Dad Accidentally Orders a 6-Metre Life-Sized Dinosaur for His Son

Of all the online shopping fails I’ve come across in my days of scrolling the internet, this is by far my favourite fail ever! It doesn’t involve genitalia-themed garments but it does involve a massive dinosaur and a hilarious mistake in sizing.

UK father Andre Bisson was ready to crown himself the ‘best dad ever’ after stumbling upon a statue of a specific dinosaur his four-year-old son, Theo, had asked for. The dinosaur in question- a carnotaurus. Not your everyday run of the mill T-Rex. Oh no, this dinosaur is as rare as they come.

Dad’s ‘lucky’ online find

Andre headed online to search for this rare dinosaur and lo and behold, someone was selling a statue of a carnotauras in the neighbouring town. What luck!

The seller was an owner of an amusement park and the dinosaur statue would set Andre back around $1300.

$1300 for a dinosaur is a bit steep, even for a super rare one. But hey, it was just such a lucky find how could Andre pass it up? Although the excited dad did have an inkling this wasn’t going to be your typical stuffed dinosaur toy, he had no idea just how huge it would be.

dad dinosaur online shopping fail
Andre was expecting a slightly smaller statue, like this little guy, for his dino-obsessed son. Source: Andre Bisson/ Facebook

As Andre explains to LadBible:

The issue was as this was being sold off online, there was only a thumbnail image to try and gauge the size, no details whatsoever and no one to ask, I didn’t care really.”

Dinosaur delivered by crane

Dino delivery day came and Andre received a call from the shipping company, alerting him that the dinosaur was too big to fit in the truck. Yes, folks, too big for a shipping container.

The ‘toy’ dinosaur then pulled up on the back of a massive truck, in all its 20-foot glory. This thing is NOT a toy, ladies and gents. I wouldn’t even classify it as your typical statue. It’s literally a life-sized beast, complete with pointy teeth, spikey skin, and Godzilla feet. Not even joking…

dad dinosaur fail
Source: Andre Bisson/Facebook
'Chaz' the Dinosaur's big arrival
‘Chaz’ the Dinosaur’s big arrival. Source: Andre Bisson/ Facebook

They had to lift the statue over the house and lower him into the back garden, careful not to crush the neighbouring houses in the process. Meanwhile, Andre stood snapping photos in disbelief and Theo jumped for absolute joy.

dad buys son life-sized dinosaur
Heavy load coming through. Source: Andre Bisson/Facebook

Andre even took a video of the dino’s grand arrival and shared the hilarious photos on Facebook.

Posted by Andre Bisson on Monday, January 20, 2020

Chaz the dinosaur here to stay

Theo named his horrendously huge dinosaur Chaz.  Sure, he is 20 feet tall, takes up most of the garden and looks like it might eat you, but, Theo adores the thing.

“Theo cooked fish fingers and fed him. Theo and Chaz are best buds – he’s got a pet dinosaur.”

Dad dinosaur fail
Source: Andre Bisson/ Facebook
Dad buys son pet dinosaur
Source: Andre Bisson/ Facebook

So, for now, it looks like Chaz has found his forever home in the Bisson’s backyard. After all, it’s not like you can easily move the thing...

But, hey at least Chaz will keep the intruders away.

So, the moral of the story, folks? Always check the sizing when shopping online.

This isn’t the first time we well-meaning parents completely mess up presents for our kids. Have a read of the time I bought my daughter an inflatable unicorn that ended up being almost larger than our pool. And lived in the house. Fun times.


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