Glitter? Check! Crafty fun? Check! A way to calm the kids down when they’re all worked up? Double-check!

There is absolutely nothing you won’t love about these DIY Glitter Calm Down Jars. They make a great school holiday activity to keep the kids off screens. And you can easily make them yourself at home with these easy steps.

Wait, What is a Calm Down Jar?

Calm down jars give kids (or adults for that matter) something to concentrate on when they’re trying to control their emotions. Basically, the slow moving glitter moving in the jars is just a bit mesmerising, so it can help them slow down their thoughts, sit still and be calm… for a few minutes anyway. They’re great to combine with a ‘time out’ too.

Let’s Get Glittery

We found simple instructions over at Fireflies and Mudpies, but there are lots of variations you can try out there and you can basically get creative with lots of lovely bright colours and sparkly stuff – some of them are just sooo pretty!

You really don’t need too many things to make these. You’ll want a jar or bottle that is sealable. Mason jars obviously have that professional look, but old jam jars or plastic bottles even work just as well.

For the inside you can use glitter glue like Fireflies and Mudpies do, or you can swap and follow the steps below. Use food coloring in whatever brights you like, clear glue – you can get PVA glue from craft shops and places like Spotlight – just make sure it’s the clear one. And then of course, the all important glitter, and LOTS of it!

Glitter-jars blue glue

Step 1: Warm up your water. Do not use boiling water, as it can crack glass jars, just warm it up to ‘melt’ the glue.

Step 2: Add a few drops of your fave colour to the bottom of the jar, then fill to 3/4 with the warm water.

Step 3: Now for the glue. The more you add, the slower the glitter will fall and the more ‘calming’ it will be. Whisk with an old fork to help dissolve the glue. Remember to leave some space, because the best part is yet to come.

Step 4: Fill to the brim with GLITTER! Which is pretty much the best sentence I’ve ever said. Seriously, dump as much glitter as you can fit into that jar, mix and combine colours for different effects.

Step 5: Top up the jar to full with additional water if you need and pop the top on. You will want to seal with glue or a hot glue gun if you’re using this with younger kids so there is no way they can get that lid off.

Once they’re cool you’re ready to shake, settle and enjoy!

If this isn’t enough glitter for you, check out this homemade unicorn slime.


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