Click. Vote. Win. 

You’re just one click away from snapping up a brand new Panasonic G85 camera, thanks to the team at Macarthur Camera House. All you need to do is check out these cheeky Elf on the Shelf photos and pick your fav!

We at Mum Central love Christmas. And competitions. So it only makes sense to combine these two things with a Christmas competition featuring everyone’s favourite cheeky elf!

All this month we’ve been tracking our readers’ elf antics, searching for our very favourites to share with you. With thousands of pics submitted by hundreds of mums, it wasn’t easy picking out the best of the best – but we did it!

Lo and behold, this year’s top 10 elf moments. They are cute, cheeky and easy to copy for next year! Now we need YOUR help deciding who should win (and take home a camera!).

1. Elf gets the man flu 

We reckon he’s faking it.

Elf on the Shelf ideas

2. Tea for three 

Fruity deliciousness for all.

Elf on the Shelf ideas

3. Baker’s delight

Looks like elf is pretty stoked he’s not on the other side of the oven…

Elf on the Shelf ideas

4.  Room for two

Check out the next The Block contestants, ready to build their own home

Elf on the Shelf ideas

5. Pool party

Things are about to get a little crazy.

Elf on the Shelf ideas

6. Orange orchestra 

Orange you glad Elf is such a great conductor. funny Elf on the Shelf photo ideas

7. Elfy office antics 

Cheeky cheeky.
Elf on the Shelf ideas

8. Elves on a plane

Better than snakes.Elf on the Shelf ideas

9. Water birth

Congratulations Mum and Dad Elf!

Elf on the Shelf ideas

10. Baby on board

And one itty bitty ultrasound pic. So clever!

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Vote… and Win!

Which one is your favourite? It’s hard to choose, we know, which is why we’re asking you to do it for us! Plus, vote for your fave and you’ll automatically enter our draw to win your very own Panasonic G85 Camera valued at $1399, thanks to Macarthur Camera House. And the person who took the photo with the most votes will win one too!

This compact camera comes with everything you need to get snappy in 2018 and capture those amazing moments with family and friends.

  • Crisp, clear images – Thanks to the dual image stabiliser, you can expect your pics to stay blurry-free, even when the kids can’t stand still.
  • All-weather action – Weather-sealed, splash and dustproof, this camera is especially awesome for outdoor shooting.
  • 4K video and 16 megapixels – Record every twist and turn with ultra-clarity, even if you aren’t a master of picture-taking/movie-making.
  • Wi-Fi ready – Upload, share, save – you can do so straight from the camera.

The camera comes with a built-in flash, 3.0″ LCD screen and a rechargeable battery. It’s a perfect camera for both beginners and avid photographers, and one that we know you are going to LOVE! If you can’t wait for our comp, see the team at Macarthur Camera House and they can help you out.


But you gotta be in it to win it! So enter below. Voting ends on Sunday 31 December and winners – the winning photo and the winning voter – will be announced in early January.

Vote to WIN a Panasonic G85 Camera from Macarthur Camera House, valued at $1399!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Zoe Deignan Reply

    This would make it so much easier taking great photos of my 3 beautiful children.!!

      • Stephen Taylor Reply

        When you want quality and precision when taking pictures, this camera is the choice for you.

    • Philippa Tudor Reply

      I love that it has the benefits of a ‘point and click’ essential for capturing little ones but with amazing image quality. I would love this camera to capture beautiful images of my little girls as I currently only have my phone camera which really isn’t very good. I’d absolutely love to win.

    • Nicole Gleeson Reply

      The Panasonic G85 would help my teenage son and I take fantastic clear shots and videos and upload choice ones. 9The local Phillip Island beaches would come up well i think)

    • Cheryl Clelland Reply

      Would be so good to have a decent camera to take on holidays and also take some great action shots. of my grandsons playing football.

    • I love the 4 k resolution video, ultra high speed focusing and the point and click feature. Panasonic are top quality products and I love to own this fantastic camera.

    • karen browne Reply

      My sister-in law wants her camera back after I have lent it for a year.

    • A real camera & not a toy!
      This camera would teach my son & i to become expert photographers with it’s clever features.

    • Belinda O'Brien Reply

      This camera is top shelf. I’d love to prove to my teenagers that their phone cameras just don’t cut it.

    • Tracy Bryowsky Reply

      I would love this camera so that I could take some amazing photos of my twin daughters playing soccer.

  2. Lisa Paine Reply

    Our camera is over a decade old and struggles to keep up with the demands of recording the lives of 3 active kids. I’m sure it would appreciate some help from a younger, more energetic model so it could retire and take the occasional posed family pic leaving the great outdoors to the zippy new model.

    • Love the cheeky elves, so hard to pick a favourite. Beautiful give away

  3. I like be the clear crisp images. Please pick me because our little boy has shown an interest in photography & we’d love to encourage his creative instincts by giving him an awesome camera like this one.

  4. Would love this camera to catch precious memories and also to try on my ghostly adventures and tell all the teams what evidence I caught and on what it was caught.

  5. Wow, would love the Panasonic G85 Camera, our current camera still uses silver nitrate film !

  6. Sarah james Reply

    I’m no photographer so I need a camera that’s smart enough to make my bad attempts at photos look better

  7. Rebecca Gillespie Reply

    I have never had a proper camera i just use my samsung which is good at taking everyday photos but with the Panasonic G85 i would be able to take amazing snaps of all the special moments that comes with having children

  8. Fiona Charlton Reply

    My husband bought me a Lumina back when we were dating as a birthday pressie! Still my prized possession but it’s 13 years old now! Such a great camera! I would love to update to a newer model! 🙂

  9. Tarnia Fedele Reply

    Dear Mum Central, (Santa)

    I think I’ve been pretty good this year,
    If I won this amazing camera I’d be grinning ear to ear!

    The features I love most,
    Are so good you’d boast,
    4k resolution video,
    Perfect for when your on the go!
    Ultra high speed focusing,
    5-axis dual Image Stabilisation,
    Makes this the best camera in the nation!

    Please concider me this Christmas,
    From Tarnia

  10. Carmen Payne Reply

    My husband dropped our last camera in the pool whilst on holidays, so we really need a new camera and the Panasonic G85 looks perfect!

  11. janelle grey Reply

    # 3
    My camera has stopped working and i need a new one love taking photos of the kids and family

  12. Nicole Woods Reply

    Oh man – I love everything about it! Historically I’ve never been a fan of bluetooth/wifi things, but being able to upload, share or save straight from the camera would be super handy!

  13. I love the part about the ‘crisp, clear images’ ….that’s all I want. My Nikon broke 6 months ago and my smartphone camera is blurry and the flash washes colour from everything I photograph. I need something that will take good images as I sell on eBay, in an effort to make some money to pay bills and exist and the pics I’ve been taking lately with my phone are shocking and I’m sure the images are doing nothing at all for enticing buyers. I would happily pay it forward in another way, if I was lucky enough to win this – Merry Christmas 🙂

  14. Would love to own this camera I have one but its second hand takes ok pictures but would love to own a brand new one to take awesome pictures of my family and pets and would make the best Christmas present ever

  15. Julia Parker Reply

    Accompanying my mother on her dream trip of a lifetime on a European River Cruise brings great responsibility, as I need to photograph the trip. This amazing camera has great zoom, high pixels and is easy enough for me to use without being too bulky. I need LUMIX help to fulfill my obligation well.

  16. Anita Weir Reply

    Macother one is worn out trying to catch photos of those pesky elves !

