Second Collectable Now Available in Bunnings Lego-Style Mini Collectables Series

Need another reason to stop off at Bunnings during your weekend errand-running? Enter Bunnings Block Collectables.

Yep, you can now pair your sausage sizzle with a cute little Lego-inspired Bunnings Block collectable for the *ahem* kids to build and collect.

Bunnings join the collectable bandwagon! 

We all know how popular collectables are. Coles Stikees and Little Shops. Woolies Disney+ Ooshies and Dominos. Heck, I think I may even have a collection of those Woolies Animal Cards from years ago somewhere!

Well, now our fave DIY shop is jumping on the bandwagon, bringing us a new collection.

Last month Bunnings shared an adorable new collectable as part of a new five-series collection – the Bunnings Block Truck.

Today they have released the second collectable in the series – the Block Forklift – and it’s just as fun! 

Second collectable: Bunnings Block Forklift

Bunnings forklift collectible
The latest Bunnings collectible. Three more to collect after this one!

The scaled-down version of a Bunnings forklift joins the Bunnings Block Truck and the popular Bunnings Block Warehouse, which started the whole Bunnings block frenzy back in December. 

Made using 65 building blocks, it comes with moveable parts and is sure to be a family favourite!

Not your average collection

If this is the first you’ve heard of the Bunnings block collectibles, allow us to bring you up to speed: 

First of all, it’s part of a bigger set.  Remember the Bunnings Block Warehouse which launched late last year? No? That’s because it sold out VERY quickly. The Bunnings Block Warehouse is a LEGO-type replica of a Bunnings hardware store. 

mum central
The Building Blocks Warehouse is the icing on the collectible cake. Source: Supplied

Anyhoo, all the Bunnings block collectables are designed to complement the warehouse. A truck, a forklist, you get the just.

The Warehouse is still available and costs $30. 

Secondly, this one is going to cost you. You won’t get it free if you spend a certain amount. Each collectable is $10.

Bunnings Block Truck
The first collectible in the series, launched in January, was a big hit with Bunnings peeps. Source: Supplied

Third, you build them! That’s right – you don’t just collect. You build! FUN! 

You can’t collect them all at once. Bunnings will roll out ONE collectable per month until May. They’ve given us a Pixelated sneak peek of the other collectibles coming each month.  

mum central
We now know Number Two is the Forklift. But what about thee, four and five? Source: Supplied

The Bunnings Block Collectables are available in-store and online, while stock lasts. We predict this adorable little collection will be a HUGE hit for kids big and small! 

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