The World’s Coolest Theme Parks Where Dreams Really Do Come True

Sorry Disneyland. You’re awesome and all, but this year we’re booking a trip to Unicorn Island!

And mummy’s stopping at Wine World on the way home!

Sure, you’ve probably heard of Legoland, Sea World and Peppa Pig World. All equally great in their own right.

But here are our few lesser-known theme parks around the world that are sure to resonate with EVERY member of the family.

World’s Coolest Theme Parks

1. Diggerland

For the little truckers of the household, head on over to Diggerland UK where you can drive big rigs all day long. Sure, it sounds a bit strange to those who actually drive big rigs all day long for a living, but to tiny tradies-to-be, this is a dream come true!

coolest theme parks - Diggerland

coolest theme parks - Diggerland


There’s four different Diggerland parks in the UK and a fifth in the USA.

2. Unicorn Island

What’s better than sitting beachside sipping cocktails watching the kids play in a massive inflatable water park? How about if the whole place was unicorn-themed?

Wish granted, thanks to Inflatable Island in the Phillipines which includes a pastel pink beachside paradise and a unicorn playground smack dab in the middle of the water.

Unicorn Island - coolest theme parks mum central Unicorn Island - world's coolest theme parks

3. Chocolate World and Hershey Park

It’s brown, delicious and loved by everyone. So it makes sense chocolate would have its own theme park. Founded by Milton Hershey, the maker of Hershey’s chocolate bars,  Hershey Park comes complete with heaps of different roller coasters and rides. There are swimming pools, water parks, carousels and more, all located within the American-based theme park.

Head across the road and you’ll find Chocolate World, which is, essentially a modern day version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, minus the greedy, annoying children.

mum central Hershey's World Hershey's World rollercoaster

4. Storybook Land

Fresh out of the pages of your kid’s favourite classic storybook, Storybook Land lives in New Jersey USA. Sure, there are Storybook Lands in various Disneyland parks but this one is different – the entire park is dedicated to fables, fairy tales and nursery rhymes we all grew up with.

From the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, readers big and small will love the landmarks, rides and various attractions.

Storybook Land New Jersey Storybook land - cool theme parks Storybook land - Snow White's cottage

5. Wine World

From story time to wine o’clock, we saved the best for last! Nestled among the wineries in Bourdeaux, France is La Cité du Vin — the world’s first wine theme park and museum.

While there aren’t any wine-themed water flumes (WHY THE HELL NOT), you can take a water shuttle to the vineyards, which, after a few glasses, would be similar to a flume ride we’re sure.

Wine World Wine World cool theme park for adults Wine World

And don’t forget Penis Park!

Although technically not an amusement park (and probably not the best choice for kids), we couldn’t NOT mention Penis Park. Located in South Korea, the haven to male genitalia is one of the strangest theme parks we’ve ever stumbled across.

Penis statues in South Korea Penis Park

Penis park cannon

Penis park statues

I’ll stick to Wine World, thanks.

Looking for a fun day out a little closer to home? Check out this massive indoor playground centre which recently opened in Melbourne.

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