A Christmas Tree Collar Hack to Fit ALL Trees!

Is your tree stand too big for your fancy on-trend tree collar and you’re at great risk of turning into the Christmas Grinch because of it? Here’s one lady’s clever, cheap as chips hack to bring back the festive cheer. Merry Christmas!

This is a common thing, So many of us have experienced the decorating disappointment of the one-size-DOESN’T-fit-all solid tree collar. So what to do? Show off an ugly tree stand after all? NOT TODAY, BLITZEN.

The Handiest Christmas Tree Collar Hack Ever

Stephanie posted her brilliant tree collar hack in Facebook group Kmart Inspired Homes this morning and it’s as magic as Christmas Day itself. It’s only a Bunnings trip away. AND it will only cost you $15.75.

Christmas tree collar hack
Forget the designated tree collar, you just need THIS. Source: Bunnings

The secret is a ‘custom made’ tree collar made from a Bunnings Flexi Storage Clever Cube. They come flat packed and according to Stephanie, it only takes a couple of steps to create.

It comes in a flat pack, I just used the four sides plus cable tied the fifth piece (bottom of storage cube) to make it have five sides. I left the back of the open so I can turn the lights on and off.

GENIUS and just look how PRETTY IT IS!

Christmas tree collar hack
The Christmas tree in all of its collar hack glory! Source: Stephanie Winckle

Of course, if you have your Christmas tree in a wide-open space, you could join two boxes together to completely encase the stand. It’s also VERY handy for hiding gifts from prying eyes.

So there you have it, now you can have your giant tree stand and your tree collar too! The bonus of Stephanie’s Bunnings creation is the higher sides can also support the lower tree branches, preventing your decorations from falling off. Hooray!

What do you think? Is this tree collar hack going to be on your list of things to do before December?!

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