We’re celebrating the 75th anniversary of Curious George with a very special prize pack for you.

After 75 years George is still just as curious as he was decades ago! You probably remember this mischievous little monkey from your own childhood. You spent days reading the books with your own mum, and maybe even cuddled up to the plush toy version of the character. Now your child is totally in love with George, and you’re getting to re-live your younger days.

Well, George is back — and the Emmy Award-winning TV series that chronicles this little cutie’s adventures is returning for an 8th season. The complete 8th season DVD pack features just about everything you’d expect (and maybe a few things you won’t!). It’s got an intergalactic trip to Mars, a visit to a toy factory and even a DIY guitar that George tried to build himself.

curious george 75th birthdayWhew! That curious monkey is sure having fun. Along with complete 8th season, George is still at it – having fun with friends. The Fun with Friends (as if you hadn’t already guessed that’s what it was called) pack features imaginative antics and all the sticky situations that George (and pals) can get into.

Okay, so George’s curiosity is always getting him into trouble (or at least putting him at the centre of hilariously funny scenes). But, what about your little monkey? As mums, we all know that there are those perfectly precious moments where our kiddos end up in super-silly situations. You giggle, you laugh and you take a mental picture to remember just how kind of crazy, but certainly sweet, your little one is.

You know your curious kid is hilarious, now show us! We’re looking for the best stories that feature how your child’s curiosity ended up in a silly situation. That’s right, we want to hear the ridiculous, hilarious and laugh-out-loud funny things that make you smile. Not only do you get to share your story, but you’ll be entered to win a prize pack that’s quite ‘Curious’!


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Curious George, we’ve got five prize packs featuring the childhood favourite.

  • Curious George – The complete season 8
  • Curious George – Fun With Friends
  • Curious George – Garden Discoveries
  • Curious George – The Movie
  • Curious George Big Adventure Box Set
  • Curious George Book – Plants a Seed
  • Monkey Mania Gift Voucher

To enter, simply complete the entry form in full below and comment, telling us what you love about Curious George (or the man in the yellow hat!)


Win 1 of 4 Curious George Prizepacks Valued at $137.70 each


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  1. Kate Slack Reply

    Wow I can’t believe it has been around for so long, great show i love it nearly as much as my kids!

  2. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    we didnt get to go this year but seeing all the animals is a family favourite

  3. kyla webber Reply

    We love seeing the animals at the petting zoo and the little kiddie rides are fun for the little ones, must also have a few showbags

  4. Lovin’ George, not your typical monkey on telly,
    When the show is on my munchkin is super happy!

  5. I love that the Royal Adelaide Show fills hearts with love, fun and imagination while explorations inspire; precious memories that last a lifetime.

  6. Adele Smith Reply

    The Royal Adelaide Show is a wonderful agricultural spectacular where kids learn new things whilst having loads of fun and adults get to be kids again. It’s simple pure jo.

  7. My daughter and I love watching Curious George get up to all his adventures

  8. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Haven’t had the opportunity to attend the Adelaide Show.

  9. Enjoying “country” visiting the city…So wonderful for the city children to be up close to animals.

  10. Kristi McNeil Reply

    havent had the opportunity to go to the Adelaide Show but if i had to guess definitely the animals and the showbags would be the favourite things

  11. Never been to the adelaide show but if we went would love to see the animals

  12. Never been to the Adelaide Show?? But I love watching Curious George with my daughter he always gets up to mischief but it always works out for the better in the end.Last year my daughter had a Curious George 3rd birthday party…Cheeky Monkeys everywhere!

  13. Hi my little boy and my 6 year old girl just love George so much it on our to all the time and mummy love the show to

  14. Lisa Cooke-Sayer Reply

    Never been to the Adelaide show but love that george teaches my boys the ability to problem solve oh and the awesome song that gets stuck in your head for hours lol

  15. Jasmine Nelson Reply

    Never been to the Adelaide show
    I’m bananas for George. When I’m not peeling well, I love watching cheeky George

  16. Maree Gray Reply

    Have never been to the Adelaide Show but if it’s anything like the Brisbane one then it will be a cracker. Love the animals and showbags best.

