Easter Traditions for Families: 8 Inspired Ideas You Can Adopt!

There’s nothing more important than quality time spent together. These beautiful Easter traditions for families will inspire you try something new in your home this year! 

Every day is a good day to spend quality time with your kids. Easter is however a great excuse to begin new traditions with your family and create lasting, treasured memories.

There can be such precious memories made around holidays – times when the family comes together and celebrates what life is truly about. Whilst there are many customs fostered around Christmas, creating traditions around Easter can be a little less common. So here are some beautiful ideas to begin your own Easter traditions – go get busy making some memories!

Here’s 8 Easter traditions for families to inspire you these holidays!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Host an Easter Egg Hunt or Roll”]

Easter egg hunting is probably the most well known tradition you can start and there’s a reason why it is so well loved. There’s nothing like watching kids searching excitedly through bushes, pots and sandpits for chocolate eggs, relishing the challenge as it gets harder each year. If you want to extend this idea into something a bit different, try an egg roll. For this, you race decorated eggs with a long-handled spoon and see who’s the winner. Every year, the White House holds an annual Easter Egg Roll; so steal inspiration from U.S. tradition and host your own!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Create an Easter Egg Tree”]

I’d never seen an Easter tree until a German friend showed me one she made from willowy twigs and decorated with tiny, ornate Easter eggs. The more I looked into this tradition, the more I fell in love with the German custom of Ostereier Baum, where citizens decorate fully grown trees with hand-blown eggs. You can now easily find small Easter egg trees in the shops and adorn them with a variety of gorgeous decorations (be creative and help your kids make their own!) or a twiggy stick from the yard in a vase is a great improvisation! Either way this is a lovely thing to do with your family each year.

Family easter traditions
Image: Home Beautiful

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Take a Trip Together!”]

If you can brave the chaos of the long weekend roads, taking an annual family holiday is an excellent tradition to start. Drive up the coast and camp in the last throes of warm weather. Stay in the mountains or road trip to visit extended family.  Enjoy the memories you’ll make with your kids as they grow and anticipate your yearly trip and the fun and adventures it brings!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Paint Some Eggs”]

Kids love Easter craft, and this one is a surefire hit. Hard boil a heap of eggs, get your food colouring, stickers, or crayons (and other tools – here’s some helpful instructions) and spend a fun morning decorating with your kids – they’ll love it! Older kids can even try blowing eggs which means you’ll need to bake something delicious afterwards! You can use your decorated eggs as a centrepiece for the next family Easter tradition…

Easter craft, glitter eggs

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Have a Lovely Long Lunch”]

Christmas lunch gets all the glory, but why not plan your own Easter meal to rival it? Gather the extended family, host a long lunch and have your kids decorate the table. Forming a tradition around a family feast will create brilliant memories that your family will always look forward to. There’s no better way than to bring the crew together than food!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Create and Fly Beautiful Easter Kites”]

In Bermuda, people craft stunning geometric kites that are only flown at Easter. They represent resurrection as hundreds of them float against the clear skies of Good Friday. It’s a spectacular sight. Making your own kites with your kids will prove unforgettable. Whether you’re passionate about the traditional meaning of Easter or just fun-loving this is a gorgeous idea and definitely a unique tradition to embrace!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”7. Make your Own Easter Treats”]

Kids love baking, and Easter provides the perfect opportunity to make some delicacies (like the chocolate bark below) that you can recreate over the years. Make hot cross buns from scratch or your own Easter chocolate. Get adventurous and try baking some Greek Tsoureki or Polish Mazurek. If you’re into cakes try a new themed Easter design each year or begin a tradition of serving a feast of decadent Easter desserts at your family Easter luncheon. The kids will love cooking with you no matter what you choose!

easter chocolate bark ideas

[mc_block_title custom_title=”8. Serve Others”]

Christian or not Easter can be inspiration to serve your community. Take your kids to volunteer in a soup kitchen, collect toys for children in adverse circumstances, fundraise for local women’s shelters or take eggs to your local children’s hospital. Teaching your kids about selflessness and kindness will be an invaluable lesson, and the best kind of tradition to form with your family.

So have fun forging new Easter family traditions! Easter is a wonderful time of year to connect and celebrate, so plan activities with your family that foster this. Remember to celebrate joyfully and treasure the memories you’ll shape with those you love. 


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