This 1st Birthday Cake Fail Takes the Cake! Hilarious!!!


An aunt was left horrified after her nephew’s first birthday cake didn’t quite hit the brief.

The proud Auntie wanted a Number One cake with blue icing and little heart-shaped balloons on it. She requested the cake say Happy Birthday Zayeem.

She even sent an image of how she wanted her nephew’s cake to look.

first birthday cake fail
What she ordered. Source: Twitter

And then she got this.

first birthday cake fail
What the actual?? Source: Twitter

And we’re dead.

Not only did the baker manage to spell the poor kid’s name wrong – it was Zayeem, not Yazeem, but he also managed to royally screw up those white heart-shaped balloons.

Sorry sir, but those are not heart-shaped balloons. Those are clearly little sperm swimming all over a child’s first birthday cake. The shape, the colour, there’s even a few leftover swimmers that didn’t quite make it onto the cake.

first birthday cake fail
How could balloons go so wrong? Source: Twitter

Terrible. Just terrible.

The shape of the cake is okay but they managed to completely screw up the colours and the writing is also just plain wrong too. Look closely and it appears Birthday is spelt wrong too. But maybe it’s just hard to see because they opted for frosting that looks like poop.

Birthday cake fail wins the internet 

Zayeem’s aunt shared the photo on Twitter and the comments immediately started to roll in.

“The jizz coloured icing and the sperm omfg,” one wrote.


“Well, it’s definitely Birthday themed? Maybe a little too much focus on the reproductive bit,” joked another.

All in all, an epic win in how NOT to replicate a cake and perhaps the best worst birthday cake fail we’ve come across. Hopefully, Zayeem’s sperm cake at least tastes good.

Bluey cake fail

Earlier this year we shared another hilarious cake fail involving the popular mud cake hack and everyone’s favourite Blue Heeler, Bluey.

This is what the cake was meant to look like, made by famed cake artist, Tigga Maccormack.

Bluey mud cake
Source: TikTok

And here is Lucy’s!

Source: Facebook

The melting blue icing, the angry eyebrows, the random skewers poking out the top, the unsettling wafer mouth. It’s just all so perfectly wrong. If anything, it could possibly pass for that whinging monster Brobee on Yo Gabba Gabba (remember him??) or Cookie Monster, but even that’s pushing it.

Peppa Pig Baking Fails

Another lovable character who is easy to screw up in baking form is Peppa whose face already looks like a peen at the best of times. Add a bit of self-raising flour and red food colouring and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a cake fail. So much wrong.

Peppa Pig Baking Fails

Of course, it is possible to make a perfectly normal birthday cake that doesn’t look like a penis, a weird monster or contain sperm (check out our vasectomy cakes though if this is your thing). Below are a few of our favourite birthday cakes over the years

Beautiful number and letter cakes 

This is how you put together a number cake. Notice zero heart-shaped sperm floating around. See the full collection here.

number and letter cake
Beautiful in blue! Source: Instagram / @cas_cakery

Rainbow mud cake

You’ll need a mud cake, M&Ms, whipped cream, white icing, marshmallows and sprinkles. Here’s how to make it. 

rainbow cake hack

Incredible cartoon cakes

What cake sorcery is this? Cartoon cakes are the latest rage and look so cool! They look  2D and as though they’ve jumped straight from a cartoon clip thanks to the clever use of thin black fondant strips which outlines parts of the cake. See how to make one here. 

cartoon cake
Source: Instagram

Bluey Cakes!

While the Bluey cake featured above didn’t go exactly to plan, there’s no shortage of other Bluey cakes to try. Check out our collection of epic Bluey cakes, submitted by Mum Central readers.

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