10 Festive Decoration Themes for Christmas

Who loves Christmas? I do! And what makes Christman even better? A matchy-matchy festive-themed Christmas!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Most people seem kinder and more generous around December. It’s a time for making memories and eating way too much food and playing cricket in the backyard or watching the littlies open presents.

If you’re a bit of a Christmas junkie like me, you might be on the lookout for some fun decoration themes for Christmas to decorate your house or workplace. Every year I try to switch it up a bit and do a different Christmas theme. One year I went with an all-white Snowy Christmas but there are so many Christmas themes to consider and TONS of places to shop for decorations that suit your theme.

The ideas below come from several amazing stores and lookbooks including Spotlight, Pillow Talk, Balsam Hill, Kmart, Big W, Target and The Christmas Cart.

Here are 10 festive and fun decoration themes for Christmas to inspire you.

1. The Classic Christmas

This one speaks for itself. With trappings of red, green, silver, and gold, decorations like Nutcrackers, Santas, gift box ornaments, angels, and stars make your classic Christmas look like something out of a favourite Christmas movie.

Traditional Christmas theme
Source: Target

2. An Aussie Xmas

The traditional Aussie Christmas has been gaining popularity in recent years and with decorations like surfing Santas, native flowers used for DIY ornaments with pops of greens and golds, it wouldn’t take much to turn your home into an Aussie Christmas perfect for shouting Santa a beer or sausage sizzle for his long flight around the world.’

Aussie Christmas theme
Source: Target and Pinterest

3. Primary colours

Pick a colour like red, blue purple, etc and incorporate different shades, neon, to create a one-colour wonder.

Decoration themes for Christmas
Source: Canva

Another option for this Christmas theme is to go full rainbow and use ALL the colours.

Christmas themes 2023 - festive decoration themes for Christmas
Source: Pinterest

4. So much sparkle

Think glitter. Think shiny tinsel. Think silver or gold mixed with white or red and green. A shinier take on the classic Christmas, even if glitter is the bane of any parent’s existence. And the more LED lights, the better!

Balsam Hill
Source: Balsam Hill

5. Kid nirvana

Bright colours, toy ornaments, vibrant wrapping paper based on a favourite TV show, and teddy bears. Also, the perfect excuse to pull out an old train set and give it a holiday makeover.

Think candy cane ornaments, little elves peeking out around the tree, Elf on the shelf, and reindeer. Swirly ornaments and melted star candies into bowls or plates make excellent decorations for this fun theme.

Playful Christmas theme
Source: Spotlight and Big W

6. Coastal vibe

The beach theme Christmas is a really fun one, especially if you live somewhere tropical. Consider plenty of blues and whites with lots of greenery plus beechwood ornaments.

Christmas themes - Beach theme
Source: Pillowtalk and The Christmas Cart

7. A White Christmas

You don’t have to cover every surface in your house with white fabric to enjoy a white theme. Use a white tree and white or pearl ornaments and décor. Buy some powdered fake snow online and set up sweet winter wonderland centrepieces for Christmas Day. Little accents of gold, silver or icy blue add to the magic feeling.

White Christmas theme
Source: Pinterest

8. Pastel dreams

Using pastel ornaments and other decoration items brings a softness and dreamlike aura to your decorating. Use things like big pastel poinsettias, ballet slipper ornaments, and ribbons to create a pastel paradise.

Pastel Christmas themes
Source: Spotlight and Pillowtalk

9. Doin’ it for the pets

I love my pets and I get them presents every year. It doesn’t matter that they have no idea why I’m singing to them in an off-key, high-pitched voice and giving them extra treats. All they care about is the extra treats.

When I think of pet-themed décor, I think of pet outfits, red and green pet beds, Christmas bowls, treats hung as ornaments on the tree, and making them special treats at home.

Pet Christmas theme
Source: Pinterest

10. Au natural baby

If you’re carbon footprint conscious, it’s super easy to create a natural Christmas in your home. Fallen twigs and pinecones (baked to remove all bugs), leaves and dehydrated slices of fruit can all be incorporated into natural décor.

Au Natural Christmas
Source: Big W and Instagram

There are easy recipes for cinnamon dough and salt clay dough online that make for a fun-filled craft afternoon with kids.

Make gingerbread for gingerbread houses, string cranberries and popcorn, and give the kids a box full of craft items to make their own ornaments for you and your family. It’s the most rewarding thing to see the pride in their little faces when you hang their lopsided house on your tree, front and center.

Regardless of what Christmas themes you’re looking at or if you prefer to just let the kids decorate the house and go wild, the most important thing about this time of year is making memories.

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