If your little one is resting easy in a toddler bed, then you may want to double check the brand and manufacturer. 

CNP Brands’ Childcare Mason Toddler Beds, sold through Target Australia, have been pulled off the shelves and recalled.

The recall relates to all Childcare Mason Toddler Beds (model #091951M-003) sold in store (at Target and Target Country) and online between 1 January 2017 and 31 March 2019.

childcare mason toddler bed recall

What’s the problem?

According to Target’s product safety page, “This product has not been manufactured in accordance with Target’s safety and quality standards. The central support of this bed may collapse.”

If the bed were to collapse, it could cause potential injury to the child.

What should consumers do?

The ACCC suggests that if your toddler has this bed, to stop using the product and return the product to a Target or Target Country store as soon as possible. Consumers will be provided with a full refund, even if they don’t have the receipt.

You can call Target’s Customer Support Centre on 1300 753 567 or visit www.target.com.au/help/contact-us for more info.

Safety first

This isn’t the first safety recall for baby and toddler beds. In December, CNP Brands also issued a safety recall for the Childcare Snuggle Time Bedside Sleeper. 

There have been several additional baby and toddler items recently recalled including the Fisher-Price Baby Sleeper, the SmartTrike toddler bike and Target’s Young Ones My First Swing Set.


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