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Inspire Hours of Structured Play with Yay4Play Educational Activity Kits

Turn ordinary play into something magical and educational with Yay4Play Educational Activity Kits. These mess-free, structured activity boxes are jam-packed with educational activities for children that will keep them busy for hours and hours.

We at Mum Central absolutely LOVE them and cannot wait to show you what’s inside! 

Yay4PLay activity kits for children
Source: Jenna Galley

Engaging and educational activity kits for kids 

Ideal for both independent and group play, these activity kits come with everything you need to enjoy hours of educational play, engaging vital developmental skills, inspiring structured play while nurturing active minds.

Sound’s great, right? They really are! 

I was lucky enough to share the experience with my two girls, three-year-old Lily and nine-year-old Jade.

activity boxes for children - Yay4PLay educational activity kits
The perfect educational gift for any three-year-old! Source: Jenna Galley

Have a read of what the girls and I thought of the Yay4Play educational activity kits and enter to win your very own. 

There are three different kids’ activity packs to choose from – the Basic Kit, the Premium Kit and the Ultimate Kit. We received the Ultimate Kit and it was a huge hit! 

Yay4Play educational activity kits review: A box of fun for young ones

My girls love surprises so when I first showed them the Yay4Play yellow box, they were beyond excited to open it and find out what was inside!

They had no idea what was included in their activity kit so watching their wide eyes light up when they discovered each surprise was oh so magic. 

Yay4Play kids activity kits
The educational toys are all neatly bundled up in individual packages making it even more fun to unbox! Source: Jenna Galley

What’s in the activity boxes?

Fidgets! Bricks! A crocodile! A panda! A booklet of activities! And heaps more too. 

The first thing both girls went for were the poppit fidget toys, which, my nine-year-old self-proclaimed fidget expert informed me is actually called a “double dimple”. So there you go.

Yay4PLay activity kits for kids
Each Yay4PLay poppit fidget toy comes with numbers and dots to help build number skills. Source: Jenna Galley

Now I won’t lie – my child has a fair few fidget toys – but the quality of these ones are above and beyond any of the others we’ve collected over the months. They are durable, colourful and oh so satisfying to pop. My girls haven’t stopped playing with theirs and, unlike some of the other fidget toys, they aren’t annoying to play with, ahem … pop tubes, I’m looking at you!

Building blocks

The next thing the girls discovered were the blocks. There are 8 sets of the famous Six Bricks methodology in various colours, plus four people, fencing, windows and wheels to expand their play. 

mum central
Blocks are ideal for creative play and plenty of structured activities. Source: Jenna Galley

In addition to the standard bricks, their kids’ activity kit also included five emotion bricks which were a huge hit with my three-year-old.

mum central
Funny faces for days! Source: Jenna Galley

One of the activities she liked to do was ‘copy’ the funny faces. A great activity for teaching children the various emotions.

mum central
She nailed the “angry” emotion. Source: Jenna Galley

But by far the surprise of the day was the animal bricks – the crocodile and panda especially! Both girls went to work making a zoo with big sissy guiding her little sister on where each animal was to go.

mum central
Source: Jenna Galley

The kit comes with two large building foundations so they could engage in parallel play plus additional resources for creative building – pegs, dice, ribbons and pipe-cleaners. 

mum central
The dice game was another great one for my girls to play together. Source: Jenna Galley

So many ways to play

There are also 40 different coloured activity cards that can be scaled up or down according to the level of each child.

mum central
One of the many games to play. Source: Jenna Galley

The games are all well thought out too. In fact, the entire kit is. The activities are not just ideal for quiet play, but they are incredibly educational.

Some of the fave activities in our house were Memory, Brick Hunt (like a scavenger hunt) and the Brick Slide.

There are several activity sheets included in the educational activity kits too including a Bingo-type card, and a  diagrammatic ‘move and jump’ mat. The move mat is pretty cool as it gets the kiddies up and moving their bodies – great for active tots and active minds! 

Yay4Play activity kits for children
Source: Jenna Galley

My eldest daughter enjoyed the challenge of making the 3D shapes while my toddler was pretty content just stacking the blocks up. So much fun! 

It’s so sweet to watch Lily’s little brain ticking over as she is given instructions and is able to follow what is being asked of her. These activities encourage all sorts of skill-building and development – problem-solving, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and so much more! 

This is what makes Yay4Play’s educational kits stand out – they combine learning and play in a way that is engaging for children of all ages.” 

mum central
Laughing and learning- thanks Yay4Play! Source: Jenna Galley

Play and pack away

Another one of the things about these educational activity kits is that they come in a tidy, sturdy box making it easy to carry and store the various activities. No mess, no missing pieces and no packing-up meltdowns.

Simply place the items back in the box for the next playtime. 

mum central
Grab and go. Source: Jenna Galley

Membership included too

We’ve also checked out the Membership for the Yay4PLay Club which comes with each Ultimate Kit. All you need to do is check their email – a code will be sent to you. 

educational activity kits for kids - Yay4PLay online membership
Source: Yay4Play

This is your door to ongoing online learning with plenty more play-based educational learning activities to explore. And what’s especially great about this membership is the programs are not only for children, but for parents too. 

YouTube video

Play over and over again

Since our first play with Yay4Play packs, the girls have brought the kit out several times. Sometimes my nine-year-old will play by herself and other times the girls will quietly play together. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and melts my heart every time.

Finding an activity that suits the skill level of both girls can be tricky but this one certainly ticks that box! 

mum central
Happy kids, happy mum! Source: Jenna Galley

What the girls had to say: 

I loved opening the box and seeing all the toys ready to play with. My favourite was the fidget toy but I also liked playing zoo with the crocodile and the panda. It was fun to watch Lily play too.” – Jade, 9

I liked Jade’s fidget toy and then I had my own fidget toy and now I like that one best. Jade played blocks with me. I love it! – Lily, 3

mum central
Source: Jenna Galley

100% recommend to every parent out there

These kits are ideal for at home or on the go and I love that they are not only harnessing quiet play (yes!), but also building sensory, speech and language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills. 

All in all, they are the perfect educational toy for toddlers and beyond. Each kit brings play-based learning into their worlds. They are engaging for toddlers but also fun for older kids. I’ve sat down with the girls numerous times to build towers and houses and let them lead me through the worlds they’ve created.

I would recommend them to every family out there and hope that your kids love your kits as much as mine do. “

Yay4Play educational activity kits
Source: Jenna Galley

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Yay4Play Educational Activity Kits

Educational 10.0
Creativity 10.0
Engaging 9.5
Value for Money 9.5
Recommendation 10.0

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The Yay4Play Ultimate Activity Kit comes in a sturdy box and is easy to pack up – no mess, no fuss – and delivered directly to your door. They make a great gift for your own children or for others and offer a beautiful way to inspire play-based learning and connect with your children time. 

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This is a sponsored review for Yay4Play. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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