Hand Sanitiser Thanks To Coronavirus

Fears of an outbreak of coronavirus have led to a rush on sales of hand sanitiser.

A friend text messaged me early this morning saying she was having trouble finding any hand sanitsier in local stores. She’d checked online. Nothing. She runs a business that deals with kids and she needed the product desperately.

I ran around my house finding old tiny hand sanitiser bottles tucked into bags and boxes with BandAids. Many were past their use-by dates.

So I decided to check online too. And she was right. Not one store had any hand sanitser in stock.

hand sanitiser stock

Antibacterial wipes, gels, and soap to go were all sold out online.

The rush on hand sanitiser products is due to fears over coronavirus. Several cases have been confirmed in Australia already. The best way to protect yourself from the virus is to wash your hands regularly. But that may become difficult with little ones if hand sanitiser products don’t come back into stock soon.

Get the official information on Novel Coronavirus from the Australian Government here.

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