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See Why Parents Choose Goat Toddler Milk Over Cow’s Milk + WIN a $200 Bubs Australia Toddler Prizepack

If your little one has graduated to the always-exciting toddler phase, then now’s the perfect time to discover the many benefits of introducing the naturally gentle A2 goat protein into your tot’s diet. The easiest way to do this? With Australian goat milk, such as Bubs Australian Goat Milk Toddler Drink.

Bubs goat milk is one of the leading names in Australian goat milk for toddlers and it’s easy to see why. The entire Bubs range contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Not only is Bubs Australia proudly Aussie made and owned, but it’s Goat Milk Toddler Drink is designed to support gentle digestion for happier tummies.

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Make Bubs goat toddler milk your toddler milk of choice. Source: Supplied

Find out what makes Bubs goat milk the easy to digest and gentle choice for your toddler and put your name down to be one of our lucky Bubs Bundle winners! 

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The natural and gentler choice for your toddler. Source: Supplied

The toddler milk transition

There are plenty of different toddler milk brands on the market but only one is made from the goodness of Australian goat milk.

And that’s Bubs Australia!

Australian goat toddler milk is an alternative to fresh cow’s milk or cow’s milk based toddler milks and designed for children 12 months and above. For infants, if you are able, breastfeeding is best. However, when graduating from formula to toddler milk or looking to supplement your toddler’s diet with added nutrition, Australian goat milk based toddler milk is an ideal next step. And Bubs Australia Toddler Goat Milk Drink is an ideal choice.

Stay away from toddler tummy trouble

Many parents remember all too well the tummy troubles their babies had when younger, and possibly even as they entered the toddler phase. The crying, the spitting up, the frequent waking, the strange poops, the confusion about what could be causing bub to react like this. The culprit might well be cow’s milk.

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Bubs Australia goat milk is designed for active toddlers and sensitive tummies. Source: Supplied

All three of my children had trouble digesting cow’s milk and I was hesitant to introduce cow’s milk to their diet, even after their first birthday. I know many other mums who found the same thing.

Goat’s milk, however, is a lot easier to digest and much gentler on sensitive tummies.

It’s also packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals that toddlers need for development and Bubs have added Omega-3 (DHA) and Omega-6 (ARA) to provide premium nutrition.

Plus, it’s full of goodness to keep our kiddies growing strong and energised while running laps around the living room!

Cow’s milk vs goat’s milk: What’s the difference?

The main difference, of course, is that it comes from goats, not cows. Goat’s milk is closer in composition to human milk than regular cow’s milk. You see, unlike cow’s milk, goat’s milk has a unique composition with smaller fat and protein molecules making them easier for the body to digest and absorb.

Australian Goat Milk Toddler Drink also contains A2 Goat Protein, no A1 protein. This makes it naturally easy for the body to break down.

Compared to standard cow’s milk, Australian goat milk also contains:

  • Higher quantities of the prebiotic oligosaccharides. This helps with gut health, digestion, and immunity.
  • Higher quantities of phospholipids, a fat that supports brain development.
  • Higher quantities of essential vitamins. This includes vitamin A (for vision and sight),  Vitamin B6 and B12 (for immunity) and Vitamin D (for bone development).
  • Higher quantities of minerals too, including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and zinc.

FUN FACT: Bubs Goat Milk is enriched with Prebiotics and 16 essential vitamins and minerals for premium nutrition including nutrients to support cognitive function, bone development and the immune system.

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Happy tummy, happy toddler! Source: Supplied

Australian owned. Australian made. For Australian bubs. 

It’s pretty clear goat’s milk is a good choice for toddlers, right? But what makes Bubs Australian goats milk extra awesome is that is it made from Australian goat’s milk. Bubs source their goat milk from local Australian goat dairy farms, right in the centre of the beautiful Gippsland area in regional Victoria. Their secure local process helps to deliver fresher product, better nutritional values, better taste, and better solubility.

In fact, Bubs is as Aussie as it gets. It all started with a Sydney mum-of-three, Kristy Carr, who founded Bubs Australia back in 2005. She started with organic baby pouches, the first-ever range of organic pouch baby food sold in Australian supermarkets.

Now, 16 years on, Bubs Australia has an entire range of organic products for babies and toddlers, including their Australian goat milk formula and baby and children’s vitamin supplements. We love supporting Australian businesses and Bubs is definitely a brand to add to your list if you prefer to shop Australian-owned.

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Bubs source their goat milk from local Australian goat dairy farms. Source: Supplied

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