Easy Nice Cream Recipe – Kids Go Bananas for this Sugar and Dairy Free Delight!

Nice cream – it’s the easiest, ice cream-like dessert safe for older babies and toddlers to eat. Now you can make it from as little as just ONE ingredient. Not just for little ones, this sweet delight is suitable for vegans, the dairy intolerant or anyone wanting to avoid the added sugars of regular ice cream. It’s literally, bananas!

Nice cream recipe: dairy-free, sugar-free and every bit as yummy as ice cream

If you’re wondering what exactly IS nice-cream, it’s a sugar-free, dairy-free icy cold dessert made purely by blitzing pieces of frozen banana in a food processor or high-speed blender until it becomes smooth and creamy. It’s just like ice cream – but this healthier version is healthier for our body, hence, the name, nice cream.

And do you have to feel guilty about devouring bowl after bowl of it to beat the heat this summer? Nope, because IT’S JUST BANANAS.

NICE CREAM: Mother Nature’s very own ice cream. Bananas! via GIPHY

Choose your flavour to amp up this nice cream recipe!

While banana IS an amazing flavour all on its own, you can also use this nice cream recipe as a base for a whole lot of extra awesome fruity flavours.

You could add a handful of frozen blueberries for a sensational purple-toned banana-based nice cream or frozen raspberries for a brilliant pink dessert. Or perhaps a few frozen mango chunks could be right up your toddler’s tropical fruit-loving alley. You can even add a teaspoon of cacao or cocoa for a hint of chocolate goodness.

For the ultimate time-saving nice cream shortcut, check out the bags of frozen fruit in your local supermarket for plenty of already-frozen inspiration. Too easy!

Do I need to refreeze nice cream?

Absolutely not, your kids (and yourself) can enjoy this nice-cream recipe straight away! From the freezer to the blender to a serving bowl – it’s just like a creamy banana soft-serve ice cream. Sooooo good and ready to be gobbled up in less than a minute!

Make it: your go-to banana nice cream recipe

Admittedly, calling this nice cream a recipe is a bit of a stretch, after all, you only need frozen bananas. However, I do have a few important tips you should take note of:

  • The riper your bananas are, the sweeter your nice cream will be, naturally.
  • Slice bananas before freezing them – no one wants to risk a finger in attempting to chop frozen bananas.
  • Make sure your blender or food processor is powerful enough to blend frozen fruit as the last thing you want is to burn out the motor! That’s not nice! You can add a splash of water (or other liquid) to help move along the blending process if you need to.

HOW MANY BANANAS: You can make nice cream with just one banana if you have a small blender that can blend small amounts (like a Nutri-Bullet!).


  1. Add the frozen banana slices to the food processor and blitz until smooth and creamy (you may need to scrape it down the sides a couple of times).
  2. Serve it straight away. Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into ice cream moulds and freeze it until it sets hard and can be popped out of the mould.
nice cream recipe
Beat the heat with this cold and creamy banana nice cream recipe! Source: Bigstock

A delicious plant-based and sugar-free alternative to ice cream, this nice cream recipe is awesome for including young children in the fun of a summertime ice cream dessert, but without anything artificial to upset sensitive tummies. This nice cream recipe is perfect for kids with allergies or intolerances, now no one will miss out!

Tell us, have you tried a nice cream recipe before and do your kids love it? We’d love to hear you in the comments below your favourite frozen fruit and nice cream combinations. You might just inspire another mum to give it a go in her kitchen.

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