Dad-to-Be Brings his Gaming System to Labour Ward and Somehow Lives to See Another Day

Get the pitchforks out, ladies because this dad-to-be is about to get roasted!! I mean, we’ve heard of men who have pissed off their partners during labour by complaining about being tired or bored, but THIS.


TikToker and new mum @amberscxtt horrified her audience with a video of her partner ‘supporting’ her during her induction.

@amberscxtt First viral TikTok… #fyp #gaming #gamer @deontk20 ♬ original sound – amberscxtt

In the video, Amber shares, “My boyfriend brought his entire gaming system to the hospital during my 21-hour long induction.”

While she rolls with the contraction punches, her partner sits with his back to her, gaming headphones on, controller in hand, playing some sort of third-person open-world game.

He’s even brought his own TV and gaming console with him.

And is that a cozy blanket he has draped around himself? MAAAAAAYTE!



Girl…. we’d be chucking that entire console out the window. And many commenters agreed. Several noted that this is an immediate red flag and that his priorities are clearly in the wrong place.

However, some mums admit that they don’t see the harm in it.

One mum shared, “I made my husband bring his [Nintendo] switch.. He would have [gone] nuts otherwise.” 

“Low key I want mine to [because] I like to sit and watch, it’d distract me from the pain,” wrote another.

What to pack instead of a PlayStation – a Nerf gun!

Okay, so we totally understand that labour can be long and arduous. I mean, we’re the ones GOING through it! But some husbands just can’t help themselves and the boredom of waiting for the birth of their baby is simply too much.

Take this dad, for example, who started to doze off in the chair beside his wife during labour.

nerf gun labour hack
Source: Samantha Mvarik-Miller/ Facebook

Instead of getting mad at him, she pulled a Nerf gun and nerf bullets out of her hospital bag and promptly played shooting practice on her sleeping partner. Genius, right?!

Other ways to piss your wife off during labour

Okay, so we’re pretty sure NOTHING hits below the belt quite like bringing your entire gaming system to the delivery ward. But here are a few more ways for husbands to ensure they receive death stares by the time bub arrives. And possibly a kick to the balls.

  1. Park as far away as you possibly can away from the hospital.
  2. Turn the room television on to any sport. Bonus points if it’s cricket.
  3. Yawn (Go ahead. We dare you).
  4. Take selfies as your wife labours in the background. Upload to TikTok.
  5. Discuss how slow and long the process is.
  6. Comment on the fluids coming out of her.
  7. Eat something super delicious.
  8. Complain about being sore.
  9. Wander down south without permission.
  10. Congratulate her with “See, that wasn’t so bad.”. Then follow it up with, “Hey, the baby looks just like me!”

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    Yeah nah. This wouldn’t bother me at all. During my induction I watched Power Rangers and my spouse played Pokémon on his Ds. Even if he wasn’t holding my hand or whatever I didn’t care. His presence was enough. Besides, I didn’t him looking at me when I was busy trying not to cry.

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