Get Your Hands on Out of Stock Items with this Secret Kmart Code

If you’re a fan of Kmart you’ve probably noticed that the shelves are bare as bones. It’s a sad situation, indeed, especially when you really want, make that NEED, a sausage roll maker. And a kid’s occasional chair. Also two of those new rattan side tables. 

But every time you browse the aisles, you are left with disappointment. Out of stock. Again. I got out of my pyjamas to make the trek to Kmart for nothing!

Well, ladies, allow us to help fill your carts with homewares happiness because there’s a way to know when your much-anticipated Kmart purchase is returning to the shelves. And it’s been in front of us all this time!

Secret Kmart code revealed!

There is a secret Kmart ticketing code on every shelf ticket in-store. If you take a closer look at the sticker, you’ll see EDD and then a number, which is actually a date. This is the estimated delivery date of the item.

secret Kmart Code
According to the secret Kmart code, This sausage roll maker will be back in stock at this particular store on 8 July 2020. Source: Facebook

Once you know this date, you can return to your local Kmart on that day, increasing your chance of nabbing it before it’s gone.

The Kmart secret code was shared by a Kmart shopper in the Kmart Educator Hacks Australia group and, as expected, it went off with Kmart lovers thanking her for sharing the secret code.

Yes, it’s a mad world we live in when we have to set a calendar reminder for when our Kmart product is due in-store. But, hey, it’s 2020. This really shouldn’t surprise us in the slightest.

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