Girl Mum Truths: 15 Things I’ve Learned Since Having Daughters

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “boy mum” or “mum of boys” in your parenting conversations. Most likely followed by an anecdote about penises, rough play or pee on the toilet seat. But what about us “girl mums”?

What girl mum truths can we all nod in agreement with?

As a mum with two beautiful daughters, allow me to start the conversation. These are just a few of the girl mum truths I’ve uncovered since having to my daughters. I’m sure there are MANY more to come. After all, we haven’t even made it to the teenager stage yet!

15 unspoken girl mum truths

1. Little things. SO MANY LITTLE THINGS.

My Little Ponies. Littlest Pet Shop. Little Live Pets. Little People. The little things and their itty bitty accessories may be small, but they take up a whole sh*t ton of room in the vacuum cleaner when I accidentally vacuum them up every damn week.

2. You’ll be lucky to walk past a wall and NOT find stickers all over it.

Nothing brightens up a rental property wall quite like an assortment of impossible-to-peel-off stickers.

3. Ponies, puppies, unicorns, and rainbows … oh my! 

Honestly, if we see anything in the shop with any of these items, we HAVE to have it.

And if it happens to be stationery or a stuffed critter, well, game over Red Rover.

4. The hell that is hair elastics

Finding non-ouchie ones in the shop is challenge #1.
Finding non-ouchie ones every morning is challenge #2.
It’s amazing how quickly we can lose a 2,000 pack of hair elastics.

And I thought it was only socks that had a habit of going missing.

Meanwhile, I can find a massive bow for every occasion in pretty much every crevice of my house.

5. Girl clothes are way too cute NOT to buy

My daughters’ closets are filled with skirts, dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits that easily set me back hundreds of dollars. And, do they wear any of them? Of course not. They insist on wearing the same dirty t-shirt every day.

Meanwhile, my wardrobe consists of $7 Kmart singlets and possibly one designer dress I most likely stole from my friend. Okay, not most likely. Did. Did steal.

6. Imaginative play for days

Give her a shoebox, a blanket, a pile of feathers and some tape and she’s set for hours.

7. The powers of the jewellery box

All the wrong in the world can easily be fixed by pulling out the jewellery box and letting her go through it. That and the shoe closet.

8. Conversations and colouring go hand in hand

We could waste an entire afternoon chatting about anything while colouring in.

9. Glitter is everywhere

Whoever invented glitter glue needs a kick up the arse.

10. The power of the princesses 

Not only do we know their names, their hair and dress colour, but we also know how we can use them to their full advantage.

You know, like, “Elsa wouldn’t like the way you’re acting right now” and  “Cinderella would want you to pick up your clothes.” Two phrases I’ve used on more than one occasion.

11. So many acrobatics

Cartwheels, handstands, aerials, backbends, splits. Sure, boys may be all about the wrestling, but girls can bend their bodies in ways that would even make those WWE dudes squirm.

12. Emotions run high

Pretty sure this is the case with ALL kids. But with my girls, they are not afraid to let these emotions show. Or explode all over the house.

13. Hat-friendly hairstyles are few and far between

We’ve got a basic low ponytail, a boring plait and, well, I’m out. On a side note, one of our other writers has uncovered heaps more hat-friendly hairstyles for girls.

Of course, I suggested we try them out on my girls and they blatantly refused. Because rule #1 of girl mum club, you don’t mess with their hair.

14. Collections are life

Beanie Boos, Shopkins, LOL dolls, crappy Kinder Surprise Toys, random rocks from the garden, erasers, an actual pile of sand, all equally important and deserving of a spot on her dresser.

15. So much love

For their toys, for their dolls, for butterflies in the backyard, for insects at the park, for the pencil crayon that hasn’t been used. The empathy, kindness and nurturing nature are beautiful to watch.

But perhaps the most beautiful thing about their nurturing souls is how much love they have for each other. The sister bond is an incredibly special one and I’m sure all girl mums would agree that this is one of the best things about having daughters.

That, and knowing that one day, they will have daughters of their own, and I, for one, will be lining up at their doors, with stickers, massive bows and glitter glue at the ready.

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