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Mum Makes Her Own Seagrass Plant Pots Using a $2.50 Mat from Bunnings

Seagrass is a popular material for plant pots and baskets. They brighten up a room, complement plenty of decor themes and look especially good with a bit of greenery sprouting out of them. But these seagrass baskets also come with a pretty hefty price tag.

For a decent-sized seagrass basket or plant pot, you are probably looking at around the $25 mark. You can get imitation ones from around $15 each, but, that’s still a bit on the pricey side, especially when you still have to buy a plant for the pot.

I mean, when it comes down to a $25 basket or a $25 plant, I’d probs go with the latter and just use the planter it came in.

If only there was a cheaper option so you could have your plant AND pretty basket too.

DIY Seagrass basket for just $5.00 

seagrass plant pot hack

Enter this brilliant DIY seagrass basket hack! It’s clever, functional, and best of all will only cost you $5.00!

Adelaide mum Sue Etherington shared her seagrass plant pot hack on Bunnings Mum Australia and we are in absolute love with it.

All you need is are two Seagrass mats from Bunnings that’ll set you back $2.50 each and some twine. Twine. Not wine. But buy a bottle of wine too, cause DIY projects and wine go hand in hand.

seagrass basket bunnings hack
Transform a $2.50 mat into a chic seagrass basket. Source: Facebook

How to do it

Sue tells Mum Central it’s actually really easy and fun to do too.

mum creates seagrass pots for $2.50

For my pots, I lay two mats flat and used twine to stitch one side together and decorated them with twine on one and some leftover jute ribbon on the other.

Then I wrapped the mats around the pot and used the twine to stitch them back together.

seagrass basket hack

For the wall plant holder, I just wrapped them around each other and stitched with jute twine and made a tassle from the twine.”

Genius! And don’t they look cool! I reckon this is a Bunnings hack I may actually be able to do without completely screwing up. It doesn’t involve a glue gun so count me in.

Bunnings, here we come!

Don’t forget to pick up a ball of twine too. And wine. 

We LOVE a good Bunnings hack and this one is plantastic, especially if you have a soft spot for indoor plants. Check out our tips on keeping indoor plants looking alive and which ones are best for your indoor area. 


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