  17. My son learns heaps from Curious George. Whenever I ask him where he knows something from he always says ‘Curious George’.

  18. Louise Lecuna Reply

    WE love Curious George. There are so many things to learn about and also having fun watching George find his way.

  19. I love that my son isn’t old enough to know about the show yet as so expensive but when he is I look forward to taking him to the animal farm.

  20. Our family loves George because he is just as inquisitive as our own 18 month old Curious Josh!

  21. We love the night show, the motorcross backflips, the D-Max utes and the fireworks!

  22. My 5 year old grandson loves to watch Curious George when he comes to visit me. We watch it together and love the antics George gets up to.

  23. Jann Trapp Reply

    Curious George just loves the fireworks and all the things he can get into.

  24. Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    I love how he is curious just like my grandson and can also be mischievious.

  25. I’ve never been to the Adelaide show but I love the Melbourne show and enjoy the experience of the rides, food, animals, competitions and entertainment!

  26. I love my little monkeys to watch Curious George because Monkey see, little Monkeys do!

  27. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love how hilarious George is! Even for adults. I always have a giggle watching Curious George with my little man 🙂

  28. Deborah Bolam Reply

    I have never been to the Adelaide show but my cousins tell me it is a great day out for the whole family

  29. Monica Trindade Compton Reply

    I enjoy watching the different expressions on my 5yo face as he goes on the rides, sees the different stalls and exhibitions and tries some tasting of his own.

  30. jeanne jean greene Reply

    George has always been a family favourite with young and old he is a cute and the kids always learn something.

  31. Haven’t been but seen it on TV, love the whole mardigra like feel with it’s parade of floats and Christmas feel.

  32. Claire H Simmons Reply

    the endles entertainment and buckets of giant fairy floss

  33. The Yellow Brick Road showbag! Best value ever and means you see loads of different things!

  34. Tehani Gauder Reply

    I haven’t been to the royal Adelaide show but I do love the perth royal showand we always go. A great day out with lots of things to do and you don’t have to spend money if you don’t wish to.

  35. blackwidow63 Reply

    i have a Soft Toy of Curious George he sits in the prize of my Bedroom

  36. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    The same thing I love about all shows – the competitions, particularly the woodchopping.

  37. Erika Coyne Reply

    I have only been to the Perth Royal Show. The best thi
    ng about it was, as an adult, we walked in and saw a dancing competition- these people were no dancers. We were in stitches!!

  38. Erika Coyne Reply

    I love the man in the yellow hat. He is so patient, calm and unflappable- most of the time, which is unlike me! My son loves Curious George!

  39. Scott Crumlin Reply

    The rides and snacks! Could go all day munching and spinning!!!

  40. Anthea Cornish Reply

    I have never been but am sure it is a wonderful day out.

  41. Dianne Kitson Reply

    The animals, ever since I was small and went with my uncle who showed pigs/cattle, I would love the camaraderie in the sheds, everyone was so friendly and mostly the animals were too!

  42. seeing all the people having such an amazing time with all the things that are on offer

  43. Leanne Baker Reply

    This Curious George pack we’d love to own,
    This mischievous monkey is a favourite in our home.
    Curious and cheeky that monkey may be,
    More of his adventures we would love to see.
    My daughter adores the man in the yellow hat,
    But mistakes him for George’s “Dad with a hat”
    Christmas monkey from the movie is a favourite song of hers,
    And can sing along with nearly every verse.
    She laughs and giggles along with the show,
    So she would adore and appreciate this pack I know.
    Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize,
    Generous in both content and in size.

  44. jody buhagiar Reply

    I love a dagwood dog, oh yum!
    The rides, showbags, so much fun!
    The kids and the yellow brick road
    Collecting freebies, what a load 🙂

  45. Trista-Leah Kadar Reply

    Seeing the smiles on all th young kids and seeing the families making precious memories c

  46. Ann Trebeck Reply

    the kids get to hold chickens and see all the farm animals with out me having to own them !

