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DOUBLE STROLLER REVIEW: phil&teds Voyager Quickly Converts From Single to Double Pram

A baby, a toddler and a to-do list a kilometre long. There are errands to run, parks to visit, places to explore, people to see, coffee to drink. But how in the heck can you transport baby + toddler from A to B, then from C to D, E, and F, then back to A?

It’s impossible, right?

Anything’s possible with the right equipment. And, for all your double stroller needs, the right equipment is a phil&teds Voyager. Join us for our Phil&Teds Voyager double stroller review.

Voyager double stroller
Sleek and slim, even with two, Photo: Jess Dhiacou

A whole line of inline strollers

The Voyager is one of the four new double strollers in the phil&teds inline range. What’s an inline stroller? It’s a stroller that takes one or two kids in the footprint of a single buggy.

phil&teds are the inventors of these ingenious prams. The inline strollers are made for families who like to travel, who live in the city or simply don’t like the idea of carting a massive double pram around town. So that’s just about everyone right!

The four funky strollers in the inline range are called Dot, Sport, Dash and Voyager. Some come with three wheels, others four, but all of them promise a sleek, smooth and stylish ride for your tribe of tots.

All four of these prams have a compact design, quality features and offer a smooth way to travel with two kids. But the Voyager is our pick for the best four-wheel tandem pram for general day-to-day activities with your kids.

Explore more with Voyager 

We asked Sydney’s mum-of-two Elizabeth to review the Voyager with her two children – Ethan, 20 months and Alana, five months.

With two under two, she is well aware of the effort it takes to get out and about. The last thing any busy mum needs is a pram that’s going to hold her up.

mum review voyager double stroller
Elizabeth, Ethan and Alana enjoying a day out with their Voyager, Photo: Jess Dhiacou

As Elizabeth tells us,

Having two kids within 15 months was always going to be a challenge. My biggest concern was making sure my husband and I had a double pram that would be easy to use, convenient and fit both my kids for a good length of time.

The phil&teds Voyager double pram was the best choice for us. It’s a snazzy-looking pram that is very manoeuvrable, comfortable to push and simple to use.”

Voyager double pram
Photo: Jess Dhiacou

Complete travel system for two kids 

The Voyager is all about making things easier. Voyager is a brilliant single buggy, and adapts to take two passengers in just seconds as it morphs into a double stroller. You can ride your preferred way with a range of handy accessories, including the double kit and snug carrycot (available to purchase separately).

Voyager pram review
Grows with your baby, from newborn to preschooler, Photo: Jess Dhiacou

The Voyager also has a universal car seat accessory so you can fit your baby’s capsule to the pram as well. It only takes a few seconds to clip & tighten, and provides so much flexibility, with almost any infant car seat fitting on the same adaptor. Plus it comes with a huge extendable sun hood for great coverage.

The Voyager accessories for extended storage are super handy for mums on the go. The igloo inline storage is a cooler bag to store hot or cold items like fresh baby food or cold items from the shops. We also love the market tote, which can be clipped to the buggy and quickly removed to take items into the house once you get back home.

Double stroller goals: So many riding options

The Voyager is ideal for twins, a newborn and a toddler, a toddler and a preschooler or even older siblings up to the age of five. It’s the only pram you’ll ever need and will easily keep up with you and all the adventures that come with the crazy first five years of your kids’ lives.

This stroller has more riding options than most buggies out there including two modular seats so your kids can stroll in stadium seating, tandem, face-to-face carriage style or even high-five mode, which is a first! Options galore.

Phil&Teds Voyager pram review
So many ways to ride, Photo: Jess Dhiacou
Phil&Teds Voyager double stroller
Two modular seats in tandem mode. Photo: Jess Dhiacou
Voyager pram double stroller review
Face to face carriage style, Photo: Jess Dhiacou
Voyager pram double stroller
High five-mode, Photo: Jess Dhiacou

I enjoy how quick and easy it is to change the seats around into different positions. My kids are happy to be in the pram whether we’re going for a walk in the park or going to the shops.”

Compact, comfy, colourful 

Another thing that stood out for Elizabeth was how compact the double pram is. It easily folds down and fits in all boots but it also has this great ‘stand’ fold which means it can stand up on its own, perfect for storing in the house or garage. The pushchairs recline with one hand and there are several recline levels, including fully extended for sleeps on the go.

The pram folds in half and is easy to get in and out of the car and there’s a good amount of storage at the bottom which fits my nappy bag and has room to spare.”

mum central
Extended sunroof and easy fold handle are just two of the perks, Photo: Jess Dhiacou

The buggy is available in eight different liner colours including rust (orange), apple (green), blush (light pink) and sky (blue).

Plus, according to Elizabeth, the pram was incredibly easy to push, even with both kids AND all of their stuff. The wheels could easily manoeuvre over kerbs and around the streets.

I certainly feel more confident going out by myself knowing I have this pram to use that suits all my needs. I would definitely recommend it to any parents needing a double pram.”

Voyager pram features
Photo: Jess Dhiacou

mum central

Phil&Teds Voyager

9 Voyager double pram


  • Compact fold
  • Complete travel system
  • Multiple riding options
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Accessories galore
Style and Design

mum central

Build your own double pram 

The Voyager ticked all the boxes for Elizabeth and her family.  It’s fun to push, easy to use and ideal for any growing family. It’s also one of the more affordable double strollers on the market. The phil&teds Voyager starts at $849 for the chassis and single seat.

Then, simply add the accessories to suit your family. The snug carrycot for newborns is $249.99 while the double kit seat is $249.99. You can also get the universal car seat adaptor to adapt Voyager into a travel system for $69.99.

It just takes a few clicks to switch your Voyager from a single pram to a double stroller and this is also the case when switching riding options.

You can pick up the Voyager, all accessories and additional phil&teds inline strollers at Baby Kingdom. For more information visit

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This is a sponsored review for phil&teds. All opinions are those of the reviewer.


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