  17. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    I love that it has got a dual image stabiliser because I can’t hold the camera still for long; so every picture would look blurred.

  18. This would be a great start for my boy who loves to take photos of everything.

  19. i am not very taking pictures so i would need a very good camera to take some really good pictures and I think this camera would me.

  20. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Definitely a ‘Mum friendly’ camera…dirt proof, dust proof, vomit proof, splash proof, it’s hard enough having to worry about the kids clothes getting messy, I don’t want to have to worry about the camera too!
    I seem to be prone to finding myself caught out in downpours and thunderstorms, so the weather sealed body would be a real plus, so if I get hit by lightning as least the camera will survive!
    And the image stabiliser, yes please! My kids never stand still, lets face whose kids stand still?
    Lastly I love the look of this camera, it makes me want to pick it up straight away and use it, which tells me it is ergonomically designed and would be comfortable to hold. Let me at it!

  21. I love that it’s robust because I like outdoor photography; and I NEED it because I broke my old SLR and I’m lost without it.

  22. Would love it for the 4k video and 16 megapixels! Great photos and footage quality

  23. Number 10 conjures th best imagination and appears to be the clearest photo.
    I think the elf in the photcopier might regret is/her actions
    I would love a excellent quality camera so I can take spur of the moment candid photos. Little ones often do a thing once and you don’t get another opportunity to capture the moment.

  24. Alexandra Piaud Reply

    PICK me pick ME!
    I have a 3 week old baby you SEE,
    So id use this Panasonic G85 to capture his LIFE,
    Otherwise he’ll get middle child syndrome- and then I’d be in big STRIFE!

  25. Car Robins Reply

    I love taking photos of my new born baby girl. This would be perfect as i am considering doing photography. I wish to win this.

  26. Phoebe Phillips Reply

    I love that its WiFi ready so no need for more cords. I would be thrilled to win this camera as mine has had the gong and I only have my phone camera. I would really like to take more quality shots of my daughter for our albums.

  27. My ideal camera for photos is a Lumix, while only having a LUMIX POS camera, I would love the opportunity to upgrade and take clear and crisp photos of my growing family. Memories last a lifetime, I’d love to document with fabulous clarity.

  28. It’s a great quality camera that’s easy to use. My old camera died and I’d love a camera to take photos of my new baby with.

  29. Lorenzo Procopio Reply

    I love that this camera is Wi-Fi ready . No more searching for the camera cable to upload photos. This will be so convenient especially when traveling on holidays.

  30. Mary Preston Reply

    The Panasonic G85 Camera might just might make me into a photographer. I want to win to record everything. Time just races by.

  31. Tammy Campion Reply

    Love that it’s weather proofed, my lot are mostly outside, so I need something that’s durable, the picture stabilisation feature…my 7 kiddies definitely CANNOT stand still. This would be a great gift for me, as I don’t have a camera at the moment and my phone(which I usually use to get photos), decided to magically make all my photos from the whole last year disappear including the newborn pics of my newest bub, whose 12 weeks old now

  32. Nicholas Crampton Reply

    I love that the camera is 4K, so I can take the best possible footage of my family, additionally the water and dust resistance mean we can take it anywhere with us on our adventures. We don’t really deserve the camera to be honest, we are just a normal family, who does the best we can, but we would love a new camera. We would be over the moon.

  33. Courtney Foster Reply

    What’s not to love its compact, has a 16 megapixel camera, connects to wifi and is weather proof. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick this camera is fantastic to take photos of my wee ones whom also enjoy taking photos them self. You should pick me beaches this competition has come at the perfect time for me, as my current camera has died. I have signed up to some new photography e courses to learn how to use a dslr camera properly, so it would be fantastic to win this so I can start straight away 🙂

  34. Nicole Gurney Reply

    This would be amazing. With the zoom and quality in graphics would be so awsome to use. Great snaps too

  35. Sharon Mcnair Reply

    this would be perfect for taking pictures of my kids and any celebrations that they goto or we have, plus I love taking picture of nature

  36. Rachel Tindale Reply

    Not only does it take quality crisp 4K images but its wi-fi ready!!! It would be suck a great time saver to have all photos copied via wi-fi onto my hard drive.
    I would love to be picked because I love taking photos of my son but its all on my phone. Yes, the phone is a great but to have a quality digital camera instead would be so much better.

  37. aleisha Austbo Reply

    I love that the G85 Camera from Macarthur is weather proof. Living on the west coast of Tasmania means we have alot of rain.. And I mean ALOT!
    To have this camera would be brilliant as we seem to miss out on taking photos when camping, splashing in puddles, etc as we don’t want to wreck our phones!

  38. I love the pool party photo. I’d love this camera to take photos of my 6 kids having a pool party of their own.

  39. Veronica Christensen Reply

    Its hard to get Crisp, clear images with kids but Thanks to the dual image stabiliser, I can expect my pics to stay blurry-free, even when the kids can’t stand still.

  40. Shona Mackay Reply

    I love this Panasonic G86 camera. That fact that it’s weather sealed, splash and dustproof. The quality 4K and 16 megapixels resolution making the photos spectacular.
    Not having a steady hand with the dual image stabiliser, I’ll finally have awesome photos of my kids and not all blurry from either my unsteady hand or the kids not staying still. Also Wi-Fi ready, which is a must in this day and age, with all the technology. We’re going camping on the beach on the school holidays and all I have is an old iPhone that my daughter broke the camera lens on. So I can’t take photos and have missed so many memorable moments throughout this year, that i would have loved to have had in photos. I’m in love with camera, it’s so sleek and stylish. I’ll be the envy of all my family. Fingers crossed.

  41. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Love the high speed focus, I really need this lol. My ex took our camera when he left and I have an old phone that takes really bad photos I would love this new one to take magic memories of my children

  42. What I love most is the All-weather action of being weather-sealed, splash and dustproof. As i take photos for my university studies which are outdoors (geology) I need this camera for awesome outdoor photography, but they also need to be clear so the dual image stabiliser is a double bonus.
    I would love to be picked for this camera prize as I do need a decent camera again and I, as yet, cannot afford to purchase a new one as I still have one more year of study to go – my honours – which travels to New Zealand for part of my course and would be a great opportunity to make use of the camera for photos in my field report.
    (NB: I did have an expensive auto focus with macro camera which I lent to a friend who rather than traveling with it in its case had it loose in his car and was involved in a car accident – he was ok – my camera was not – he never repaid me)
    Thank you for the competition and the awesome prize 😀

  43. I love a smart little camera that comes fully loaded and able to multi task.

  44. I would love to capture more family memories and the Panasonic G85 camera would be brilliant!

  45. Amy Marafioti Reply

    I love my Panasonic Lumix so a newer model would be amazing! Wi-fi ready is awesome as I enjoy sharing photos of our cheeky elves and 3 busy kids! I like that it is splash and dust proof so I can capture lots of outdoor adventures.

  46. Bernarda Robinson Reply

    I love that you can connect via Wi-Fi! With kids about and drawers full of cords and wires it would be lovely to have a camera I don’t need to plug manually into the computer or printer! I could also upload directly to nana and pop’s tablet when we’re there, no need to email or make hard copies!

  47. Nice cool compact camera to take everywhere and not miss those magical moments

  48. My mother has had to move far away from the grandkids to care for a family member, so the Wi-Fi function would be amazing to be able to share memories in real time!

