Move Over Cheese Board, The Fries Board Has Arrived


Is there any better way to kick off a new decade than celebrating the HUMBLE CHIP? I think not.

The fries board is the latest culinary trend taking over social media and you only need to visit TWO supermarket to create a whopper. This is the ultimate grazing platter for weekend drinks, hungry teenagers, school holidays and parties. Yes – hot fries (aka chips) for EVERYONE!

This entertaining trend is cheap too. You can produce TWO of these boards for about $25 (even less if you have enough sauces in your pantry). In other words, one for the kids and one for the adults. SWEET.

fries board

An inexpensive crowd treat: $16.48 spent on frozen chips + $11.90 on condiments. (Many of which you might already have in your pantry, saving you money!)

As for throwing it all together – it’s as easy as turning the oven on and setting the timer. NOT EVEN JOKING.

The fries board is taking the internet by storm

The fries board really is an entertainers delight. Or you know, a real easy way to feed kids who aren’t fussed with greenery.

fries board shopping
Shopping list: All the chips please.

Who even KNEW there were so many different types of fries readily available at the supermarket? Not me. With my supermarket basket laden with fries, I head home and prepare to be the most awesome mum ever.

Fancy making your own fries board? OF COURSE YOU DO. See how below!

Making your own fries board…

What you need:

  • A board to serve your chips on (even a large oven tray would do).
  • 5 – 6 different types of chips and fries. We’ve used crinkle cut chips (old favourite), potato wedges (plump and lush), waffle cut chips (for fancy factor), French fries (traditional), Potato gems (shaking it up) and sweet potato fries (sweeeet and so very good). All of which l found in the freezer at Woolworths supermarket.
  • A selection of condiments to dip. We’ve used sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, smashed avocado, tomato sauce, chipotle mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.
  • Chicken salt to season fries.
  • Olive oil.

What to do next:

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C and line 2 – 3 large oven trays with baking paper. If only making one fries board, use a single oven tray for cooking two types of chips. Divide your chip types between trays, spray lightly with olive oil. Cook for around 25 minutes, turning half way. If you have an airfryer, absolutely use that too!

fries board

2. While your chips are cooking, get your condiments set up in small bowls (or cups) on the serving board or platter.

fries board

3. Once your chips are cooked and crunchy, give them a quick dust of chicken salt.

fries board

4. Arrange the chips around the board in shallow piles and add some fresh rosemary to the wedges for a touch of FANCY FRIES.

mum central

5. All that’s left to do is grab your chip, dip and dig in! Yum!

fries board

If you make your own fries board, we’d love to see it. Make sure you snap a pic of it before it’s devoured by the family!

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Need more food ideas? Check out the Mum Central Food page. It’s packed with super easy recipes you can make at home.


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