Puppy Palace: Family Transforms Kmart Cubbies into Epic Pet Palace

Dorothy and Martha are the two luckiest dogs in the world. They have a pimped out puppy pad all to themselves thanks to their very clever parents and two Kmart cubby houses. 

This, ladies and gents, is what a designer dog house looks like. Actually, scrap that, this isn’t just a doghouse, it’s a Mutt Mansion. And we’re totes moving in!

Kmart cubby doghouse

Brisbane couple Jess and Sinclair love their DIY – they even have Instagram and Facebook accounts showcasing their building and interior designs.

Like all of us DIY die-hards, the pair have a lot of reno plans for their new home. However, they decided the best place to start the DIY journey was in their backyard.

A trip to Kmart, Bunnings and Spotlight and the couple set to work designing a dream doggy house. And, boy, did they ever deliver!

As Jess writes, “First room complete! Yeah, it may be for the pups, but they’re part of the fam, and their house is a part of our house.”

And isn’t it the most amazing dog house you’ve ever seen? The lighting, the white picket fence, timber decking, even the bright green and red doors (which the dogs have discovered how to open themselves) … it’s what DIY dreams are made of.


How did they do it?

Jess reveals that they got the majority of the hardware items at Bunnings, including the timber for the gorgeous decking and the white fence, lights and paint. The family all pitched in to help paint the doggy houses, including Jess and Sinclair’s boys, Jack and Ollie.

Doesn’t it look “pawesome”?

Kmart cubby into dog house

The couple picked up the cubby houses from Kmart. They then left one side off each of the cubbies to connect them.

Kmart cubby house to dog house hack
Source: Facebook

They’ve used the right hand side of the cubby as the front middle section, and the left hand side of the other as the back middle section.  Add some roofing from Bunnings and bob’s your uncle!

mum central
Source: Facebook

To perfect the puppy palace, Jess and Sinclair picked up the flowers and lettering from Spotlight.

mum central
Source: Facebook

We are blown away by how good it all looks.

And look how chuffed the dogs are with their new home! Even during the night, the pair are living the good life with their mood-setting lights. All they need are two little doggy chairs and a bottle of wine to share.

Kmart cubby house to dog house hack
Source: Facebook
mum central
Source: Facebook

Doggy houses win the internet

This is one of the best hacks we’ve ever come across and we’re not the only ones who think so. In just a few short hours, the post, which Jess shared in Bunnings Mums Australia, has received thousands of likes and comments.

“Are you kidding me?  I have got tears in my eyes. This is the best thing I have ever seen,” one commenter wrote.

“Wow that looks awesome! Wouldn’t mind being sent to the dog house if it looked like that!” another added.

“I think this is my favourite thing on Facebook today,” another said.

We couldn’t agree more. And we reckon Dorothy and Martha would say the same.

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