  49. Emma Flanagan Reply

    The wifi compatibility to instantly upload and share photos rather than using a cable and computer like traditional digital cameras

  50. Janine McNaughton Reply

    I’ve realized that I’ve spent the last 6 years taking terrible photo’s of my children with a phone that wasn’t designed for quality but convenience! What a waste! I shouldn’t have let a phone manufacturer brain wash me into thinking that was a good idea! I will get a Lumix Panasonic and start documenting my life that way I ought to have in the beginning!

  51. Love picture number 3 Would be fantastic too take photos of my grandchildren when I take them away

  52. Julie Vulin Reply

    What a beauty of a camera, love how lightweight and compact it is, making it, for me, such a great option to my iPhone, and allowing for so many additional cool features.

  53. Wifi ready so i can instantly show family and friends how much baby Ruby is changing and being able to choose the best pics on the lcd screen id be the envy of everyone at mums group and family events

  54. Lorraine Stuart Reply

    Would be great to have a good quality camera as i love to take pictures of nature.

  55. What a great opportunity. My daughters are always wanting to take photos and be photographers but all i have is my phone

  56. Lynette Wicks Reply

    Elf photo No 4. Room for 2. The block, I love the idea of dual image stablizing and Wifi uploading.

  57. Benjamin Smith Reply

    Would be great for our upcoming family holiday in Japan 🙂

  58. We are an active family so the all-weather feature would be perfect, I wouldn’t have to stand a mile away from the action for fear of the Panasonic G85 getting splashed.

  59. Wendy Hatton Reply

    I love Baker’s Delight- captures the elf’s naughty side just right.
    This compact camera takes great resolution picture and is weather resistant- these features suit me perfectly- easy to use and terrific for catching candid pics of the kids and pets mucking about outside

  60. Kahlia Barker Reply

    I take a million pictures of my kids and I’m forever filling up the space on my phone. I would love this camera as I could use the Wi-Fi to save them straight to my laptop quickly without having to find the time to sort through them all which means more time for pictures haha!

  61. Caryn Roberts Reply

    My camera has just broken , and i need a new one please. I wont be able to take good photos of my children this xmas, but it would be a great way to start the new year. Thanks so much.

  62. I would love to have a high quality camera like the LUMIX Panasonic to capture precious memories clearly. I would have so much fun discovering all the great features along the way. And just love how you can record as well as take stills.

  63. Aimee McCloy Reply

    My last camera died not long ago. This one would be amazing as its specs are sooo much better than any camera I have ever owned!

    Merry Christmas

  64. Id love a handbag ready camera that can come wjwrecer our family goes thar takes amazing quality images,better than dodgy old phone ones!! Love the ultrasound photo! Elves are getting very creative these days !!

  65. I love the fact that I can zoom in on my beautiful children’s faces.

  66. I like the Block picture because the Elves on the shelf can build themselves a gingerbread home.I love the idea that the Panasonic G85 is simple to use and is lightweight it has WIFI uploading and good to learn from each photo you take how you can improve your focusing and this camera is also good to take plenty of photos of all my grandchildren in one picture.

  67. Wi-Fi ready my heart be still. I saved all my pennies took all but 1 year, now Wi-Fi we have!! Less cords, more room and MUSIC oh my!! I’d be swimming on stars with a new camera up at my eyes!! Moved inside my camera did now little black corners ruin all my favourite pics. Saving for a road trip so winning a camera would be lovely, snapping memories for our wall in the house we are a searching.

  68. A masterpiece, boasting mulitudinous magical features, to be explored FIRST by MY hands, trembling with excitement, in anticipation of the technological advancement that embodies Panasonic

  69. Christie Majorek Reply

    I love that it’s ANYWHERE photo ready! Waterproof, wifi ready- can upload straight away- taking away the need to plug/upload/post etc!
    So many versatile uses for this camera, which is taking memories to a whole new level! Love it!

  70. The dual stabilizers will really help getting great pics of my daughter as she never stands still for long and I have a lot of slightly blurry photos. It will also help for when she is taking the photo as she tends to move as she takes the photo! The all weather feature will also be great to get the photos of the family and pets out camping.

  71. I love the post focus feature on the camera! Would save loads of photo’s that are now beyond saving.
    I think you should pick me because this camera would allow us to take more and more beautiful photo’s of our family and our new home country to share with the family back in Europe…

  72. I’ve never owned a camera this would be awesome love that it waterproof and wifi ready

    • I would love the camera for my hobby, because I do photography in my free time. Also we have this adorable dog who is a poser, and very photogenic

  73. Lea Anita Black Reply

    I like that it is Wi-Fi ready, means no messing about with a USB to transport photos. My Daughter is a keen aspiring photographer and I would love this for her, Not funny how many times she has misplaced her USB and panicked! Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome camera for her!

  74. Richard Harrison Reply

    Love some all-weather action and especially the wi-fi. Always losing or ruining cables so this would be brilliant for me!

  75. this is a really fab camera – and would replace my old fuji and drag me well into the new century!! what a treat this would be.

  76. Courtney Waldron Reply

    The thing I like most is the clear, crisp images. I am a pretty useless photographer and would love to be able to capture my 4 beautiful children properly. And I need all the help I can get.

  77. Mandy Graham Reply

    It’s such a quality camera I’d love to use and I am a huge fan who shares you daily.

  78. Stacey Osborne Reply

    Would be amazing to capture great holiday pics with the family this summer

  79. Louise Dalzell Reply

    I would love to win and own the Panasonic G85 camera. Brilliant that it has so many great features. I like how it has Wi-Fi and weather proof. I’m not to good at taking photos. They are always blurry. The image stabiliser will help me. A great deal to perfection. Thanks for the chance to win

  80. MichelleAnn Reply

    You should really pick me because you want me to do well…in taking decent photos with a camera that I can manage. I think a lot of my blurry phots stem from the fact that my hands are small and my current camera is too clunky and awkward for me to hold steady for even a short period of time. I have to run so many of my photos through a free online program to enhance them because they don’t come out like they ought to. So what I really love about the Panasonic Lumix G85 is the size and weight coupled with the stabilisation feature.


    Ease of use and all weather action. I want to win the camera because my Casper and Spicer weren’t chosen 😉

  82. Melissa Zammit Reply

    I love that it is weather proof meaning I can capture more moments no matter the weather and that o can transfer photos via the Wi-Fi meaning my photos will be on hand no matter the demands of life, having kids gets busy but no moment will be missed with Panasonic G85 camera including my upcoming wedding we can catch all the candid memories and moments to cherish for a lifetime

  83. michaela grace Reply

    The fact that it’s Wifi ready, saves a heap of time transferring to laptop then uploading to fb etc.
    Also love that it’s water and dust proof. I love photography but can’t afford a decent camera that’s versatile with the great features helping it stay better for longer.

  84. Carol Rittner Reply

    I love Photographing Animals and Birds ,and putting them on a photoe Frame for my Grandaughter

  85. My family all love using the camera and this one would be awesome. From taking portraits, selfies to landscapes and micros the photos would all turn out a treat. Thanks

  86. Susan Banyard Reply

    All weather action is fantastic as some great shots can happen in the rain when the kids are playing sport

  87. Lisa Fairbridge Reply

    It has to be the increased stability. I try to take good photos of my kids but a lot of them end up looking shaky. This feature would prevent those greats shots looking not so great

  88. Catrina Barnes Reply

    Being wi-fi ready would be handy to get pics uploaded quicker.