  47. Any shows, it has to be the showbags that kids love. I also have fond memories of my showbags when I was little.

  48. That my kids are excited to see the animals and walk around – for them it’s not just what they can get us to buy them.

  49. Sarah Hughes Reply

    My kids love Curious George. I love that they are learning to problem solve by watching George!

  50. Shannon Wotton Reply

    Curious George is cheeky, mischievous and so much fun to watch – he’s just like my kids!

  51. Love the environment, the gathering of different cultures, the animals, fun rides & showbags for the kids. The sun shine & laughter of people having a god time. Amazing entertainment & beautiful displaces that’s what I love about the Adelaide show.

  52. I love George’s curiosity & sense of adventure. He gets in to all sorts of mischief! but it all turns out ok in the end 🙂

  53. Lauren Barnes Reply

    The food, tasting, trying, smelling gourmet goodies cooked in a pavilion, my foodie heaven!

  54. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Curious George and I are like soul mates, always getting into trouble without actually meaning to.

  55. The Man With the Yellow Hat is amazing with George in every way.
    He brought George from Africa and they have fun adventures every day!!
    He looks after George a lot, is caring, patient and kind.
    I love this character to bits, he is gentleman like and refined!!

  56. so much to look at and have fun doing a whole day of entertainment

  57. Sophie Miller Reply

    I love the bond that George and the Man in the Yellow Hat have. It reminds me of my toddler and I. She’s very curious and always getting up to mischief just like George.

  58. Caroline Rigby Reply

    Curious George I love that George makes my 1 year old laugh and keeps him glued to the tv.

  59. I adore the look on a child’s face at a show – seeing their face light up because of all the lights and colours and sounds.

  60. Richard Harrison Reply

    I love how George is always getting into mischief, just like my little monkeys at home!

  61. Julia Morton Reply

    i love that he gets into trouble yet its always a funny situation.Very mischievous and makes my son laugh alot

  62. the persistent joy of George and the ability to magically fix disasters

  63. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    The best thing about the Royal Adelaide Show is the atmosphere. The smells, sounds, sights and excitement.

  64. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    The best Family show in Australia!!!! And one day I will take our little Anna to it too – we are in Tassie, but Im sure she would love this adventure of a lifetime x

  65. Catherine Whyte Reply

    We love George’s sense of adventure which makes for so many fascinating stories!

  66. I have no idea about the Royal Adelaide Show lol but we do love Curious George because of his innocent humour and adventures

  67. Laura Higgins Reply

    Curious George shows kids to explore things in a fun way – exactly what their little minds are programmed to do!

  68. I miss it all. I miss the ice cream dairy building and the taste testing, I miss the pigs and the old engines down the back and I miss the family fun time it brought to us. We have a town show here but it’s small and dodgy even if it is full of community spirit.

  69. Watching my kids looking around at everything with awe. It’s a wonder to watch

  70. Shannon Discombe Reply

    I’m in Perth but I love going. And taking the kids they get so excited like a pack of monkeys

  71. catherine helbig Reply

    Love all the animals especially the baby animals my son just wanted to get in and play with all the animals

  72. Debrah Bassett Reply

    everyone is so happy and excited the kids love the rides and the show bags

  73. Andieharrie Reply

    Two questions in this comp but i’m going for the Curios George one
    My toddler went to my mum’s place
    Put her head between palings down the stairs to pull a silly face
    OMG Her head got stuck
    shes crying and we’re trying to get her out with no luck
    Grandad remained calm and gently turned her head down
    Slipped back out without a frown
    Little monkey scared us all
    But now is the least cheeky of them all

  74. I’ve never been to Royal Adelaide Show before. It would be great to see if my family & I can visit one day. Show bags, shows and rides are fun for my family.

  75. I love how curious George encourages kids to explore their surroundings and use their imaginations. He also teaches problem solving skills

  76. marypreston Reply

    The adventures that Curious George embarks upon are loads of fun. Love the antics. Love monkeys.

