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Doctor Claims You Should Eat Cow Poo Before Labour

Forget the epidural. A doctor in India swears that the most effective way to ensure a smooth delivery is to eat cow shit.

Not. Even. Shitting. You.

At first, I thought this was an April Fool’s Joke, but, nope. There’s a whole theory involved in the#CowPooForChildbirth campaign.

According to Dr Manoj Mittal, every part of the cow is valuable for consumption, including cow poo.

He credits this strange practice as the reason why his mother has always had smooth labours and deliveries. He is one of nine children and his mum had natural deliveries every time.

He also claims that eating cow poop will prevent women from requiring a c-section.

What’s with the dung?

Well, apparently, cow dung has magical powers to remove impurities from our bodies.

Every part of Panchagavya obtained from the cow is very valuable for mankind. See, if we eat cow dung, then our body and mind become pure. Our soul becomes pure. Once it enters our body, it purifies our body,” the doctor explains.

There’s even a video of Dr. Mittal showcasing how much he believes in the power of cow poop. The video is below and it’s a bit stomach-churning to watch! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

According to Ayurveda, cow dung has heaps of benefits. It is germicidal, makes a good natural disinfectant and is said to have mood-enhancing properties.

People use it to make soaps, mosquito repellent and even acne cream. And, apparently, it’s also great to consume before birth. #Vom.

What a load of sh*t

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stick to the epidural, thanks. Sure, if there are people who want to eat cow poop, then go ahead, but we aren’t going to be promoting this meal anytime soon.

Of course, this isn’t the first weirdo thing we’ve heard when it comes to labour. Check out these other strange tactics to help ensure a smooth delivery:

The coffee pot and squat

Back in 2018 squatting over a pot of steaming hot coffee was actually a way to induce labour. Not recommended by any doctor, of course, but pregnant mums did try.

To caffeinate your cervix, 

  1. Place a plastic bowl in toilet.
  2. Place one to two cups of ground coffee into the plastic bowl.
  3. Heat up water in a kettle.
  4. Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds.
  5. Squat over the bowl and place a towel over you legs to keep the steam in.
  6. Steam your lady bits for about twenty minutes.

According to some women, the caffeine in the coffee stimulates the uterus to contract. The steam can also loosen the mucus plug to get labour going.

Move it, move it

Another way to get things moving is with the YouTube video ‘Activating Labour,’ a 7-minute video which touches on how to induce labour through several different exercises.

It’s pretty outdated compared to today’s video standards but it also comes with over 5000 comments, the majority of which are saying the same thing – it actually works!

activating labour -how to induce labour video

The video comes courtesy of BabyWeightTV and the exercises are pretty straightforward – there’s a squatting one, followed by a weird frog squatting one (good luck getting up without farting after that one), knee lifts and a pregnant-twerk that is sure to speed things along.

Ready, aim, shoot

Once you are in labour, we have the BEST tip on how to make sure you don’t accidentally murder your husband as he dozes off in a chair beside you.

Bring a nerf gun.

mum central

A clever mum did just that when she was in labour with Baby #3. Knowing full well her husband would be dozing off beside her, she packed two guns and a bunch of bullets to casually shoot him with whenever his eyes started to shut or when she needed his assistance.

As she explains,

I remember having been on oxygen, I had no voice. My call button was out of reach. I resorted to throwing a water bottle at him to get his help and I missed.

This time I had to have a C-section, so I knew I was going to be less mobile than the last time. I thought Heck no, and with the 400 Nerf guns we have and being an all-boy mum, I have some good aim.”

Yas, queen.

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