  89. I don’t even own a camera but I really love the compact size of the Panasonic and how handy it is to “point and shoot” because a busy mum trying to capture a precious moment has no time to fiddle around with the DSLR settings to get a good shot, otherwise its grainy and blurry moments that are captured.

  90. I Love that I can take Fantastic photos regardless of the weather or the adventure. And to be able to upload them with ease, my friends and family will think I’m a pro!

  91. With 2 boys, I love that it’s robust and great for the outdoors. We haven’t bought a new camera since we had our kids, over 10 years ago. This one sounds perfect for someone who’s not a great photographer like me.

  92. Takes perfect crisp pictures that will capture the moments I need to freeze in time as life changes so much

  93. We don’t actually own a camera so winning this amazing prize would be the best thing to be able to capture those special moments on something other than a smart phone!

  94. Jeannine Barrett Reply

    I love the fact that it’s WIFI ready, making it so much easier to upload those funny photos I take of my greyhound Jack to social media for all his friends to enjoy

  95. Maree Gray Reply

    I love the crisp clear images. I’m not that great at taking pictures but I still like to use a camera and not a smartphone or tablet. Great photos make wonderful memories.

  96. Yvonne Brookes Reply

    I love a camera that can take clear images and is ready to go immediately.

  97. I would love to capture the treasured moments of my girls growing up using your amazing camera

  98. A smooth-as new camera to capture my gorgeous girls in the resolution they deserve! 😀

  99. I’m not a big fan of elf on the shelf as I find them to be a little creepy. I admire those who come with different ways everyday to change the elves antics. My favourite is office antics!

  100. Amanda Holland Reply

    I love that it’s compact, and great for the outdoors. We are going on our first big holiday with our camper trailer to Tassie next year and this would be a perfect little gem to take with us to put through its paces and to capture some great memories

  101. Leanne Baker Reply

    This camera I think I need to win,
    To let some quality photography begin.
    Tried to win with the help of my Elfie,
    Desperate for a camera that takes a good selfie!
    Our antics didn’t do so well this year,
    But we’ve plenty more ideas so never fear.
    I love the feature of the social media upload,
    Impressed it even has a wi-fi mode.
    Thanks Mum Central for another chance to win this awesome prize.
    Incredible and enviable content and truly generous size!

  102. I love capturing moments of our son and our family. This would be perfect in making lasting memories.

  103. Fiona Safadi Reply

    Please pick me. I would love this camera. I love taking photos of my family so we can look back and remember special moments in our life. I’ve wanted a camera like this for a long time so winning this prize would be the ultimate gift.

  104. I love the dual image stabiliser…..would make life so much easier trying to take photos of two VERY active boys!

  105. Linda Lane Reply

    I would love it to take photos of my grandson and family plus my youngest son is getting married next year.Love to take photos of his wedding.I would also use it to take photos of healthy food for school canteen that I volunteer for so students can see what they are ordering.

  106. Sharon Johnson Reply

    With precise focus and exceptional photos its my one and only for next years holiday. Memories forever. My first camera was a panasonic.

  107. Donna Tomkinson Reply

    It’s an awesome camera and I’d love to to take some lovely clear landscape photo’s with it.

  108. cheerie murnane Reply

    Best feature for me is that it is blurry free even when the kids cant stand still, I have many photos with 1 kid blurry, just as I click they move, or friends I see in a good photo op, just as I click they move, 2nd best is the all weather action, the kids playing in a puddle with boots and hats on, or a walk on a drizzly day, with the leaves on the trees dripping water and the sun out for a sun shower or a rainbow in the background, says great for beginners, I am not a beginner, but would love a more advanced camera than the one I have, this is why I should win the camera.

  109. Thanks to McArthur camera House with the Panasonic G85 Camera i would take brilliant crisp clear images of my children, with the all weather action I can take those images in any weather condition and in any situation, The 4K video and 16 megapixels I will create many life long memories, ready to share with my family and friends with the wifi ready option. What a special camera this is

  110. Love that it takes such good quality pictures and it’s so easy to use. Its small enough to take wherever you go so i will never miss any of my babies firsts.

  111. Di lawrence Reply

    You should pick me because I’d love more than anything to capture the memories of my daughter growing up on an amazing camera like this. The quality, 4k and 16 megapixels are just some of my favourite features.

    • I’m Desperate for a decent Quality camera. Fingers crossed I can get my hands on this beauty!

  112. The 4k PHOTO feature is a game-changer for me, i always miss capturing those special moments of my baby girl and this lets me catch those with ease.

    Not only that, this camera is hands down the best value for money out there. IBIS, 4k30p, weathersealed and a great system in the micro-four-thirds mount with plenty of lens to choose from.

  113. Would love to capture amazing photos of my beautiful family. This camera has everything you could ever wish for.

  114. George Farago Reply

    Love its small size, and its superb photo and 4K video quality

  115. It is heartbreaking and so frustrating ending up with a pile of fuzzy, blurry shots of precious memories from the dodgy camera. Bring back the joy! Bring on clear pictures!!

  116. George Farago Reply

    Love its small size, and its superb photo and 4K video quality, and you should pick me because it is my dream camera

  117. Lis Martion Reply

    I luv all the features on this camera. The best one I think is the ‘no blurry pictures’ even while people etc are still moving. The quick Wi-Fi upload sounds pretty kool too.

  118. Jodie Dorricott Reply

    I entered the elf contest last year and think if I had this camera this year I probably would have entered again. It sounds like it would help me take crisp clear pictures and be able to instantly share them with its Wi-Fi capability. I think if you picked me you would be able to enjoy our elf’s journey more clearly and actually see how much mischief that little dude really gets in to.

  119. This would be amazing to win! The features on thus camera will make it Super easy to taje perfect photos when we go on holidays next year (our 1st famiky holiday to Hawaii!!!)

  120. In need of a great quality camera with accurate, faster sharper images as I seem to get blurred shots a lot. Advantage too as can take shots in the rain because sometimes you want to capture those special moments otherwise may not be remembered. Taking you back to a specific moment, artistic expression, thoughts spark, unleash uncontrollable raw emotional burst. Times commemorated can’t be retrieved. Recording the kids special events while a painting develops into a layered memory of emotion an becomes a lasting treasure. A simple moment reaches eternity. Helps me appreciate the ubiquitous photography.

  121. I have no camera and hubby’s is too complicated. I need one which is good and simple and outstanding to take pictures of my gorgeous boys

  122. Adrienne Harries Reply

    Built in WiFi and fast shutter speed
    Clear photos its what ii need
    To snap pictures of the family
    Click, flash so easy

  123. With 16 megapixel and wifi what more could I need, oh I know 4K video recording!
    I could record all the special moments of my little family of 4!

  124. Capturing my family and friends are a lifelong dream always wanted to be a photographer but cant afford to this would be the best prize ever make my dreams come true

  125. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    Geez the last camera I owned was great until I received a “doozy” of an Electric Shock when I went to charge the battery. Yeap havent had a camera since. Need to get over my Fear and I believe this awesome Camera may just do the trick.

  126. Panasonic Camera is a brilliant camera with many smart features, like 4K video and 16 megapixels, all weather action, rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi function. It is a perfect camera to take any photo in any action. I don’t have camera for years. I found that most smartphones are difficult to take my kids pictures and pets because they don’t keep still . I have to give up . This is a great prize to own a last advanced smart camera from an iconic Australian’s favourite mums website for my family. I would love to make a family’ Photo book with this Panasonic Camera in the future.

