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Kmart Cubby House Hack: an Adorable Book Store Reading Nook

I tell you, there are some clever mums out there. I don’t think there could be a MORE inviting reading nook bookstore for littlies than this clever Kmart Cubby House hack!

Mum Lauren set to task on converting the Kmart Cubby House ($199) a gorgeous book store reading nook for her little girl Isla and the results are jaw-droppingly stunning.

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Before: Kmart Cubby House priced $199. Source: Kmart

Lauren posted her finished pics of the converted cubby house to popular Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Décor and was quickly inundated with gasps of gratitude for creating such beauty. And it’s easy to see why – I want this space for ME.

“My First Kmart Hack!”

Lauren’s Facebook post is captioned “My first KMART hack!!  A “bookstore” for my daughter’s first birthday”. Which causes me to fall over because my first Kmart hacks were most definitely NOT of this calibre. They involved vinyl wrap and a desktop. Enough said. But hey, there’s hope for us!

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After: SWOON! Source: Lauren Smith

The $199 Kmart Cubby House received a splash of vivid white paint, fitted out with mini bookshelves, comfy cushions and a furry rug to lounge on, fairy lights for ambience, a funky chandelier and a peachy pink door complete with gold toned hardware. And let’s not forget the greenery filled window boxes and personalised bookstore sign. It doesn’t get much more adorable than this, surely. #WANT

Kmart Cubby House hack
Tassels, books, decals, fairy lights, oh my! Source: Lauren Smith

Convinced that Lauren came straight from the set of The Block and has some stellar reno skills behind her, I ask her about the skill set required for undertaking such a project.

Kmart Cubby House hack
Unboxing: The Kmart Cubby House in its natural form. Source: Lauren Smith

Lauren says “I have no skills at all haha just had a vision of how I wanted it to look, so it’s quite easy for a beginner. I did get my stepdad to screw in a piece of MDF to create that back wall but again was relatively easy.”

Kmart Cubby House hack
No wonky bookshelves! Spirit level required! Source: Lauren Smith

OK, awesome, so ANYONE can create this cubby house hack!

All of the delicious details…

Because we all want to know the nitty-gritty details, Lauren has helped us all out by listing where she got everything to complete her Kmart Cubby House makeover.

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Be warned though, if you’re working to a timeline, Lauren did mention that the job did take a couple of weeks to create. So perhaps don’t expect to knock it out overnight on Christmas Eve, just saying.

“Painting probably took the longest part. And the tassel chandelier took a couple of days once I figured out how I wanted it to look.”


Also, for those wondering what that sensational shade of pink is on the door – it’s Retro Peach from British Paints, and ain’t it just PEACHY? Love!

See something you love? Here’s Lauren’s list of suppliers:

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