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Shut Up and Take My Money: Nappy Rash Cream Now Comes in a SPRAY!!

Guess what mums and dads! The days of dealing with nappy rash creams are officially behind us (pardon the pun) thanks to Curash and their ingenious decision to design a nappy rash spray.

Yes. That’s right. The nappy changing gods have smiled down on us mortal mums and come up with a solution to the constant battle with think, sticky and messy nappy rash creams. AND you don’t even have to rub the nappy rash spray in! Hooray!

Australia’s first medicated nappy rash spray is here!

Nappy changes aren’t pretty at the best of times. Add in a dose of nappy rash and you can expect hours of unhappiness from your little one.

curash medicated nappy rash spray

Enter the first medicated nappy spray pioneered by Curash Babycare.  It’s a concentrated spray on cream formulated with 10% Zinc Oxide and enriched with Calendula and Chamomile.

It soothes, heals and protects. But best of all, it SPRAYS on so you don’t have to touch your baby’s already irritated (and possibly blistering) bum and bits. This means less pain for them and less mess for you.

Rub-Free Nappy Rash Spray 

We love it when new products like this come on the market – ones that benefit both us mums and our precious babies. My kids are too old to need nappy rash cream but this would have been a godsend back in my nappy-changing days! Have you tried it yet?

Curash medicated nappy rash spray comes in a handy 50ml bottle and an easy application spray nozzle. Plus it’s been dermatologically tested and emits a thin mist-like layer of cream so the skin can still breathe and heal naturally.

You can pick up your own bottle at Chemist Warehouse (RRP $10).

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