  127. Sarah Le Ky Reply

    16 megapixels and the ability to shoot 4K videos is very appealing!
    It would be perfect to capture moments with my daughter when she’s giggling and squealing!
    Even if we are slightly shaky when we are taking the photo,
    The dual image stabiliser means that we will still have crisp, clear images to show!
    No matter whether we are splashing in the pool or playing in the sun,
    The Panasonic G85 can snap my family and friends together having fun!
    And who can forget the convenient WI-FI feature that let’s me upload and share.
    I can send photos to my mum and dad photos of my daughter from anywhere!

  128. Natalie Aurisch Reply

    Whats not to love
    about the camera above!
    As memories unfold,
    the stories retold,
    through crisp clear pics
    of our favourite tricks.

  129. Id love to have a camera better than my phone to take photos of my 3 girls.

  130. Love 3. Baker’s delight. great photo and great scene!
    This would take my video and photos to the next, the image stabilization looks amazing for the camera, the handheld video videoing my 3 kids would be fantastic to watch afterwards! heard great reports about it. Would love stable and smooth home videos

  131. Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    We are due to have our firsr child and would love to capture every milestone and memory with this marvellous camera

  132. OMG the panasonic g85 looks like the perfect camera anyone could dream of! This would replace my old sony and it would help me take all the perfect shots of our beautiful family. I take so many photos each day of my gorgeous babies so i would love this camera for sure.

  133. Luke Gibson Reply

    My wife is a budding photographer and this would kickstart her passion!

  134. Kelly Baldock Reply

    Every thing about this camera is brilliant! I love the fact its 4k, 16 megapixels, perfect for all weather and clear crisp pictures is a must for me so I can take perfect pictures everytime of my 3 kids

  135. I love that you can take photos and they won’t get blurry even if the kids are jumping about and would love to win this to take pictures of my little brother as he has so much energy and is always moving about, it’s hard to get a nice photo that’s not blurry.

  136. Chloe Donahue Reply

    What a beautiful camera! Good quality and simply awesome with 4K! I could capture some very special moments with this camera to preserve them for a lifetime. You should pick me because i would never be able to afford a camera of this quality. My camera is a digital 8mp that my late mother gave to me back in 2007 and a new one would really lift my spirits. Thank you and merry Christmas to you all! ☄

  137. Anna Cashmore Reply

    Loving the Panasonic G85 is so easy to do with stills, video capacity, weather proofing all in a small easily handled powerhouse package making it seemingly Grandma proof to take outstanding photos and magical memory movies. I think I deserve this camera as for the first time ever it would allow me to capably capture beautiful images of my grandchildren due to being so versatile and Grandma friendly to use!

  138. Finally I can start talking photos with a proper camera amd can take my photography to the next level. To help with my graphic designing.

  139. I desperately need a good camera (the Panasonic G85 would be an AMAZING camera!) for taking precious family photos. My babies are growing so fast and I want to be able to treasure every moment and have memories to look back on in years to come and share funny stories with my kids. Life is precious and goes by in the snap of a camera lense 🙂

  140. Kristy Stark Reply

    I only have my camera on my phone which doesn’t give me the crisp images this camera can!! It is sleek and will definitely help me take better photos and to capture special moments!

  141. Courtney Smith Reply

    They’re all wonderful but I had to choose the water birth. So clever and captures the moment incredibley well, it reminds me of my own; thankfully hubby was not wearing a red elf hat though!

  142. I only have my phone to take photos with i would love to win this so my photos can be an amazing quality

  143. Alyssa spalding Reply

    I love everything about it!! It would be great to take action shots of my son with out them turning out blurry and being wifi ready means it’s super easy to share them with all our family.

  144. I LOVE that it’s weather-sealed, splash and dustproof because I want to have a water birth for our first bub due in April and I think the fact that it’s splash proof is perfect.
    You should pick me so we have beautiful first pictures of our first baby! ♡

  145. I personally like the wifi option seems verg handy and smart to be able to take photos and upload them straight to a comparable device saves time and room. Very handy feature excellent thinking.

  146. Macarthur Camera house has many cool cameras for sale but G Mum Central the Panasonic G85 Camera with 180-degree tiltable screen and advanced selfie function definitely makes me elf-mad-to win.

  147. I would love this camera to take holiday snaps of my boyfriend and I first trip together

  148. I would love to win this fantastic G85. It would be perfect to capture my favourite moments whilst on my cruise to Venuatu in 2018. The high resolution and Dual I.S. optical stabilization system is what I really like about this Camera.

  149. tracy wedding Reply

    Id love to win so I can finally get that Family photo and photos of my grand kids to fit the frames I have had for years

  150. A camera that is WIFI ready takes the cake. No plugs or cords, just convenience. Snap, post and play!

  151. Elizabeth Grobbelaar Reply

    We love the camera because it can capture the special memories on Christmas day and beyond

  152. Sonja Holness Reply

    I love that it does 4k video. I would like to win so I can replace my old acamera and start making reviews and vlogs.

  153. I love that it’s Wi-Fi ready so I can upload, share, and save straight from the camera. I’d love to win because photos are so important to me. Every time I look back at old photographs I see times so bright I see my own reflection and contemplate the future while reflecting on the past. They have a direct link to my memories and are how I hold onto the things I love, am, and never want to lose.

  154. Kym McKnight Reply

    I love the 4K Movie and the 16 Megapixel features. I have a Samsung phone that has always taken really awful camera shots that are of such poor quality. I’ve never been lucky enough to own a great quality (expensive) camera. My daughter is now nearly 11 years old and I am yet to get a package of nice photos of her and her shining smile and long wavy auburn hair. Professional photos these days are so expensive when you could use a nice camera of your own to get some great quality shots at home in your own environment or create your own magic somewhere close by.

  155. Image stabilization and weather proofing is a great combo in a camera that can shoot 4k video.
    Seems like an excellent run and gun camera for shooting youtube content.
    I would love to do get this for review.

  156. I love the fact it has 4K video, My kids love to sing and dance around the house and my mobile is nearly full of videos and running out of storage, My main camera has died recently and would love to get back into photography, Thank you so much for a chance to win such an amazing prize

  157. Jasmine Fong Reply

    I’ve just had baby #2 and really want this to create memories and capture special moments with my two girls.

  158. It’s has to be that it helps us create blurry free photos especially with two little ones who never stay still. The would be a great gift for us after a lots of bad luck!

  159. Lesley Olariu Reply

    I would love to be able to share my memorable moments instantly via wifi……indoors or out, photo or video, Panasonic has me covered!

  160. Michelle Fay Reply

    Panasonic has always being my fathers most trusted brand for cameras and I trust his judgement, I want to start taking some really good pics of the grandsons but I only have my iPhone, I’ve never owned a camera as my ex husband never let me have money or anything for myself but now I’m free of him I really would love to own one

  161. I love that it’s for any person’s ability – from beginner to expert – and it’s amazing quality!

  162. Sana Pirzada Reply

    Love it because it’s compact and light weight as compared to others. Would love to win as bub is going for his first vacations, family photos would be great to have.

  163. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Camera House, not a creature was stirring…except for the Elf. He was up to no good, planning his tricks, but first, he needed to take some fun pics. He danced around, jumping on shelves, sneakily looking for other Elves. And then, his little heart gave a flutter, out of nowhere he heard the sound of a shutter. He sprang, he flipped he looked all around, to try to find the source of that sound. A tiny flash of light caught his wandering eyes, and that’s when he saw the most wonderful surprise. Another Elf, laughing with glee, very much alive, capturing each moment with her G85! Merry Christmas!

