Easy Animal Cakes: 9 Wildly Adorable Animal-Inspired Birthday Cakes

Animal cakes are always a huge hit for little ones. Whether you’re after a bunny cake, a unicorn cake, a butterfly cake or a koala cake, we’ve got some super easy and cute ideas right here.

Behold, 9 adorable and easy animal-inspired birthday cakes to impress your wild bunch!

1. Puppy love

Animal cakes - puppy cake
Source: Facebook

If you haven’t discovered the joy that is a Woolworths or Coles Chocolate Mud Cake yet, then now’s a good time to start! This puppy requires absolutely zero baking skills – all you need to do is decorate a Woolworths Mud Cake.

We suggest using two cakes on top of one another and kept together with icing (make your own or get a tin of Betty Crocker’s delicious stuff). Spread the icing on the sides and overtop, add some fondant ears and accessories in your choice of colours and some candy eyes and nose. So simple, right?

2. Unicorn magic 

unicorn party theme cake
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There are a few different ways to pull off the elusive and incredibly popular unicorn cake. Our top tip is to layer three cakes on top of one another, using buttermilk cream in between each layer to keep them in place. You can use different colours in between too to add to the sparkling magic. A colourful mane with plenty of sprinkles is also a must!

In terms of the ears and horn, you have a few choices – you can pick up a unicorn cake topper kit, make your own with fondant or purchase a pre-made edible unicorn cake topper.

3. Bunny surprise 

fluffy bunny cake recipe
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Sure, we often associate bunnies with Easter but did you know bunnies are one of the most popular animal cakes for kiddies? It makes sense – bunnies are small and soft and super sweet!

If your little one is asking for a bunny-theme birthday, this cake will get them hopping! You’ll need a few key ingredients for this fluffy bunny cake including desiccated coconut, pink marshmallows, and white chocolate buttons.

See the full ingredient list and how to make it here. 

4. Feeling sheepish 

cake hack
Source: Lauren Andriske

Here’s another Woolworth’s mud cake hack, if you can believe it! For this one you will need to purchase a barnful of mini white marshmallows plus plenty of icing and fondant to make the face, but once you’re done, you’re left with the fluffiest edible white sheep we’ve ever seen!

Take note Shaun The Sheep fans – this could be your cake to adapt! Bah-rillant!

5. Lion love 

animal cakes - lion cake
Source: Spotlight

This lion cake will make you king of the kitchen and it’s such an easy one to pull off! Bake your own cake or, pick up a mud cake or sponge cake and you’re ready to decorate. For this animal cake, you’ll need a piping bag and star nozzle to achieve that roarsome mane. See how to do it here. 

6.  Here fishy fishy

mum central
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If your little one is asking for a water-themed party – under the sea, for example, then here’s an easy one to whip up. Once again all it takes is a mud cake, with one quarter cut out to use as the tail (and mouth). You’ll need two or three packages of chocolate fingers plus tons of Smarties and a giant marshmallow for the eye.

7. Koala cuteness 

Koala cake - animal birthday cakes
Source: Spotlight

For an Australiana theme birthday party, a koala has got to be the hero! Here’s another easy animal cake from Spotlight using the Rosanna Pansino Decorating Sets.

To make the ears on this one, you can cut a sponge cake or cupcake in half. You’ll need a few different piping nozzles for the icing to replicate the look above, but we reckon it will also look good with just one nozzle choice.

8. Butterfly goodness

butterfly cake- best animal cakes
Source: Spotlight

This cut-out butterfly cake is almost too pretty to eat! Delicate and delightful, it’s also deceptively simple to make with the right tools. You will need a bunch of fondant as well as butterfly cut-outs and coloured dyes to achieve this stunning edible piece of art. Check out how to do it at Spotlight. 

9. Monster mash

monster cake
Source: Spotlight

Okay so I know a monster technically isn’t an animal but, hey, I’m still including it in our animal cakes round-up because he’s just so cute! The furry look is achieved using the grass/hair nozzle and all monster face cake pieces can be found at Spotlight.

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