Disgusting Washing Machine Cleaning Hack You Need

Clean the washing machine? Say what?

Yes, apparently the very appliance that cleans for a living, requires cleaning. WHO KNEW?

Good news though, one mum has shared on social media her brilliant cheap cleaning hack which means we can ALL have sparkling clean washing machines, for next to nix. And for many of us, it’s already right there under our kitchen sink. We’re speaking of the humble dishwasher tablet.

A 15 cent washing machine cleaning hack

Yep, just FIFTEEN CENTS. It’s the cheapest washing machine cleaning hack getting around!

That’s a BARGAIN washing machine clean and sure beats the price of an actual washing machine cleaner product. Let’s crunch the numbers – Laundry Magic Washing Cleaner Sachets 2x100g is priced $9.45. Shine dishwasher tablets pack of 30 is priced $4.50. The maths speaks for itself guys, these dishwasher tablets are just 15 cents each! Even if you’re buying top-shelf dishwasher tablets (albeit on special), a tablet still comes in at around 50 cents.

So now what?

You have your dishwasher tablet in hand and you’re perched in front of the washing machine wondering what to do next? Mum Jess shared with the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean her new tip:

Just had the best tip from a washing machine technician after fixing my pump (had a 5c piece jamming it). He asked if I had a dishwashing tablet, he said he just throws that in the drum once a fortnight and run the tub clean cycle.

Behold the clean washing machine!

Let’s face it, washing machines DO have a dirty job. There’s dirty, greasy work clothes, muddy kids clothes, sweaty gym stuff and plenty of gross stuff like nappy blow-outs, vomiting bugs and the like to have to deal with. Also a build-up of fabric softener and lint.. the list goes on. ONE simple cleaning cycle once a fortnight can apparently leave that drum sparkling and hoses free of built-up muck.

And just look at what comes out… yep, that is truely disgusting.

Washing machine dishwasher hack
This is what came out of the washing machine after using the dishwasher tablet. Photo: Facebook

I mean, it doesn’t get any easier than that does it? Who knew a clean washing machine could be that simple to do. Plus, we’re not wasting money on extra cleaning products. It’s a win-win!


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