  164. Eliza Thrussell Reply

    Would love to win the camera to take pics of my three kids who are exceptionally hard to get decent pics of – surely a new camera would help!!

  165. daisywaisze Reply

    I tjink this camera has all the features. Great to me to capture my grandbabies as they grow up too fast I went through breast cancer lately and surgery I hope while I’m still here I can leave memoirs wuth my grandkids

  166. Danielle Allen Reply

    Awesome compact camera for budding photographers. Weatherproof body for all weather adventures and good MP to make their shots look great. What a great holiday it would be with a G85.

  167. WiFi, point and click video…what’s not to love.
    I love taking photos but haven’t since my DSLR does a few years ago.
    I have 6 kids and kids with additional needs so a camera isn’t high on my priority list but is on my secret I really wish I had list

  168. JOLLY HOLLY Reply

    I would love to step up from my dodgy blurry phone images and capture my family and friends over the Christmas, New Year ans summer times when we make special family memories and catch up with those we dont see often enough x

  169. True quality and easy to use! This camera ids as easy choice to make.

  170. Been using my phone to take photos of my kids for 3 years now. Its a bulking phone and i have tiny hands so can never get a great pic-end up dropping the phone most of the time.. But with this camera i will be able to snap away no issues even with my small hands

  171. What is not to love about this amazing camera. From it’s 4k video capture, 5-axis image stabilisation, to it’s articulating rear touchscreen display this camera is a masterpiece of technical innovation. but the feature I would use most is the weatherproofing as this is perfect for taking the best images of the kids playing football or soccer on these wonderfully wet Melbourne days, or on family excursions to the beach where sand loves to get into every crevasse of my old camera. The G85 would be fantastic camera to own as it would fully capture family memories in the best way possible.

  172. Photos are such a great way to hold onto beautiful memories that are made. This camera looks exceptional,having awesome features. My scrap booking photos will look a lot nicer having a camera like this to take them. One competition I would love to win! The quality of the camera makes all the difference and this camera is great quality!

  173. I have never in my whole life owned a real camera. This Panasonic G85 would be amazing because I want to take beautiful clear pictures of my family and capture so many memories. Thank you so much for the chance and Merry Christmas everyone.

  174. I still use a Manual SLR and desperately wish to upgrade to a digital camera so that I no longer have to hassle about with film, but have no idea where to start. No doubt a Panasonic G85 would surpass my expectations!

  175. I would love to win this compact camera that comes with everything Ill need to capture every amazing moment with my family and friends.

    I love that it provides crisp, clear images and that i can expect blurry-free, even when the kids can’t stand still.
    All-weather action means i can take this outside and not worry about thw weather or conditions.
    Wi-Fi ready makes it wasy to upload, share and save.

  176. Elizabeth J Reply

    16mp to shoot 4k?! Amazing! I would love to record great videos, made even better with dual image stabilization.

  177. Tracy Cosgrove Reply

    I’d like to win a fantastic new camera one of my favourite quotes is “a memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.. ” this camera would make it so much easier to capture and focus in on the evidence of those memories

  178. I Love that its wifi ready so I don’t need to search for the wretched cord before uploading the photos to the computer. And you should pick me because a camera would be awesome, yep that’s all I’ve got, no special reason really 🙂

  179. My dream is to have a brilliant camera to take tomorrow’s memories.
    To relive yesterday’s happiness and to remaster the frame of life.

  180. Kathleen Fairbairn Reply

    I LOVE the 4K photo feature, to be able to choose a frame from a video is perfect for never missing the perfect family shot!

  181. This would be n amazing gift for my partner who loves photography. He has actually mentioned this camera a few times before. It would be lovely to give him something amazing as a early bday gift since his 30th is in early feb

  182. I would love to win new camera because i love taking photos with loveones, holding onto the moment forever. Also my old camera due for upgrade.

  183. Cheree Robinson Reply

    My dream and the kids dream is finally coming true and this year for my Birthday we are taking the kids to Disneyland. This would capture our time there perfectly.

  184. Lisa hardy Reply

    How it is user friendly and i would be able to use, instead of asking someone else to use

  185. Love that it’s a camera. I haven’t owned a decent one in years.

  186. Kim Davidson Reply

    Some very clever elf on the shelf ideas. Well executed.
    I have 3 young boys, a teenage step son and would love to take some decent pics of them, especially while they are doing some sport. A camera capable of that would be an amazing addition to our family. Thanks for the chance. Merry Xmas to all.

  187. I’d love to be able to take the best photos of my children’s to capture their childhood.

  188. What an amazing competition! This camera would revolutionise any photos that we take of our kids! I’m thinking about participation in the elf antics next year… and this camera would be amazing for that! Some of these antics were awesome! Hard to choose haha. Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. High quality and compact? Who would not one of these? It would be fabulous to be able to carry around a compact camera and not skimp on image quality!

  190. It looks really easy to use and is weather proof as well. Would love to be able to see my hubby and daughter share their love of photography together

  191. Panasonic cameras are the best! Clear pictures with great zoom lenses and so easy to use! I just love taking photos of my grandkids, holiday trips and also take hundreds of photos each year for work to have in our photo galleries. So I need a good camera on hand at all times keeping these memories forever with the click of a button!

  192. I would to win this camera because my passion is to take photos but I don’t have a decent camera for it


    The dual image stabiliser would be a dream. Please chose me, so I can capture clear photos of my gorgeous, but cannot stand still, kitty.

  194. I would love to win because i currently dont own a camera i just use my phone for photos. This camera does so much amazing stuff i’ve never owned a fancy camera before. I would take so many photos of for four beautiful kids and my one beautiful granddaughter. Thankyou for this opportunity.

  195. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    Love that it’s WiFi so i dont have to have messy cords around when uploading

  196. Weather-sealed, splash and dustproof is what I like most,
    perfect for outdoors from bush to coast,
    which is a truly outstanding feature,
    for a family that spends much time in nature;
    I’d like you to pick me so I could happily boast,
    that with just a simple rhyming post,
    the ideal Panasonic G85 has come my way,
    thanks to Mum Central whose made my New Year’s Day!

    All-weather action – Weather-sealed, splash and dustproof, this camera is especially awesome for outdoor shooting.

  197. Point and click feature is great as my five kids are always on the go so with these I can still take fabulous photos.

  198. Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love that the camera is wifi ready so you can either wifi to a printer or save to computer to share on social media, no more having to get memory card out!!

  199. Carly davies Reply

    I would absolutely love to start capturing more of my children’s lives on camera (instead of just my phone!) This would really make me start exploring the world of photography

  200. Kim Turner Reply

    Check my Elf on the shelf photos arrghh my phone quality doesnt cut it.. I would love to capture my little girl and these great memories in video with 4k quality and i love the ease of wifi.. no cords!! Just share directly tonall i love.

  201. Emma Gloede Reply

    I love the point and click function as I live to take photo’s of my kids and they never stay still for long. It makes it easy for anyone to use the camera

  202. Michelle Ward Reply

    I don’t have a camera that is wi-fi ready which means I often miss the best moment to share. Sometimes I don’t even bother because it has taken so long to upload my images that it doesn’t seem relevant anymore. Wi-fi ready for me!

  203. The Panasonic G85 is an amazing camera. Phone cameras are good as long as you keep them on your phone. Print them and they’re just not up to scratch. The quality of the photos taken on the Panasonic are fantastic….and it’s easy to use. Why should you pick me? I’ve been good, well most of the time.

