17 Easy Camping Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Ahhhh, camping. Being in the great outdoors really does build up an appetite!

So what to feed your family? Here’s 17 tasty camping recipes to keep bellies full and the bucket clean-up easy.

With a skillet, a Dutch oven and roll of foil, it doesn’t matter if you’re camping out bush or in your own backyard, these camping recipes can be enjoyed by everyone.

Easy Family Camping Recipes

1. Damper

The bread which can be a meal in itself, eat it warm and so lathered in butter it drips down your hand. We love this tasty beer and bacon twist on the traditional recipe from Taste.


2. Breakfast sandwiches (DIY McMuffin)

The perfect morning fuel before heading out on a busy day. Bacon or sausage and egg sandwiched between rolls or muffins will fill you right up until lunch time. Follow this how-to from Damn Delicious and eat them fresh.

camping food breakfast muffins

3. S’mores

It goes without saying. Though we don’t have the traditional Graham crackers here in Australia, just about any whole wheat biscuit will suffice. AND if you have quite the crowd of kids with zero patience, try this tray bake version of s’mores from Let’s Camp More. Genius!

s'mores camping recipe

4. Ham and cheese camp fire rolls

From Pappy’s Campfire Cooker, these ham and cheese camp fire rolls will keep the fussiest of eaters happy.

campfire rolls

5. Toasted marshmallows

Definitely. Lightly toast them until they are golden or do as I do and aim for that crunchy, bitter and completely moorish charcoal crust. Think you’ll only need one packet of marshmallow? Maybe pack three or four, just to be safe. Cottage Life has all the tips and tricks for the perfect toasting!

toasted marshmallows campfire recipes

6. Camp fire cone desserts

For every sweet tooth sitting around the fire, take one waffle ice cream cone and stuff it with all things delicious, wrap in foil and heat it through. Bananas, strawberries, marshmallow, caramels, chocolate chips or Nutella are all tasty inclusions. The Girl Who Ate Everything has some great recipe ideas to try.

camping recipes sweet cones

7. BBQ chicken foil packs

Awesome individual dinner serves (or cheat and throw it all in a Dutch oven to bubble away), chicken with vegetables, sweet pineapple and a BBQ sauce is positively gourmet camping fare! Head to Pillsbury for all the ingredients to add to your shopping list.

chicken camping recipe

8. Pancakes

An easy option, pancakes and pikelets can cater for just about every food situation – breakfast, snack and dessert. Yum! See Thrifty Foods‘ camping pancake recipe you can bag up before you leave home.

camping pancake recipe

9. Mac and cheese

You absolutely CAN eat mac and cheese while out bush. Check out this super cheesy and mighty delicious looking macaroni cheese recipe from Lauren’s Latest.

camping mac and cheese recipe

10. Trail mix

A childhood favourite, I was all about the trail mix. Follow a recipe such as this one from Super Healthy Kids. Or create your own healthy (or not so healthy) blend of cereal, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate treats, bag them up and stuff your pockets with.

trail mix recipe

11. Apple crumble

From Fresh Off The Grid, camping doesn’t mean sacrificing on taste with this apple crisp (or crumble) ON THE CAMP FIRE. Sign me up for camping STAT!

camping apple crumble camp fire recipe

12. Toad in the hole

An oldie but a goodie, toad in a hole is a holiday brekkie favourite. Don’t forget to grill your bread for a minute or two first! For a quick how-to for this iconic dish, head to Taste of Home.

toad in a hole camping recipe

13. Camp fire potatoes

Oh my Heavens. Cheese on carbs and then some. Delish show us how to prep the most amazing of camp fire potato dishes with this cheese-licious recipe.

camp fire potato dishes

14. Dutch oven nachos

Yes you can cook Mexican food, camp style! From Fresh Off The Grid is this delicious camp fire nachos recipe. Load up your Dutch oven with all your regular nachos favourites and get ready to wow the kids!

camping nachos recipe

15. Bolognese goulash

Part goulash, part spaghetti bolognese this old fashioned goulash from My Incredible Recipes is a delicious party in a pot!

goulash camping recipe

16. Meat and vegetable kebabs

From Outdoor Feeds, anything on a stick – marinated chicken, lamb or beef mixed with vegetables is a complete feed!

kebabs camping recipe

17. Sausage in bread – or fancy hot dog

The basis of every camping meal plan – if all else fails, you’ll get by on sausages! Dress them up Taste style, with mustard in hot dog rolls or have them sausage sizzle style with caramelised onion, wrapped in white bread. The. BEST.

fancy sausages camping recipe

Happy camping everyone! I highly recommend packing packets of two-minute noodles, tin baked beans, tin spaghetti and creamed rice as backups for when the camp chef wants the night off!

Now that you have the camping recipes sorted, check our handy guide to family camping on a budget.

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