What’s Your Score? 30 Perfect Coffee ‘Mum Moments’ We Share (Because Kids)

Ahh kids. Adorable darlings one minute. Tiny terrors the next. 

We mums need to rely on something other than just our happy thoughts to get us through the often unpredictable days with our kids.

For us, this something is coffee! Conversations seem to flow easier with coffee. Brains tend to work better with coffee. Of course, those rare quiet moments are more enjoyable with coffee. But, best of all, kids aren’t quite as annoying with coffee.

Motherhood and coffee – a match made in heaven

Our need for love of coffee has inspired us to share our top 30 best coffee moments. After all, there’s no doubt we’ve ALL been through them.

Some moments will make you cry, some will make you laugh, others will make you shake your head or want to tear your hair out. Then there are those moments that make you feel like your heart will explode with happiness, with relief, with joy, with pride. All the good feels.

It ain’t easy ladies, but if you’re having one of those days when you’re contemplating selling the kids on eBay, then pull up a seat, make yourself a cuppa and remember these parenting moments that make it all worthwhile.

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coffee in bed

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The baby stage

30. That first cup of decent (non-decaf!!) coffee after bringing baby home from the hospital
You could sit there for hours, just staring at her, watching her little tummy move up and down. To top off an already perfect moment… a delicious Flat White coffee (enjoyed well away from bub of course, because #safetyfirst).

29. When baby projectile vomits – and you’re in the firing line
Lesson learned – move quicker next time baby decides to puke. Once you’ve thrown on a new tee and wiped the vomit from your hair, it’s time for a coffee break. Make it a long one if you can.

28. Mastering the fine art of escaping a sleeping baby
Commando crawling away from the kids’ beds and down the hallway, praying that the floorboards don’t creak and wake them up again. TIME FOR A CUPPA!

leap weeks

27. Sobbing your way through sleep training
Teaching bub to self-settle is so hard, one of the hardest moments in early motherhood I reckon. Rely on your hubby for emotional support and a soothing cup of coffee to sip in between pats and cuddles.

26. Hostess with the mostess during mothers’ group play dates
Calm the playdate nerves by serving up a tray of delicious cappuccino coffees to keep the conversation flowing while yelling at encouraging your kid to share the toys.

25. The big ONE
Celebrate surviving the first year of parenting with a strong coffee in the morning (followed by champers later in the day!).

Toddler taming and pre-schooler training

24. Toilet training
Mop. Bucket. Disinfectant spray. Plus a bucket load of coffee to ensure you don’t throw your child in the bin with the 15th pair of underwear he’s soiled.

toilet training toddlers

23. “I wuv you mumma” 
The four sweetest words you will ever hear. Treat yourself to something extra sweet (coffee and a big slice of cake) to pair with this beautiful moment in mummyhood.

22. Blanket forts and all-day movie marathons
Grab a hot choccy for the kids and a coffee for you to really make this lazy day a perfect one!

21. Testing your patience through the “Me do it” morning
You know you deserve a coffee when your child decides he’s old enough to make his own brekkie. There’s a mountain of rice bubbles and a river of milk to clean up, but, hey, independence comes at a price, right?

importance of family meal times

20. Super early 4.30 am starts
Seriously, who in their right mind thinks 4.30 am is a good time to start the day? Children. That’s who. Crazy, non-sleeping children who buzz around the house before the birds are even up. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them with a strong, black coffee.

Starting school (and sport)

19. The first day of big school drop-off
The house is quiet for the first time in, basically forever. And your heart is literally breaking. How fast did those five years go!!?? Grab the tissues and pour yourself a strong coffee, mums. You especially deserve it today.

reconnect as a family

18. Science fair project-making at midnight
WHY, WHY, WHY must they wait until the night before the project is due to ask for your help??!! Large coffee of the strongest variety is essential!

17. Also… Book Week
Any activity that requires you to sew or use a glue gun (such as dreaded Book Week) MUST involve coffee. Lots of.

16. Helping with homework… every flippin’ day
Especially if it’s maths homework. Keep the caffeine coming to keep up with the 25 new ways kids learn how to subtract.

15. Commute coffee
Finally, you find peace in the car/train/bus on the way to or from work. Headphones on, Travel Mug of coffee in hand. #bliss

mum central

14. Playing the supportive mum… every darn weekend
You’ve got your Best Mum Ever jersey on while standing in the cold, freezing, wet, Arctic temperatures of the footy oval. The only thing keeping you there? Their smiles as they look over at you. And the keep cup of warmth you happen to be sipping. #fortheloveofcoffee

13. The rare non-sporting Saturdays
A chance to sleep-in and enjoy coffee in bed! Woot woot.

12. After the mayhem of the morning school run
And breathe. Since 6 am you’ve been running around picking up after kids, making school lunches, dishing up breakfast, cleaning up the milk mess and shouting pleading with your kids to clean their teeth and put their shoes on. Now there is peace – the perfect time to sit and recharge the batteries with a coffee.

Special moments

11. Camping adventures
There’s nothing quite like waking up at the crack of dawn with your pyjama-clad kids and a coffee in hand, ready to explore the great unknown.

Woman drinking coffee in tent, camping - coffee moment

10. Home alone!
The coffee machine, an empty couch and no one asking you to wipe their bum. Rare, but happy days, indeed!

9. Surviving the inaugural learn-to-drive session
Calm those nerves mama and relax. Kind of. Not really. But enjoy your cuppa anyway.

8. Christmas/Easter mornings
Pair the excited pitter-patter of feet with a big mug of yummy coffee and pat yourself on the back for pulling off yet another awesome day for them (it’s no easy feat wrapping pressies or hiding 50 eggs at 2 am).


7. New Year’s Eve
Hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream) for the kids to drink while taking in the 9 pm fireworks and a coffee (perhaps with a sneaky dash of Baileys) for you — to ensure you make it ’til midnight.

6. Annual birthday party hosting (ugh)
A tribe of screaming, sugar-high kids running through the house?? Coffee. Like NOW.

A is for attitude – tweens and teens

5. The first “I hate you”
Whether you took away the iPad or refused a sleepover, eventually we all hear these three dreaded words. Shake it off (they don’t mean it!) and indulge in a delicious, frothy drink that’s made just for you.

Nescafe Latter in pink cup

4. Late night party retrieval (in your jammies)
A tear-stricken teen in the front seat of the car, heartbroken over a boy or upset over a falling out with a best friend. Definitely a coffee and mum chat moment!

3. Exam stress
Exams don’t appear to bring out the best in people, particularly teenagers. It’s a tough enough time, without the added pressure of exams. There’s likely to be tears, shouting – perhaps both at the same time. And as Mum, you get to pick up the pieces and make everything A-ok. Be prepared and start off with a strong espresso.

2. Letting them take the car
Cue the anxiety attack! Calm the nerves with a delicious Macchiato while you check your phone every 15 seconds to see if she’s answered your “You ok?” text yet.

1. Graduation
You will need an extra-large keep cup to go with your extra-large stash of tissues. Sob, sip, take photos and celebrate how far she’s come.

Your baby is all grown up. She did it. You did it. Good job, mums. Real good job.

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