Arnotts is Giving Free Tim Tams to Anyone With a TIM or TAM Name

Calling all Tims and Tammys, have we got something exciting to share with you! You officially qualify for a free pack of Tim Tams and you have your parents’ name choice to thank.

That’s right guys, Arnotts is calling on all Tim and Tam names to come forward and claim your prize – a packet of the new Tim Tam Crafted Collections biscuits. These are not your everyday Tim Tams, folks, these are a “Crafted Collection”. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds fancy.

free tim tams
It’s a good day to be Tim or Tam. Source: Arnotts

It’s all part of Arnott’s celebration of Tim and Tam Day on 16 February 2020. But be quick because only the first 1000 Tims and Tams to register will get the goods. You can put your name down through the Arnotts website.

Prove your tam-itude, get free bickies

So, to all the Tims, Timbos, Tammys, Tamaras, Timberlinas, Tameekas, Tamsins, and Tammersons out there, these free biscuits literally have your name all over it.

Of course, you do have to prove your Tim-ness or Tam-itude by sharing your Facebook profile with Arnotts. But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for a free packet of Tim Tams, right?

Tim Tams for all 

If you do love a good Tim Tam, then have a look around our Mum Central kitchen where we’ve got loads of Tim Tam recipes to try.

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    I have been eating Tam Tams since they came out and my real favourite are p5he white ones and the original my sons name is Timothy but when he was younger my family used to call him Tam Tam so much he now prefers to be called Tim

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