  77. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I love how Curious George will never give up until he solves the problem. Great way to teach our kids to do the same!

  78. Ineedacoffee Reply

    The rides, miss 6 favorite is the dino roller coaster, mega slide and dodgem cars
    Mine, speed 2, fury, xxxl

  79. I love, that my kids love to watch Curious George and I get 5 minutes peace lol

  80. Nerys Lewis Reply

    I love that my daughter loves him so much. She said that she loves him because he’s silly and he’s a monkey and monkey’s are her favourite 🙂

  81. Leah Taylor Reply

    My son and I love curious George,
    He’s so mischievous, we love all his little adventures

  82. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    I love that George can communicate such great story lines without actually talking! My kids love him because he makes them laugh – so we all love him for our own reasons, at our own levels. Great family mix!

  83. My kids love Curious George because he makes them laugh and gets into mischief

  84. Every time Courious George comes on tv my daughters can’t wait to watch it. Everyday they love it. George is very cheeky but teaches us not to give up and keep trying if you make a mistake keep going and that’s what I love about him.

  85. Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    I love how cute George is and how simple yet educational the stories are. My kids love to watch and read about Curious George.

  86. Sammy Minshull Reply

    Curious George is totally loved by my nephew Tait! this wuld be simply perfect… they both have such adventurious personalities

  87. Curious George is a funny, amazing monkey who gets into mischief. He is funny and adorable.

  88. Elizabeth Grobbelaar Reply

    The rides and the showbags. We just luv it. It is awesome.

  89. Kirsty Perkins Reply

    My daughter is mesmerised by curious George. Pretty much the only show she will sit down for, giggling at all his antics

  90. Renee Bolton Reply

    My son loves George, he loves the funny things he gets up to, makes him laugh!

  91. Jamee-lee Lance Reply

    I love how forgiving his mentor (the man) is. No matter what mischief and mistakes George makes the man is always understanding

  92. Trudy Scott Reply

    He’s a problem solver. He usually creates the problem then more while solving it. I think I love George more than my daughter does.

  93. Corrinne Attard Reply

    My 3&1/2 year old daughter loves curious George wondering what he will get up to next

  94. The whole atmosphere of the show is exciting and I love watching all the happy kids and adults having fun together and just enjoying themselves

  95. The episodes are so fun I watch them on nick Jnr with my girl everyday

  96. Linda Luczak Reply

    My daughter loves Curious George and his mischievous adventures. It’s entertaining and inspiring!

  97. Nicole Burford Reply

    I remember watching curious george as a child and love that he’s still around getting into mischief for my kids to watch as well.

  98. My 3.5 y.o and I love the antics of Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. He still sings the Christmas song after we spent the first half of the year watching the Christmas movie over and over again.

  99. Janelle Hall Reply

    My son loves Curious George. He’s a very cheeky monkey 🙂

  100. I love that everytime my son watches curious george he laughs so much and thinks george is so funny.

  101. She looks like George, acts like George, she is George … well a girlie version of him… My daughter would love this….

  102. He is just as Curious as my lil monkey, love watching him giggle and get excited at George’s antics

  103. Uncle Fred Reply

    My little niece (of almost 3) is the cutest little monkey in the whole whole woild.. and she’s as curious about everything like her hero Curious George!

  104. Amanda Cowan Reply

    My good friends daughter is 3 and has autism and a learning disability. George has helped put a smile on this little girls face and often helps get her to sleep.

  105. Shaleah Campbell Reply

    My two year old tells me he’s “curious, like Curious George” 🙂

  106. Julia Todd Reply

    My boys both love Curious George as he is always looking for new ways to learn and he never gives up when things get tough!

  107. Julie Krieg Reply

    My two love the adventures of this cheeky but thoughtful little monkey. Maybe because he’s a lot like them! 🙂

  108. My son has mild autism with speech delay/dyspraxia and he loves watching shows where characters have friends that have trouble speaking, Curious George is one of them

  109. Lauren Thomas Reply

    What I love about Curious George is the fact that he makes kids laugh and almost takes the kids/viewers along with him on his adventures.

