Baby Birth Complications Led This Dad To Breastfeed His Newborn!

Breastfeeding is a mum’s job, right? Yes. Yes it is. But what happens when mum is in emergency with complications from the birth?

In most instances, the newborn is given a bottle, syringe or cup. But in this incredible instance, dad stepped up to chestfeed.

And he has the photos to prove it!

Like all proud new dads, Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer was over the moon to welcome his new daughter to the world. But the birth didn’t quite go to plan.

dad breastfeeds baby

Maxamilian’s wife, April, was whisked away for an emergency c-section and remained in care even after their bub was born.

When mum is away, dad takes over 

Cradling his newborn daughter, Max soon discovered the baby wanted what all new babies want – mum’s milk (or pre-milk). So, with the help of a nurse and a crazy colostrum contraption, Maxamilian took the lead and gave his girl what she wanted.

Maxamillian, who lives in Wisconsin USA, shared the story on his Facebook page, complete with photos of him ‘breastfeeding’ his daughter.

“Due to complications during April’s emergency c-section, this super rad nurse made an epically killer offer, and I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple. 

Being the first to breast feed da baby! I did it for the moms. Eat your heart out!”

dad breastfeeds baby girl

With his hair tied back, shirt off and Mom tattoo on display, Maxamillian looks comfortable and relaxed to take on the role as milk master.

Temporarily at least.

Wait? What is happening here? 

On first glance, the situation looks a bit strange. But it would appear there is colostrum/breast milk (whose milk we don’t know) in the orange syringe that is attached to Maxamillian.

Max also dons a suction nipple so when bub sucks, the colostrum from the syringe comes down the tube and into bub’s mouth.

dad breastfeeds newborn daughter

Genius right? And pretty sweet, if you can get past the whole “dad breastfeeds baby” thing.

Congrats to the couple on a beautiful little Daddy’s Girl. We’re wishing April a speedy recovery. Hopefully she will be able to take over the breastfeeding duties soon!

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