  204. PICK ME!! I love that it’s a point and click camera but takes professional photos. This camera would be amazing for taking photos of my very active toddler!

  205. Danni Burnett Reply

    My camera has just stopped working & this one would be a great replacement.

  206. Would definitely be nice to have high quality photographs rather than photos of a phone.

  207. T Henricks Reply

    All weather action is what I need here in Tas, that combined with wifi to upload straight from the camera makes this perfect for a busy Mum with kids who spends a lot of time outside.

  208. Lisa Summerell Reply

    I love that the Panasonic G85 is not a mobile phone camera, blurry pics will be no more.
    I love that i can still quickly and easily upload my photos to facebook, instagram or into my photos file.
    The camera is wifi ready which in this day and age is a godsend.
    A camera that is weather proof, dust proof (OMG dust proof), that is the bomb.
    The other thing i love is that the Panasonic G85 is a beautiful camera that will help me achieve my goals of a fabulous photographer.
    I would love to win so i can capture all of my families fun, silly, smart, everyday antics as well as make those memories a visual to last a lifetime.

  209. Robyn Bartlett Reply

    Great camera with the benefits of the big DSLRs
    Would love this to capture memories of my family for years to come

  210. Joanne Blackburn Reply

    My daughter loves taking pictures, this would be great for her to continue with her photography class

  211. I dont own a camera so this would be a great prize to win, and next year when Buttercup the elf comes out I could take professional pictures of her rather then crappy phone ones. Oh plus lots of photos of the kiddies. Thank you for the chance and all the elf pictures look amazing!

  212. Rebecca Webb Hill Reply

    My son is a YouTuber. He is 12 and this would be an awesome upgrade for him. The Panasonic G85 is easy to use and would give him great quality videos to upload. Thanks.

  213. Maria Gillies Reply

    Who wouldn’t want this great camera that has everything! Cameras on phones these days are convenient but to create special memories, you need a camera that can take the perfect picture! Having this camera would enable me to give my family keepsake memories for when I am gone!

  214. Christy vH Reply

    It’s small enough to carry to the park and get those wonder candid shots that show my children’s personality, worth the quality of a professional shoot.

  215. Mark eustace Reply

    I would love to give this to my fiance, the fact is has Wi-Fi would make is so easy for her to upload picture of our son for me to see while I’m away working.

  216. Jiana sumner Reply

    I love that’s it’s compact as that means you will actually take it with you! Weather proof is a bonus but most important is the crisp clear images. Lastly video capability is a bonus to capture memories.

  217. Megan England Reply

    I love that the Panasonic G85 camera is so user-friendly and portable because my younger sister has been learning photography for a few years now and even though she isn’t a professional it makes her so happy and I’d love to give her this beautiful camera so she can keep improving her skill because I know she loves it. Thanks so much for this opportunity and happy Christmas to everyone!

  218. This would be amazing to take beautiful crisp clear photos of whole family. I love that it’s weather proof so we could take photos anywhere anytime.

  219. What I love about this camera is that it is wifi ready, can capture clear images and it can be used in any type of weather. In a city having 4 seasons in a day, that is one fantastic camera to have.

  220. Thomas Riyadi Reply

    A great compact camera for my mother would be awesome. Would be a great late suprising xmas gift for the most important person in my life.

  221. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    The dual image stabiliser sounds amazing!! My kids never sit still and I’m always stuck with blurred faces in what would have otherwise been a beautiful photo so to win this camera would be an absolute god send for me! Santa can’t afford to visit me this year, this would be an awesome pressie!!

  222. Love photo 4. Probably the only way a gingerbread house will get made in my house this year is if the elfs do it for me.

  223. Kirstie Sweetin Reply

    I commend the parents who do elf on the shelf. These photos are brilliant!

  224. Wendy Sutcliffe Reply

    I’d love to have a camera that’s not just my phone. I could put away the phone and just enjoy life.

  225. I used to love taking photos of my kids but since my camera broke I miss it. The phone photos just don’t do it justice 🙂

  226. Roz Nordin Reply

    A new camera will be great to replace my compact camera. And what’s not to love the awesome features it offers. Yes please!

  227. Melissa Turner Reply

    I love the versatility and the compact size. I find solace and can express great gratitude in nature. I’d like to capture this beauty in photos and adorn the walls of my city dwelling with nature’s serenity.

  228. Barry Bond Reply

    Stabilised and waterproof, perfect for taking wildlife outdoor shots.

  229. I would love this camera to take family pics with. The idea of wifi connectivity and clean and crisp photos is wonderful. I need so many new pics up on the walls in the house and this camera would be perfect to help do the job.

  230. Chloe Heatherill Reply

    I love the image stabiliser feature! So many great photos of my active toddler haven’t turned out as great as they could have due to a rogue moving limb, so I would love to win this camera to capture those moments perfectly!

  231. I wish I new about elf on the shelves before my kids before last year. It’s been difficult trying to get one.

  232. Margaret Pritchard Reply

    I love EVERYTHING about this camera – with the high resolution my photos and videos will look visually stunning for years to come. And even when I’m shaking with excitement at the prospect of taking an insta amazing photo (because the kids are actually standing still), the image stabiliser will ensure my precious pics looks like a pro took them. Wifi means I won’t have to struggle to find a cable, which has been long since lost in the bottom drawer, so that I can easily share my masterpieces with my family – meaning grandma can see them that much sooner. And I don’t need to fret if it gets splashed poolside – it’s simply just a fun camera that rewards you in every way, so you can’t make me choose my favourite aspect, they’re all just too incredible.

  233. I’d love this camera to be able to take more quality photos of my children and our family. I love being able to experiment with the shoots.

  234. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that this camera can be used in all weather conditions ! You should pick me because I don’t have a camera 🙂

  235. Cheryl Clelland Reply

    Would be so good to take a decent camera on our holiday and also take action shots if our grandsons playing football.

  236. Kate Slack Reply

    The dual image stabiliser is awesome so that my pics are always clear, please pick me as i am determined to capture more happy memories in 2018 to treasure forever.

  237. Kate Holman Reply

    I love that the camera is compact and takes crisp, clear images because of the dual image stabiliser. The 4K video and 16 megapixels, along with the water and dust proof make it amazing and wi-fi ready to upload and share, straight from the camera. My camera is about 10 years old so I desperately need a new one to take some nice pictures.

  238. Candice Boss Reply

    I would absolutely love this camera, it’s great quality & would take amazingly beautiful pictures of my children & beautiful scenery shots! Love love love it!

  239. I would love this new camera as I absolutely love photography yet am unable to afford a camera. This would be a great help on my upcoming vacations!

  240. Marcia Batton Reply

    WOW, what’s not to love about this camera, Focus stacking, weather sealed body, dual image stabiliser, minimisation of hand shake, the ideal camera for travel, sports events, and happy snaps of the family (including pets). I can do so much with my current Lumix DMC-TZ57, with the G85 I could do SO much more.

  241. Rae Donnellan Reply

    I would so love to have a great quality camera that is WiFi ready. I end up using my phone so much bc it’s such a hassle transferring photos off a camera to put them online.

  242. Kristina S Reply

    I love that it has the dual image stabiliser function. It will make taking pictures of my son easy without worrying about any blur because he is a wriggle worm!

  243. Zoeandollieandfinn Reply

    This camera would be a blessing for me! I need to update my 12 year old canon dslr! I love that it is splash proof and Wi-Fi enabled for on the go photography with my 2 little boys!

