Me Oh My, It’s Homemade Unicorn Slime!

What’s cooler than homemade slime for sensory play?

Homemade UNICORN SLIME. So it’s gooey AND glittery – and for sure no toddler in the world can resist that.

Now come find out how to make it.

Why sensory play matters

There’s a lot to be said for the awesome-ness of slime for sensory play. It’s tactile, engaging, interactive and most important of all, FUN. And the importance of sensory play for youngsters shouldn’t be underestimated. Experts say participating in regular sensory activities is crucial to brain development and cognitive function.

homemade unicorn slime

Sensory play is also fantastic for kids with sensory processing issues, and it forms an important part of a ‘sensory diet‘ or treatment strategy used to manage sensory processing dysfunction. Tactile based activities, like playing with slime, play dough or kinetic sand, allow children to explore their touch sense in a safe and controlled way.

Get yo’ glitter on

Back to the unicorn slime! When we came across this unicorn slime recipe over at The Best Ideas for Kids, we immediately stopped in our scrolling tracks. The simple recipe combines some of our favourite things (glitter and sparkles and glue… OH MY!) to create just about the prettiest slime we ever did see. Best of all, you can customise your slime to suit your kids’ favourite colour combinations.

homemade unicorn slimeThe original recipe uses Elmer’s Glitter Glue which isn’t available in Australia BUT Gloo Glitter Glue (available nationally from Spotlight stores) should fit the bill nicely. You’ll also need plenty of glitter in your choice of colours, plus baking soda. The secret ingredient to create that silky slimey-ness? Contact lens solution! You need one that contains boric acid, like RE-NU Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution. Just check the ingredients to make sure you’ve got the right one.

homemade unicorn slime

The video below shows how to make the slime and it really is a snap! You can also find step by step instructions on The Best Ideas for Kids website.

YouTube video

What you do with  your unicorn slime once it’s made, is up to you! Twist it, braid it, turn it into a sparkly unicorn poop. The possibilities really are endless!


Want more sensory activities to try with your kidlets? Check out our Top 10 recipes for sensory and motor play.

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