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Small Stroller, Big Adventures. Bugaboo Ant is Out and it’s Their Smallest Travel Stroller Yet

Are you looking for a stroller that is easy to lift, fold and go?

Then it seems we have found the perfect stroller for you! 

Introducing the Bugaboo Ant, the small but mighty stroller that is a game-changer for parents who are looking for a convenient yet cosy way to cart their child from A to B.

Whether you’re ready for your next big adventure or prefer to stay closer to home, the Bugaboo Ant is packed full of smart and thoughtful features that make outings with children easier and more enjoyable.

Grab Your Baby And Your Bugaboo And GO!

With a six-month-old and two older kids, I’ll be the first to admit that the boot of our car is ALWAYS filled with kid stuff! Baby bag, baby carrier, baby sling, soccer gear, swimming clothes, extra towels, picnic blanket, and, of course, the space-grabbing baby pram. It usually takes me at least 30 minutes to get ready to go ANYWHERE. #blamethebaby

But with the Bugaboo Ant, leaving the house in record time is possible. Every. Single. Outing.

Simply grab your baby, your Bugaboo and go! Forget having to wrestle a bulky pram into the back of the boot or shift the rest of the stuff around. At just 7.2 kg the Bugaboo Ant is easy to lift and carry, folding into an ultra-compact rectangular shape, making it a cinch to pop in the boot of your car. Considering other prams can weigh in at 12kg or more, this certainly screams back saving rather than back-breaking!

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Small Stroller, Big Adventures 

Although the Bugaboo Ant is small, it’s also super-mighty. It can hold children up to 22kg which is great for toddlers and preschoolers who want to walk/sit/walk/sit/on outings. My daughter is five and weighs 22 kg so it sounds like heaven to me!  There’s also the option of additional add-ons, such as a Bugaboo wheeled board for older kids looking to hitch a ride.

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Not only can it carry your tired tot, but it lays down fully flat into a comfy place to lay their head and take a daytime kip. In fact, it has five different positions plus the seat is reversible – so baby can be positioned rearward to face you or facing out to see the world ahead.

Snug As A Bug In A Bugaboo

The reclining ergonomic seat is super comfy too, which is a big plus for newborns and little ones that need a bit more support when strolling. The seat comes with a full supportive backrest that moulds to the shape of your child for a relaxing ride no matter where you’re going.

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Your Ultimate Travel Buddy! 

Comfort and convenience are good but what makes the Bugaboo Ant really stand out is how travel-friendly it really is, especially when rolling through any airport, train or public transport station.

Its height-adjustable handlebar, all-wheel suspension, one-handed push system and nimble manoeuvrability make it an absolute dream when weaving your way through a busy airport terminal or crowded bus or train station.

Talk about compact too … the Bugaboo Ant folds up compact too! Measuring 23cm long x 38cm wide x 55cm high, it will easily fit in the overhead compartment on most airlines, and weighing in at just on 7kg, will meet the carry on luggage criteria too.

What’s more, its handy integrated pull-along trolley mode (showcased in the image below) allow you to push or roll it effortlessly through an airport or station.

Plus, parents can skip the baggage check-in, with the compact pram fitting easily into the overhead compartments of trains and planes for a more seamless journey. It also has heaps of room for all the baby gear in the always-accessible rear luggage basket and the handy under-seat basket. (Combined, these provide an extra 8kg of additional storage!)



Bugaboo ant travel friendly

Magic Mechanism

One of the things that set Bugaboo prams apart from the rest is the linking central joint system, which gives Bugaboo its instantly recognisable design.

The central joint links all the functionalities: the brake, the two-wheel position, the reversible handlebar, the two-piece fold and makes the pram multi-functional with several configurations. It’s something that is unique to the Bugaboo range, including the Ant, the Donkey, the Cameleon, and the Fox.


Bugaboo In Name And Design

Bugaboo has been around for 20 years. It prides itself on constantly innovating to ensure its prams meet the needs of modern parents all over the world. And, thanks to the versatility and ease of use of its prams, it’s a firm favourite with families everywhere.

Bugaboo has come a long way since its first model hit the streets of Amsterdam back in 1999. Technical details have been tweaked and improved countless times over the years. However, the sleek and sophisticated shape, silhouette and essential design remain the same.

Bugaboo definitely has its finger on the pulse – it was the first company to take the pram out of the playground and onto the catwalk by working with fashion designers such as Bas Kosters, Missoni, Marc Jacobs and Viktor&Rolf.

This was the beginning of a journey that would bring Bugaboo together with some of the world’s most interesting designers. Plus it cemented the brand’s reputation as a company who dares to do things a little differently.

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Although the Ant is one of the smaller strollers in the Bugaboo family, it’s is still packed with the high-quality features and safety standards that make all Bugaboo prams stand out from the crowd.

It all sounds pretty good, right? But, as we all know, choosing a pram is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly! So is the Bugaboo Ant a good choice for you and your travelling tribe?

It could be if you are looking for a pram that:

  • Is lightweight, super portable and compact
  • Can easily fit into a smaller car boot, spare room or corner of the garage
  • Is comfortable and suitable for newborn to 22kg
  • Is versatile & great for travel. This is especially important if you do a lot of flying, weekend adventures or use public transport often.
  • Is backed by 20 years of experience
  • Is strong and stylish to boot!

Have you’re now saying yes, then the Bugaboo Ant is certainly worth adding to your baby wishlist!

Design Your Dream Ant

You can pick up your Bugaboo Ant for $849 through the Bugaboo website. Available in five funky style sets and two chassis options (aluminium and black), you can customise your Ant to suit your cruising style. We LOVE the steel blue and pink melange … gorgeous!Foam Alive

Great things really do come in small packages! With the Bugaboo Ant you get the perfect combination of on-the-go convenience and comfort.

This is a sponsored post for Bugaboo.


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