First Glimpse of Disney’s Star Wars Themed Parks


Got a Star Wars fan in the family? Make sure they keep their light saber holstered for this piece of Jedi-centric news. 

The first pics have been revealed of Disney’s brand new Star Wars themed land; Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

First Glimpse of Disney's Star Wars Themed ParksImage source: d23

The attraction is due to open in 2019 in Disneyland Park in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This is ahead of the release of Star Wars Episode IX in May 2019.

A fully immersive experience

The frankly epic looking additions to the Disney parks was unveiled at Disney’s D23 Expo. This bi-annual event celebrates all things Disney related and allows fans to fully embrace their Disney fandom. This year, were given exclusive access to the Galaxy’s Edge themed pavilion. This marquee was entirely devoted to sneak peeks of the new attractions.

Featuring concept art, scale vehicles, costumes, props and a spectacularly detailed three-dimensional model of the new themed land, fans were able to get up close and personal with the new attraction as well as gain some insight into what Disney is promising to be a ‘completely immersive Star Wars experience.’

First Glimpse of Disney's Star Wars Themed ParksImage source: d23

The model also gave an idea of the way in which each park will be laid out. It looks as if the 14 acres have been divided into three zones; the resistance to the left and first order to the right with a bunch of unclaimed territory in the middle. Visitors will be able to choose their own adventure and enjoy different attractions and interactions based on where they are in the park.

First Glimpse of Disney's Star Wars Themed ParksImage source: Yahoo

There’s A-Wings and X-Wings, a fierce battle between the resistance and first order, the chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon and droids and storm troopers a plenty. Pretty much everything a fan could dream about seeing ‘in real life.’ We can only imagine what the queues will be like on opening weekend!

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