The Easter Egg Hack Every Mum Needs For the Morning Hunt


If you have more than one child, then this is something you NEED to know about! It’s the simplest yet cleverest Easter egg hack we’ve come across for mums with multiple children and immediately reduces the dramas involved in Easter egg hunting.

If you’ve got two or more, then you know exactly what we mean when we say “drama”. The dreaded Easter egg fights. As soon as the Sunday morning hunting begins, so does the whinging:

She’s taking all of them.
He’s going too fast.
That one was MINE.
It’s not fair.
I saw that one first.
He has more than me. 



Of course, not all siblings are like this. I’ve heard there are siblings that actually help each other and perhaps even hunt for eggs together. But this is not the case for my tribe. Lord no. It’s every man for themselves when it comes to the Great Sunday Morning Easter Dash and my competitive children are in it to win it.

But this year, I’m in control. No more playing referee. This year, I’m going to sit back with my coffee, chill out and watch my kids hunt for eggs in a civilised manner.

This year, I’m colour-coding their eggs. Yep – that’s the Easter Egg hackColour coded eggs. Stops the fights and the unfairness of one kid taking all the eggs. It’s so simple and I seriously don’t know how I’ve gone 12 years without doing it.

Easter egg hack: Every child gets their own colour

Child One, you can have red. Child Two, you get blue. Child Three, purple. Child Four, green. You get the drift.

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Each child also gets a basket in that colour (add some paint, coloured paper or coloured felt to the basket if you can’t find the matching colour).

Next, pick up different plastic-coloured eggs to fill with small chocolate eggs or any other treats you fancy. You can get a 24 pack at Spotlight for $2.10 but these packets are sold pretty much everywhere  – Woolies, Big W, Kmart, Target, Coles, all discount stores.

Now, here’s the most important step – COUNT your eggs to make sure you’ve got the same amount for every child. Then count them again. Because the world will literally end if Child one gets to collect 15 eggs and Child two only gets to collect 14.

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“No one touch my purple eggs” Source: Supplied

Hide the eggs around the yard or house and remind your kids to ONLY GRAB THEIR COLOUR EGG. This means every child gets the same amount of eggs and eliminates the need to bowl one another over trying to find ALL the eggs.

You don’t have to stick to plastic eggs either. You will most likely be able to find other chocolate eggs in various colours. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk eggs come in different colour wrapping and there are several sizes too – large eggs, small eggs, Mini Eggs (but these don’t have a wrapper so best to place them into the plastic eggs first).

You can add a small toy in that colour too. A jar of slime or playdoh, for example. Matchstick cars, figurines, a plush toy in each colour, colour-coded socks, a candle, lip gloss or nail polish for older kids. You can buy all of these items to stick to the colour coding scheme.

Get creative, think outside the Easter egg basket and make sure you have your coffee and camera ready for the morning. Don’t forget to also award yourself with a massive mum trophy for winning Easter this year and finally uncovering the secret to a peaceful Easter egg hunt.


Happy Easter!

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