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Dad Gets Fit For His Kids. And We’re Very Very Impressed

This is Jeremiah Peterson. Yes, these two photos are of the same man. And, amazingly, they are taken just 180 days apart. 

The man of the right with the dad bod and long beard is Jeremiah six months ago. The man on the left with the insane abs and ripped arms is Jeremiah today.

No, we’re not drooling, you’re drooling.

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The American business owner and father-of-three is turning some serious heads after sharing his incredible transformation on social media. And his inspirational journey towards Hot Dad status is just as powerful as his drool-worthy photos.

‘I knew I had to make a change’

Six months ago, 39-year-old Jeremiah realised something. He was getting fat. And his family were ashamed of his weight gain.

“In June my wife and kids were riding their bikes to school and one of my sons got a flat tire. My wife called and asked me to come help,” Jeremiah writes on his Instagram page.

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“I didn’t think anything of it and jumped in the car without my shirt on and went to help.

When I showed up to help my wife and kids were mortified that I hadn’t put a shirt on and all the parents and kids were going to see my big fat belly!”

‘I couldn’t keep up with my kids’

It was then that Jeremiah realised something had to change.

“I had all the excuses,” he explains, “I run a business, I have kids, I don’t have time to workout. It takes too much focus away from running the business.”

He decided to stop with the excuses and get fit for his family. He wanted to be able to join them on bike rides, to go swimming without worrying about his belly showing, to hike up hills without getting too puffed, to take off his shirt without feeling ashamed.

Jeremiah used a strict diet and exercise program known as My Transphormation Challenge. He’s the first to admit that it wasn’t easy. The reason he shed the weight (37 kgs and counting), put on the muscle and saw results is because he worked his ass off.


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He swapped beer and sugar for lean meat and heaps of greens and exercised like a crazy man, starting at 5am each day.

“No Days off!!! I did the work!!! Two 45 minute trail hikes every morning – one before work and one after work – with a hour long weight training session every single day!

There was not one day that when I laid my head on my pillow that night all tired and worn out that I did not feel like I had won that day.”

Clearly, the insane diet and exercise regime worked!

Ripped dad takes off his shirt, breaks the Internet

Jeremiah has not only gained heaps of energy and muscle from his decision, but also an impressive Instagram following. He even won $50,000 from the Transformation Challenge. Jeremiah admits that it’s not just his body that looks awesome – his skin, hair and attitude have all benefited from the change.

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But, best of all, the proud dad can finally keep up to his kids, no matter what the activity.

Well done to the dedicated dad! Keep the inspirational posts (and shirtless photos) coming.

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