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Delicious Inspiration: 11 Amazing Easter Cakes To Bake!

There’s nothing better than cake. Unless it’s an Easter cake. Because, well, chocolate. Here’s all the inspiration you’ll need to whip up something sure to impress… nom, nom! Happy Easter!

There’s one thing that everybody agrees on at Easter and that’s decadent, family food. From masses of chocolate to amazing cakes, food is very much an expression of love and celebration.

Here’s Mum Central’s round up of the very best Easter cakes. Cue the drooling.

Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

It looks decadent and we know it is! Mostly as that middle layer is actually crushed hazelnut pavlova with fresh cream. Think of the cake, think of the crunch. You want to make it right? The recipe is here.
chocolate easter nest cake

The Speckled Egg Easter Cake

With vibrant colour and perfectly smooth sides this cake looks almost too good to cut.There’s an awesome tutorial on how to achieve the icing effect. Find it here.
easter cake speckled egg cake

The GH Bunny Hill Cake

One the kids are sure to adore and that will undoubtedly evoke squeals of little delight the Bunny Hill Cake is bang-on for cuteness. With gorgeous rabbits, a surprise stuffing of tiny lolly carrots and ample green lawn for frolicking this is level 11 kid-Easter-heaven. Learn how to make this cake here.
best easter cakes bunny hill

The Mini Easter Egg Cake

Tastefully decorated in pastel shades this cake is refined yet pretty! We can only imagine the crunch of those sugary outer shells meeting the softness of fresh cake. It looks – and tastes delicious! Find the tutorial here. 
gorgeous easter cake

The Dripped Easter Nest Cake

The dripped icing look is so-hot-right-now so this Easter cake is right on trend. Find out hot to make this twist on the traditional Easter nest cake here. You’re guests will be super impressed you’ve mastered the look they’re seeing “everywhere” right now!
easter drip cake

Double Chocolate Creme Easter Egg Cheesecake

 There’s at least four words in the name of this cake that we really love the sound of. Cheesecake is definitely the first one. This is one of those cakes where you need to exercise some self restraint, it’s so very delicious you’ll be bursting the top button off the top of your jeans yet groaning in decadent delight. Find out how to make your own one here.

Easter Egg Brownies

Loaded with colour and perfect to take along to any Easter celebration this tweak on a traditional brownie brings loads of festive fun. This recipe is from scratch but you could totally hack a supermarket packet brownie and pimp it with some gorgeous eggs! Shortcut for the win! Find out how to make it here.

All White Easter Cake

This spectacular looking vanilla sponge gives you those urges that want to make you drag a finger through that runny, delicious frosting. Find out how to make the cake or channel the look here. There’s something ever so grown up about all white and we really love this look!

Spring Lemon Cake

Ever so pretty and fun with its sprinkling of confetti like spots this Spring Lemon cake is a gorgeous Easter centrepiece but would be equally at home for a birthday or baby shower. We love that its made with a packet cake too! See how to make your own right here.

Easter Coconut Bunny Cake

Much simpler than it looks this Easter Bunny Cake is one round cake cut into half and sandwiched side by side! The presentation is adorable, the kids will love it and your guests will be in awe of your uber-level cake making talent. We won’t tell them if you don’t… See the step by step tutorial here.

Creme Egg Cake

This cake is simple to make but with its gooey qualities and creme egg decorations it will have everyone begging to cut it before lunch even begins. The success of this cake is in its imperfect yet perfect presentation – ideal for those who want to wow but aren’t the obsessive baking types. Get in our belly Cadbury Creme Egg Cake! Find out how to make this cake, or get this look here.
cadbury creme egg cakeFor another super chocolatey example we also love the feature image shown at top from here.

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