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Man Helps Pregnant Mum By Carrying an Unhappy Toddler for an Entire Flight

You’re on a flight, and then it happens. Your toddler throws a major tantrum.

If you were on the ground, you’d swiftly move him somewhere (anywhere) else. But, now that’s not an option.

That’s what happened to one pregnant mum. Her little boy got fussy on a flight, and a man sitting near them noticed. So, when you hear that a man sitting nearby “noticed” a fussy little boy, your first thought probably goes to, “Well, he was probably annoyed – or even angry.” All too often the people around our kids act in intolerant ways. From an eye roll when your toddler cries in the middle of the mall to stares and not-so-nice comments, a crying kid will typically get you a whole bunch of mean-ness.

If you expect the story to take the – so the man yelled at the mum or told the child to shut up or told the mum to tell her kid to shut up — hold on. Instead of being bitter, this man (a stranger, mind you) asked if he could help. A fellow passenger, Andrea Bryd (who posted the exchange on Facebook), couldn’t help but to listen. The man explained that he’s a dad and volunteered his help – all so the pregnant mum could rest. WOW!

Posting a picture of the man cuddling the little boy, Byrd writes, “This MAN walked the aisle most of the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta comforting this woman’s son as if he was his own…I was in tears.”

She went on to write, “It showed me today that there are still GOOD people out there in a world full of turmoil. Big UPS to this DAD and all the DADs out there…you are the real MVPS!”

How often do we open our laptops to see some parent being roasted? It seems like nothing in the parenting ‘arena’ is ever right, good enough or the thing to do. There are plenty of people out there who would see a fussy toddler and put themselves in the position to judge that pregnant mum. The stranger who helped could have shook his head and said something rude to the mum. But, instead he did something that’s totally unexpected.

So, the next time your husband ducks out during a nap-time meltdown show him what this amazing stranger did. And, if your guy is a dad who would totally help out another mum, give him a big kiss – and count yourself as supremely lucky!

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Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.

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    What a great guy!! What upset me about the post though was that skin colour was brought into the equation! Why could it not be about a thoughtful guy helping out someone in need?? Why did it even need to be mentioned that the lady/boy was black and the man was white?? When are we going to get past the colour of someone’s skin?? Makes me sad.

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