Why this Christmas Ornament Hack is Blowing up on TikTok

Get ready to be blown away! This Christmas ornament hack is next level and will make your Christmas tree sparkle with prettiness without having to pay through the roof for ornaments.

Big baubles, little cost 

You know those gorgeous oversized baubles you see on trees these days? They fill out the tree beautifully, but they can be pretty costly. One oversized bauble can easily set you back $5-$10. FOR ONE. You’ll most likely need at least 20.

Even if you opt for the smaller baubles, you’ll need a trolly-full of them. I’ve got at least 100 baubles on my tree right now and it’s still looking a little meh.

Well, one clever woman has come up with an alternative to those expensive oversized baubles. Balloons!

Christmas ornament hack
Source: TikTok

Londa Locs shocked not only her husband but thousands of viewers by revealing her secret on TikTok. She showcases her pretty tree which is adorned with large blue baubles and then asks her husband how much he reckons each one costs.

He guessed $12.99.

She then heads over to the tree and picks one of the baubles up – and it’s a small blown-up balloon. SHOCK!


 Balloon baubles win the internet

The Christmas hack has racked up some impressive views and comments on TikTok with many people agreeing that this is a great budget-friendly way to spruce up your tree.

Londa Locs reminds everyone to use CHROME BALLOONS as they look more real. You can get a pack of 12 at Kmart for $2.50. They can be a little more expensive than regular balloons but they are more durable too. One commenter also suggests coating the balloons with a spray to keep them inflated.

And, of course, be strategic in where you’re placing the balloons. Some of the fake tree branches can be spikier than others. And stay away from the hot lights too!

This Christmas hack is actually the gift that keeps on giving even after you’ve decorated it. Not only is it cheaper than buying bauble, but it’s also less frustrating.

I cannot tell you how many baubles I encounter on the floor over the month. Usually, it’s my preschooler to blame. Sometimes it’s the cat. Whatever the case, the baubles don’t stay on the tree and usually end up in the bin.

This brings me to my next point – you can BIN the balloon baubles at the end of the year and not have to worry about storing them. Space saver and money saver! LOVE that idea for us.

So, what do you think? Will you be trying to balloon bauble hack this year or sticking to the real thing?

More Christmas hacks to try 

We’ve got several fun Christmas hacks from the past that continue to make waves this season too.

Pool noodle wreaths

mum central

The popular pool noodle wreath is back in action and, while it can be quite time-consuming, the end result is stunning! Pick up a $3 pool noodle, a boatload of baubles and a glue gun and make your own.

Christmas tree collar hack

Christmas tree collar hack
Source: Stephanie Winckle

Tree too big for the traditional collars? Plan a trek to Bunnings and pick up their Flexi Storage Clever Cube and you too can have a custom Christmas tree collar that fits your tree! And it looks divine too!

Christmas lollipops

pool noodle hack

If you’re keen on going BIG on decorations this year, we highly suggest giving these Christmas lollipops a red-hot-go. You’ll need a hot glue gun, pool noodles and coloured tape to make these lollipop dreams come true! Check out how to make them here. 

Giant Christmas Baubles

Yoga Ball Baubles

This is probably the most fun hack we’ve seen so far – giant Christmas baubles created using… can you guess? YOGA BALLS. This clever mum has popped these bad boys out on her front lawn this silly season, and we love the idea so much!

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