Cheeky Antics as the Kids Shop Fun and Delicious Treats for Santa (and Reindeer)

The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, the Santa hats are on and the kids are bouncing off the walls.

All that’s left to do? Besides pour a wine and put your feet up? Get a little something sweet ready for Saint Nick and his reindeer mates, of course!

This is one of my kids’ favourite things to do on Christmas Eve. After we have dinner, put on our new Christmas pjs, watch The Polar Express (or attempt to watch it while my kids cyclone through the house asking how long til Santa comes), we sort out Santa’s snack.

This year I decided to bypass the baking and shop for Santa’s treats instead. Actually, I let my two boys do it. After all, they are the ones who need to bribe Santa with sweets!

Armed with a $10 note, I let my boys loose in our local Woolworths. Their mission – to pick out something delicious for Santa and his reindeer without going over the budget. And without coming back with a toy.

No, kids, Santa doesn’t want a water gun.


Satisfy Santa’s Sweet Tooth

I have to admit that giving my kids money and letting them run wild in a crowded shop sounded like a recipe for disaster. But it was actually so funny, and probably one of the funniest shopping experiences we’ve ever had.

My boys remained on task (and toy-free) and I loved watching them flick through the various treats to decide which ones are worthy for Santa.

I – ahem – Santa is sooo looking forward to indulging on Christmas Eve!

Spoil Santa with these Magical Santa Treats

Let your kids spoil Santa too with our top picks for Santa snacks, all under $10 and all from your local Woolworths.

We purchased the following (except for the James Boags Lager which was purchased by me for Santa from BWS to top it off!) 😉 

  • 5 Pack of choc chip Santa Cookies (with 50c per pack going towards OzHarvest … a brilliant initiative to help feed Aussie families doing it a bit tough) $2.50
  • 1kg bag of Reindeer Carrots (quality Aussie carrots cheekily disguised for the reindeer) $2
  • 1 litre Milk (because we all know milk and cookies go together like… ) $1.25
  • Stubby of James Boags Lager (because we all know this is what Santa REALLY likes to drink with cookies!) $4 from BWS

And that, my friends, is our Christmas Eve treats all sorted. Something for the sweet tooth, something for the Reindeers and of course, something to drink when we put up our feet after all the work is done! 😉

mum centralOH, AND MY BIG TIP TO YOU: Pop a scoop of ice cream between two Santa cookies for a cheeky late night Netflix treat!  You’re welcome! 😉

woolworths santa cookies

Something for Santa and Everyone Else on your List 

When it comes to shopping for Santa’s snacks, I highly recommend taking the kids with you (just this one time). Letting them work together to pick out the treat just added to the joy and magic of the day.

We will definitely be adding a trip to Woolworths to our Christmas Eve tradition list from now on. Have a look at their Christmas section online and discover their massive range of Christmas foods, decorations, goodies, gifts, and, of course Santa’s snacks. 

mum central

I hope your kids love shopping for Santa as much as mine did! And I hope you (I mean, Santa) enjoys eating the treats as much as I will!

After all, there’s no better way to end the crazy Christmas Eve rush than indulging in a sweet treat that you don’t have to share with ANYONE. Except the reindeer, of course.

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