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Dream Play Room: Mum Turns a Kmart Cubby House into a Gorgeous Play Space!

We love a mum who has a vision, DIY know-how plus the power tools and motivation to get the work done to create the most glorious play room feature. And at the very heart of it is our favourite Kmart Cubby House. Talk about giving it the five-star treatment!

Play room dreams are made at Kmart

Sarah took the popular Kmart Cubby House, $199, a Kmart Slide, $59 and a Kmart Wooden Ladder Bridge, $59 and instead of taking them outside to set up, she transformed a blank space inside their home, turning it into a beautiful playroom for her kids to enjoy over a six-week period.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful playroom feature? Where does your eye go first? Is it the Hamptons feel with the grey timber cladding and white trim? Perhaps the balustrade and loft play platform? Maybe the most perfect woodlands wallpaper choice, the stable doors… or THE INDOOR SLIDE?

It’s all of it, and boy, how my children were ripped off with their sheet fort on laundry day.

play room and Kmart cubby house
Be still my Kmart-loving heart. Source: Instagram

From little things, big things grow

The beauty of the Kmart Cubby House it’s sold in its natural, raw timber state. Raw timber means you can varnish it, paint it – even trim the shape of it from the get-go without having to strip paint or any extra work before customising the cubby house look.

play room and Kmart cubby house
The play room comes to life in its natural timber form. Source: Instagram

Just as well because Sarah had a bit of work cut out for her creating a play platform for the slide and of course, stable doors for the play room pony. YES, A PONY. All the extra timber and trim for the add-ons can be bought from Bunnings.

Sarah does mention that you WILL need some power tools – a mitre saw, drill, stud finder, nail gun (or good old fashioned hammer and nails) as well as a spirit level. Don’t think you have to part with a whole lot of cash purchasing tools. If you don’t own power tools, you can often hire them from hardware shops or Kennards Hire. Phew!

playroom Kmart cubby house
Room for the resident play room pony? YOU BET. Source: Instagram

Sarah shows us how to flex our DIY muscle

If you love it as much as we do (and we know you will!) and want to know exactly how Sarah nailed such a stunning project, you can check it all out on her Instagram page, House.vs.Sarah.

For all the nitty gritty details, including more detailed construction steps and progress photos, Sarah has generously shared them on her website, which I’m sure will thrill many of you. So many of us are keen to try our hand at DIY but have little idea of where and how to start. Sarah has your back!

Ready to shop?

Just like any build, after the structural work is done, the zhushing and decorating bug has you in its grips.

From the neutral timber colour palette to the brass hooks and gorgeous palm tree plaque on the front door, no detail went unnoticed. Heck, Sarah even added the most darling of light fittings!

Wanting to know where something came from? Check out the source guide below:

  • Cubby house, slide and ladder available from Kmart
  • Structural timber and trim available from Bunnings
  • Wallpaper ‘Crown Archives Woodland’ available from World of Wallpaper
  • The paint colour is Porter’s Paint in Mist Grey
  • The trim colour is Dulux Aquanamel in Casper White Quarter
  • Brass hooks and door plaque is available from Coastal Vintage
  • The door handle is actually a drawer handle pull from Amazon
  • The playroom floor rug is the ‘Blue Evert’ from Temple and Webster
  • The toy horse is available from Ponycycle
  • Lights are ‘Click Black Chalet Solar LED Lights’ (with rods removed) from Bunnings
Kmart cubby house and playroom
All the pretty details that make a home. Source: Instagram

Do your kids have an amazing playroom too? We’d love to see it, please feel free to send us photos and tell us about it via our Share Your Story page, you too might just be featured on Mum Central!

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