10 Stunning Christmas Cakes to Top Off Your Festive Feast

Did you promise to bring a cake to Christmas lunch and now you’re wondering why you did that? Here’s 10 fabulously festive cakes to please the masses this year. Hot tip: it’s nearly ALL in the decorating.

It’s easy to give most cakes a Christmas makeover with some edible glitter and a pack of candy canes or two. Cut yourself some slack and bake a packet mix cake. Or even better, pick up a couple of supermarket mud cakes and attempt your very own cake hack.

Here’s a handful of my favourite Christmas-vibe cakes getting around the internet. Take the very merry inspo, your piping bag AND RUN.

1. Reindeer doughnut holes

Technically more bun than cake, but festive and unashamedly cute all the same. From Little Blog of Vegan, reindeer doughnut holes. OH MY DOUGHNUT LOVING HEART.

reindeer doughnut hole cake

2. Bite-size Christmas cake pops

If you’re all about being cute and bite sized, The Loopy Whisk has delivered a Santa sack full of delicious and adorable Christmas cake pop recipes. Plus there’s a handy video to watch!

christmas cake pops

3. Santa belly cake

From Country Living, this awesome box cake mix meets slab cake pan, resulting in a mega Santa belly delight.

santa belly cake

4. Happy little trees cake

This Christmas cake decorating technique is a good one for BIG impact on not a lot of fuss. Wilton shows us that the trick to the happy little trees cake is all in the icing – and there’s plenty of that.

christmas tree cake

5. Candy stripes and cranberries

Granted, probably not a wise choice for a beginner cake decorator, but you have to have #cakegoals, right? From The Cake Blog, cranberry orange spice cake. Get in my belly.

cranberry christmas cake

6. Candy cane and white chocolate cake

If you want your Christmas cake to be both colourful and packed full of fun, then Raspberri Cupcakes has the delicious answer! Candy cane peppermint and white chocolate cake positively screams Christmas.

candy cane christmas cake

7. Gingerbread buttercream icing

Just in case you haven’t quite eaten your weight in gingerbread as of yet, sit tight folks. Top your favourite cake (or cupcakes!) with gingerbread buttercream icing. Yep, gingerbread buttercream. Thanks for this mind-blowing recipe Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen!

gingerbread buttercream icing

8. Rudolph reindeer

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party show us just how easy it is to make a basic, but ever so beautiful reindeer cake. Even the most novice of cake decorators can nail this one!

reindeer christmas cake

9. Christmas tree cupcakes

From Lydia Bakes, Christmas tree cupcakes! Don’t hold back on the green food colouring guys!

christmas tree cupcake

10. Biscuit tart tree cake

The 2018 cream tart trend remains hot to trot on the cake decorating front. Could there be a more Instagram worthy cake/tart than this meringue topped, cream wedged tart tree cake beauty? You can TOTALLY DO IT with The Cake Blog’s DIY tutorial.

biscuit tart christmas cake

Got the cake decorating bug? Be inspired by these talented mums and their easy cake hacks! And if you want more Christmas sweet treat goodness, have a go at these yummy Christmas trifles.

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