Husbands Share Hilarious (and Relatable) #PregnantWife Problems

We’ve been through the roller coaster ride of pregnancy. We know about the swelling and the sweating, the hunger and the hormones, the tears and the tiredness.

But what’s it like for our other half?

A bunch of dads-to-be headed to social media to share their take on what it’s like to live with a pregnant wife. And they manage to capture the craziness, the complications and the cravings perfectly!

These hilarious pics almost make you feel sorry for the husbands. Almost…

Hormones. Hormones everywhere! Oh, and pickles.

Join us as we count down our very favourite #pregnantwife problems, brought to you by terrified husbands around the world.

1. “I saved you some guacamole”

You gave her your seed, husband. It’s only fair that she gives you one back…

2. When cheese is life

Don’t even think about removing the massive bucket of balls…

3. Buy ALL the pickles!!!

Pregnancy and pickles go hand in hand, right?

4. Serial cereal

Seriously, don’t come home unless you have an entire “buttload of cereal”.

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5. Saved by the cake

An apology cake – pretty much a given when you’re living with a pregnant wife.

6. Cheesy conversations

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to get into a heated debate about cheese. Pregnant or not.

7. Forbidden food

It’s also perfectly acceptable to threaten to harm your husband. In purple gel pen, no less.

8. The shoe struggle

“Sorry, I have to leave early today. There’s an emergency at home. My wife can’t take off her shoe.”

9. Professional nail polisher

Another ‘skill’ to add to the resume, husbands.

10. The nesting instinct

Never mess with a super-charged over-organised mum-to-be. It won’t end well.

11. Taco Thursday

Bring this girl a taco, dammit!

12. Stop breathing

Cause of nausea during pregnancy: Rising hcG levels. Heighten sensitivity to smells. And husbands who breath too heavily.

13. Maccas for one.

Husbands. If you’re getting food for yourself, play it safe and double the order. ALWAYS.

14. Don’t mess with the store layout

Even if you happen to work there.

15. Message on a lightbox

But our winner has to be this completely calm and collective mumma-to-be, who discovered a way to share her thoughts AND make good use of her lightbox. We are especially loving the heart symbols. So sweet!

Multitasking at its best.

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