Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor: Dependable Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

When it comes to choosing a smart baby monitor, there are a few non-negotiables. Every family will be different but I think we can all agree that reliability comes first. A high-quality camera, a secure network, and a trusted monitoring system that you can count on all day and night.

The last thing you want is a baby monitor that runs out of battery in the middle of the night, goes in and out of service, or, even scarier, can be accessed by anyone.

If you are after a reliable baby monitor, then allow us to introduce you to the new Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor that provides you with peace of mind without the extraordinarily high price tag.

Armed with all the features new parents expect, the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor also offers an effortless way to monitor your little one without the confusion or concerns that can come with using baby monitors.

Meet the new Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor, not just affordable but reliable. Source: Supplied

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We have 2 x Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitors up for grabs, valued at $399 each and guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any baby nursery.

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Smart, simple and safe – Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor ticks all the boxes. Source: Supplied

A dream come true in smart baby monitors 

As we eluded to above, the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is new to the market, and designed by one of the leaders in parenting products – Tommee Tippee.

Although it’s new, it’s already received a near-perfect score from our own panel of parents plus a five-star rating online too.

READ ON HERE about what our mums had to say in our Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor Review.

Not just a baby monitor and app – the parent pod is a game-changer. Source: Supplied

Camera, Pod and App all in one

The Dreamsense comes with the things you’d expect from a baby monitor including an HD camera that captures your little one’s movements and moments with picture-perfect clarity.

This smart baby monitor uses three different elements to monitor your little one.

The smart baby monitor that makes a difference. Source: Supplied

1. The Baby Unit

This is the camera that sits in your baby’s room. The camera features HD night-vision plus a pan, tilt and zoom function so you get a wide-angle view of your baby’s sleeping environment.

Dreamsense Smart Baby mOnitor video
So much more than just a camera. Source: Supplied

The Baby Unit also features two-way audio which means you can speak directly to your baby from the other room. This is a great feature for newborns who may need to hear mum’s soothing voice, but it’s also ideal for toddlers who may need a firm reminder that mummy is watching them so lie back down in the cot!

It can also play pink noise and preset lullabies, as well as personalised recordings through the monitor. This is another feature that sets the Dreamsense baby monitor apart from others in the market.

2. The Parent Pod

This is the wireless and rechargeable pod that communicates with your baby unit. Unlike a traditional audio monitor, it uses coloured lights and sounds to notify you of changes to the baby or the nursery’s environment.

This pod is as sharp as a tack and is able to sense sound, light and even humidity. It also can distinguish between the sounds of your baby and other background noises.

Not only does it give you the freedom to visually see what’s going on, but it’s also great that you don’t have to keep opening the app on your phone to find out if your little one has woken.

The parent pod is a game-changer for monitoring your baby. Source: Supplied

The Smart App

This is a free download and gives you live-stream viewing of your baby directly onto your phone or tablet. Unlike traditional video monitors, you can see your little one anytime, anywhere – you don’t have to be in the house or less than 200 metres away.

The Smart App also comes with a sleep tracker to monitor your little one’s sleep cycle and help you uncover when – and why – baby is waking at night.

This ability to be able to clearly monitor your little one, no matter where you are, is priceless.

Access to everything you need through your phone. Source: Supplied

Reliable and affordable

Sooth, track and monitor, and alert, the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor really does it all – and for under $400 too. There is also no concern about security breaches either as the baby monitor uses two-factor authentication to ensure maximum privacy.

Wireless and rechargeable, the device is also incredibly easy to set up and compliant with international security standards.

dreamsense-smart-baby monitor app
Easily check in on baby with the feature-packed app. Source: Supplied

Reassurance when you need it most

But perhaps the reason so many new parents are already raving about this new baby monitor is because of how dependable it is. It really is designed to be your “second pair of eyes” so you can have a much-needed breather and hopefully get some sleep.

Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor
Monitor from anywhere. Source: Supplied

No matter where you are – asleep in the other room, at work during the day, out for dinner at night – you will have a crystal clear view of your little one. And, if anything does change in the sleeping environment, you will be notified immediately via the parent pod.

Dreamsense offers new parents a promise that they are on duty and they don’t take this responsibility lightly. This peace of mind is priceless, especially during the first few months when anxiety can make it hard to relax, unwind and get some much-needed rest.

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