  110. Gemma Peckham Reply

    i love how much my son loves him! he learnt the word monkey from this show! he loves his adventures with George and i love joining him 🙂

  111. Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    I love his antics the most and he relates to children as he is very curious and so are they.

  112. Diana Angel Reply

    He’s funny, adventurous, cute, brave and smart! I love watching him!

  113. Cindy Nickels Reply

    Funny, cheeky little monkey. Was a favourite of mine as a child and now I have a chance to share all those wonderful childhood memories with my own grandchildren.

  114. Michelle M Reply

    He makes my son and I laugh with his funny antics. He also teaches my son to think creatively to find unique solutions to his problems.

  115. Elle Green Reply

    My boys love George’s curious adventures and the fun he has helping friends. I love that the show uses real words to describe situations and processes that they encounter. I also love that the Man in the Yellow Hat has as much to learn as George – very much like life in our house 😉

  116. Nicole Gurney Reply

    We love curious George cause he is smart yet funny and is great at making things.

  117. My kids love George, my youngest watches him nearly every day,

  118. Rachael Brown Reply

    I just love that curious George makes me happy. Just hearing the song can pull me right out of a terrible mood. And yellow is my favourite colour

  119. Debbie Moody Reply

    I love the fact that my grandchildren will sit quietly for a while watching Curious George while I have a rest after playing with them all day.

  120. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love that he teaches kids to think and ask questions. So hopefully children will grow up to be curious…to challenge the norm and not follow for the sake of following. Good On You Curious George!

  121. Noella Bloomfield Reply

    he’s a cheeky monkey just like my youngest, who loves him to bits

  122. My kids have always love curious George and all the mischief he gets into. I love how it gets them to think how to solve the problems George has.

  123. Curious George was enjoyed by my kids and now loved by my grand kids. We all learn something every episode from George and the man in the yellow hat who is very patient with Curious mischievous George

  124. blackwidow63 Reply

    Curious George sits pride of place in my bedroom my parents got him as a mascot when we travelled, he is now 40 years old

  125. Curious George is one of my step sons favorites. I love how he is always finding out how things work

  126. Ashley Beech Reply

    Curious George reminds me of my curious Hunter, always wondering about things, getting into trouble with his sticky beaking, and always on the go!

  127. I actually love the man in the yellow hat. No matter what mischief, mess or chaos this cute little monkey makes, the man in the yellow hat always remains calm and gentle and helps George fix mistakes. That’s beautiful patenting of even the most difficult child.

  128. Melanie DeRegt Reply

    I love that George is always thinking his way out and never gives up.

  129. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Love how The Man in the Yellow Hat makes everything better when something goes really wrong. He really is a parent!

  130. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    Curious George is so curious,
    and always getting into mischief,
    but he’s cute so it’s okay.

  131. Joanne Warner Reply

    Just love how cheeky and fun curious George is. Gives us all a good laugh.

  132. My 3 year old was never attached to anything until she watched curious George. A year later she is still monkey obsessed. I just love that curious George has made her find something she has so much love for!

  133. I love Cheeky. I have 4 Cheekies who all love and have loved Curious George. He’s the Cheeky Master!

  134. Sacha Pech Reply

    Just like children; George is curious (funny that!) and just wants to learn and be helpful along the way. It’s a shame that adults lose that zest and exploratory instinct.

  135. my daughter just loves George, she gets very excited and dances every time she watches the shows.

  136. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I love “Curious George” he gets into such problems because he is so Curious. So funny. the family love his antiques.

  137. Laura Scriven Reply

    His adventures are always a learning places,
    And to entertain my little on he’s ace!

  138. Ali Hillier Reply

    We love Curious George because he’s always so cheeky and getting into mischief… Just like my son!

  139. Leeanne Peters

    Yes curious George is very cheeky and always up to mischief.
    My daughters can’t wait to watch the show each day.

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