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Get Creative with Elf on the Shelf and WIN a DeLonghi Nespresso Coffee Machine

You know what parents need after a massive month of Christmas cheer? A bucket load of coffee, that’s what!

Well, you’re in luck, because we happen to have a DeLonghi Nepresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine to give away, thanks to Harvey Norman.

But there’s a catch. Don’t worry, it’s a fun catch!  You will need to dust the tinsel off your Elf on the Shelf to be in the running to win.

If you are planning another season of sassy Elf on the Shelf snapshots, then our annual Elf on the Shelf competition has your name written ALL over it! 

Get your Elf Out – Mum Central’s Elf on the Shelf Competition is BACK!

For many families, moving the Elf every morning (or night depending on how organised you are), is part of the December routine. Snapping a few pictures of your favourite positions and sneaky set-ups is all part of the fun.

So why not take it one step further? After the set up and the snapshot, fill out the form below, SHARE your picture on social media using the hashtag #MCELFCOMP and you could WIN a DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine.

Elf on the Shelf ideas
Last year’s Elf on the Shelf competition winner. Who will win this time around? Will it be you?

First we drink the coffee, then we move the Elf

You don’t have to hit your local coffee shop in the morning to get your caffeine fix anymore. Make barista-style beverages from your kitchen, start the day off right and impress your guests with delicious brewed coffee made in seconds.

Valued at $299 this coffee machine buzzes with ultra cool features.

harvey norman elf on the shelf competition delonghi coffee machine

Extra easy, super speedy  

We have about 3.5 spare minutes in the morning to brew a decent cup of coffee, usually in between buttering toast and throwing fruit into the lunch boxes. But, good news – thanks to its Thermoblock heating system the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine can heat up water quickly in just over 25 seconds.

So you have 3 full minutes to drink it! 

 Press and drink

Plus, this easy peasy coffee machine includes an automatic milk single serve system and 3 beverage backlit-buttons so you don’t have to have a degree in engineering to work it. Simply select your drink of choice (Lungo, Espresso or milk recipe) and press a button.

 Automatic shut-off

The Nespresso machine also automatically shuts off after 9 minutes (you can adjust this time to suit) so you don’t have to stress if you forget to turn it off. And only remembered it AFTER you arrived at work.

 Quality coffee, morning after morning

This DeLonghi Nespresso coffee machine has a collection tank for storing up to 11 used capsules (so you don’t have to change it every single day). It also has a 19-bar pressure pump. Plus it’s super easy to clean and looks fancy on your kitchen bench top! 

If you can’t wait for the competition to come to an end, head over to Harvey Norman and check out their complete range of coffee machines, including the DeLonghi Nespresso coffee machine. They have ones to suit all budgets and lifestyles and are an ideal gift for yourself, your partner or those especially hard-to-shop for relatives.

mum central


Now’s the time to get snapping and share your favourite Elf on the Shelf pics with us!

Last year our winner and runners-up did a fab job of staging cheeky Elfy moments (you can check our favourites for inspiration right here).

But this year we can do better!

mum central

How it works

1. Get an Elf – If you don’t already have one, head to your nearest Elf Adoption Centre located in Myer, Dymocks and specialty retailers to buy your very own.

2. Start snapping – After every cheeky Elf move, take a picture with your camera or phone. We’re searching for clever ideas, great lighting and excellent staging when selecting our finalists.

3. Share your favourite pics on social media and let us know via the form below. You will need to use the hashtag #MCELFCOMP and make sure the post is public so we can find you!

4. We’ll  pick our favourite 10 photos as finalists and then the public gets to vote (so be sure to tell ALL your friends). The winning pic gets the prize – a shiny new DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine – so get snapping and enter by 19 December 2018.

Good luck! And happy Elfing!

Follow Mum Central on Facebook for all Elf updates. We will email our finalists to let them know they are in the running to vote.

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    Unfortunately I can’t supply a photo. Naughty elf wrote on the bathroom mirror with toothpaste and stole food from the top shelf in the pantry. Silly elf left the evidence.

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