What’s worse than undoing baby’s nappy and finding a MASSIVE poonami?  Undoing baby’s nappy and finding a MASSIVE poonami PLUS a sore, irritated, nappy-rash-ridden baby bum! 

The rash, the redness, the little sores – it looks horribly painful! Now just imagine what it feels like for your poor little bubba and his or her sensitive little tushie!

But the days of worrying about nappy rash are officially behind us with CurashBabycare and its range of products for your baby’s bum (and body too). Prepare for the poonamis without the pain and stock your nursery with these must-have Curash products.

We’ve got your inside scoop on preventing nappy rash, the must-have baby care items AND TWO great giveaways to WIN thanks to Curash Babycare. (Including a getaway to Hamilton Island. I’m not joking!) 

Keeping baby happy and healthy from head to toe

Did you know that Curash Babycare is one of Australia’s best-known baby care brands? And for good reason. Its expert range of products helps cleanse, soothe, heal and protect baby’s delicate skin from head to toe. And this makes mum’s life just a little bit less stressy.

Plus, the makers of Curash work with a range of healthcare professionals to ensure all of the Curash baby products meet the highest standards. See, so you really can rest assured that what you’re putting on baby’s skin is a-okay.

Curash Babycare products are gentle and safe. They’re designed to help protect babies and toddlers from nappy rash and maintain healthy skin. And because Curash is constantly developing and innovating, there are always new products to assist with baby’s (and mum’s) needs.

HINT: Keep reading for your chance to win a stack of Curash Babycare products, plus that trip to Hamilton Island.

curash babycare

Hooray for Nappy Rash Spray! (Plus, it’s an Aussie first)

Last year we introduced you to the newest addition to Team Curash – Nappy Rash Spray. It’s the very first Medicated Nappy Rash Spray to launch in Australia. And let me tell you, it’s a game-changer at change time, especially if you’re not keen on the stickiness of traditional nappy rash cream.

The spray-on cream is formulated with 10% Zinc Oxide and enriched with Calendula and Chamomile for a soothing and healing effect on baby’s bum. But, best of all, it sprays on so you don’t have to touch bubba’s sore bottom and irritate it any further.

Mums LOVE this stuff (trust me, it’s spray-on GOLD). And it even won “Product of the Year” in 2018. Watch the video below to see it in action:

Wipe without worry

Wipes are, without a doubt, the greatest parenting invention in the history of…well, ever. And not only for easy nappy changes.

They are essential for pretty much everything. You can use them to clean the high chair, wash down the sink basin after the kids spit toothpaste all over it. Every. Single. Morning. Or wipe up spills in the car and soak up baby drool from your floor.

And Curash Babycare Wipes are particularly wonderful. They are gentle and safe, irritant, soap, alcohol, and paraben free, and made in Australia. They are also thick enough to handle even the biggest messes (we’re talking crazy carrot poops here) and they don’t dry out.

Curash Babycare

Blissful bath time

Curash also makes a great range of bath products including a soap-free bath wash and soothing oatmeal wash, as well as shampoo and conditioner that’s perfect for those extra fine baby hairs.

Loaded with goodness such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, your baby’s bathtime routine will be blissful and worry-free. Unless, of course, bub decides to poo in the bath…which, let’s be honest, he or she probably will at least once or twice. It’s just to keep you on your toes!

Your baby care items checklist

What change table/bathroom items will you need to get you through ALL the baby mess? We’ve got a handy list right here!

Essentials Good to Have
✓ Baby wipes ✓ Baby thermometer
✓ Nappy cream/nappy spray ✓ Nail clippers
✓ Lots of nappies ✓ Scented nappy bags
✓ Mattress protector for change table ✓ Toys to keep baby occupied
✓ Baby moisturiser ✓ Baby earbuds
✓ Baby bath, shampoo and conditioner ✓ Hairbrush
✓ Towel and face washers ✓ Nappy pail
✓ Extra clothes (within reach) ✓ Baby bath or bath seat/support


Two Ways to Win BIG With Curash

GIVEAWAY 1. We’ve got all the goodies you need up for grabs and in an adorable TRUNKI suitcase to boot!

We’ve got five Curash prize packs to give away, featuring TRUNKI – the adorable and totally practical kids’ travel suitcase/ride-on for tired travelling tots, plus several awesome Curash products.

If you’ve never heard of TRUNKI before, then head to our recent review to find out why they are a travel must-have. HINT: They cart your clothes AND your children!

PLUS one lucky winner will also receive a six months’ supply of Curash Babycare products. But you gotta be in it to win it. Simply fill in the form below to go into the draw.

GIVEAWAY 2. Stock up on Curash Babycare at Chemist Warehouse for your chance to WIN a family holiday

Dreaming of a family holiday to Hamilton Island? You may just get your wish! Simply purchase two Curash Babycare products from Chemist Warehouse and you will be in the running to win one of three family holidays. Keep scrolling to enter.

We’ve got all the goodies you need up for grabs and in an adorable TRUNKI suitcase to boot!

Curash Babycare is offering 4 lucky winners a Trunki suitcase filled with Curash goodies including Baby Wipes, Bath products, and its award-winning Medicated Nappy Rash Spray. (Valued at $200 each).

Curash Babycare prize

PLUS, one grand prize winner will receive a Trunki suitcase filled with Curash goodies (see above), AS WELL AS a 6 month supply of Curash products (for a prize pool of $591) including:

  • ALL THE WIPES: 60 x 80s Curash Baby Wipes – No more running out of wipes during the mid-poo clean-up!
  • NAPPY RASH SPRAY: 3 x Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Spray
  • NAPPY RASH CREAM: 3 x Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Cream
  • BATH TIME FUN: 3 x Curash Soap Free Bath
  • HAIR CARE: 3 x Curash Shampoo & Conditioner

Enjoy an organised and well-stocked change table, a bathtub full of relaxing soaps and a rash-free baby bum! Enter now!

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Curash babycare competition

Stock up on Curash Babycare at Chemist Warehouse for your chance to WIN a family holiday

Prepare for #allthepoop, in the bed, bath and beyond with Curash Babycare and always stay one step ahead of the dreaded nappy rash. Whether you’re pregnant or already knee-deep in nappy changing, now’s the time to buy ALL the Curash products you need at Chemist Warehouse as they have a great offer on right now.   

Simply purchase two Curash Babycare products for your chance to win 1 of 3 family holidays to Hamilton Island. Pretty awesome, right? Check out the deets and shop the range through the link below.Foam Alive


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