  244. Melissa Coombs Reply

    What an amazing camera! So sleek and modern looking. I love taking photos of my little boy and this would be fantastic to take photos of him as he grows!

  245. Kirsty Beard Reply

    Please pick me!!! Our little family would love a new camera to capture our precious moments beautifully without using a mobile phone and then losing the data!!

  246. I want to own a camera that would allow me to capture the picture of the life

  247. The G85 is compact an weather proof so great for getting outdoors to get those perfect shots. And seriously what good is a camera if those memories aren’t crystal clear, there;s nothing worse than thinking you have a great shot (especially those one of moments) and its poor quality. The icing on the cake though is the wifi feature, no waiting to get home to download the photos off the camera we can share our perfect photos with Mum Central straight and show everyone how much fun we are having with our new camera!


  249. I would love to have a real camera, that takes beautiful photos of my family . my phone is pretty ancient so my photos aren’t very good

  250. Our daughter is starting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in February. This camera would be perfect for the photography part of her course.

  251. Mary Irwin Reply

    Wi fi ready. That would be amazing! So quick to share gorgeous photos of our little girls with families overseas!

  252. Suzanne Ware Reply

    I love that it’s easy to use as my 12 year old daughter loves photography and it’s weather proof!

  253. A weatherproof and dustproof camera that has the capability to take a lot of photos quickly is every mothers dream! My kids create mess and memories and quickly, this would be the perfect tool to capture it all

  254. I can only dream of owning a REAL camera like this one unless I win it or am gifted it.

  255. The amazing good quality photos it can take. I’d love t be able to take lasting good quality memories of my son and the adventures we get up to together.

  256. Cheryl Moulton Reply

    I love that it is compact but still very versatile, taking crisp, clear images in any weather, and then you can upload share and save straight from the camera, what isn’t there to love?

  257. I’d love not having blury pictures or holding the flap on the phone cover. I like that it makes it obvious you’re taking a photo for those people who seem oblivious

  258. I love the wifi function and the fact it will be a new camera for us to capture beautiful images with our little one.

  259. What I love most about it is the all-weather action. Not only for taking amazing pictures outside but with 4 little kids it will be mess proof from whatever they throw at me (figuratively speaking).

  260. The G85 would make an excellent gift for my 15yo who is taking an interest in photography and will help with his art classes next year.

  261. I love Panasonic there and awesome brand of camera I have an old lumux would love a new one where going on a road trip next year for 3 weeks and would love to take photos of my family and scenery

  262. Would love to win for my daughter who has a passion for photography 🙂

  263. Nicola James Reply

    For someone who always manages to wobble the camera at the critical moment, the idea of crisp and clear photos is wonderful!

  264. Awesome ideas for 2018 here…it is the 23rd of December and ours is still stuck in traffic

  265. WiFi ready is so good! Everything needs WiFi or Bluetooth these days to make for easy use!!

  266. I love the easy look of it! I’m not too tech savvy but I could take some lovely snaps of my kids and Mum when we cruise the Pacific Islands in a few weeks!

  267. Love this camera. It would be great to use to capture memories while travelling through flinders rangers in January

  268. Amy bottle Reply

    I’ve recently had my 5th baby and this camera would’ve amazing to capture all her milestones. I only have a phone camera currently and the quality is terrible 🙁

  269. Daniel Blore Reply

    A great high quality camera but still easy to use for a beginner like me!

  270. My dream would be a great camera, haven’t owned one, I just use my phone. It has been a full on crazy tough year and I would love to be able to capture some precious memories before it’s too late

  271. I’d really like to captue Santa Claus in the act with this beautiful Panasonic G85 camera.

  272. I LOVE the fact that it is Wi-Fi ready so I can share our holiday memories with family and friends instantly!! I would love to have a compact camera that takes amazing quality images so I can capture those crazy and fun family moments that being a mum of 2 boys brings.

  273. I love that it has a rechargeable battery. I’d love to win because I love photography.

  274. Brooke Dutton Reply

    I would love to win as its my 7 month old sons first christmas and I got an early christmas present of another baby baking in my tummy…. and would love to win this camera to catch beautiful moments of them and things they make and do ♡

  275. i love the wifi – knowing that i can transfer the photos straight to my computer without booking it up -and that it is splash proof omg especially with kids around and being summer time – love to take those not to missed shoots of our kids having fun in the sun!!

  276. I have never owned a new camera, so to win one would be AMAZING. I love the rechargeable battery, and the Wi-Fi functionality – very modern!

  277. Jade Geran Reply

    Love that it’s wifi ready OMFG!! That’s amazing… I’m going to New Zealand in February and this would be amazing for all my outdoor scenic photo taking and then to upload straight from the camera (once back at the hotel/motel with wifi) is 200% amazing arghh love this camera already hehe!!

  278. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    A camera I can take pictures in any weather and good quality ones without being too technical.

  279. Whoo hoo, our elf has been up to mischief but unfortunately I can’t capture pictures because the Elf is to fast. With the Panasonic G85 the pictures would be Elfariffic. The bonus would be the WiFi, load it straight up to Facebook or to the Printer and presto I can share it around and the children will be amazed.

  280. You had me at ‘crisp, clear images’. With only our mobile phones to take photos with, we’d love a quality camera for capturing all our family’s memories.

  281. David Massoud Reply

    I love the All-weather action – Weather-sealed, splash and dustproof, this camera is especially awesome for outdoor shooting. I could do with a new camera I still use the old one that you have to buy rolls of film and get them developed.

  282. A cameras purpose is to capture a memory forever and you would want nothing but the best! The Panasonic G85 ticks all the boxes and I would love one wrapped in a box as a present

  283. Wifi Ready!! Share & save from the camera is awesome. You dont know how handy that is until you get ‘memory is full’ right when you have an important memory to capture and then have to upload 100s of photos! Growing family & friends & mobile phones cameras aren’t the greatest but there are plenty of reasons that I would love it though.

  284. Katrina m ward Reply

    The panasonic G85 camera will allow me to take clear beautiful crisp photos to document our lives and travels. A DSLR is something we have been dreaming about getting and this camera would certainly bring that dream come true!

  285. Love this all weather point and click handy wifi ready camera what a beauty .I would love to win and gift it too my hubby he is a very deserving participant hard working ,fun loving and has had a very rough year not that it shows xxxx merry christmas

  286. The Panasonic G85 Camera will allow me to fulfill my lifelong dream of having a camera capable of taking wonderful photos with clarity and true to life colour.

  287. I love everything about this amazing camera especially the fact that it is wi fi ready which saves time so you can share special moments straight away.

  288. With WiFi Capabilities I can click and send straight to friends or store in the cloud, this would be perfect for sharing snaps of the family on our upcoming holidays

  289. Benjamin So Reply

    I love that it is a camera and it takes photos. Simply amazing!

  290. I have always loved photography and now my son is interested as well and being a mother on my own with a boy this would give us soemthing we both like doing together and makes me happy

  291. Wifi and bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to upload photos, definitely a time saver, especially when travelling.

  292. Lynne Fallows Reply

    I have always wanted a really good camera and as you can’t buy film anymore I need to get a digital one, with the wifi it will make sharing my photos a lot easier

  293. Amy Beth Edwards Reply

    I’m just thankful I never let one of those cheeky Elves into my home! I much prefer them getting into mischief elsewhere!!

  294. Dual image stabiliser because there is nothing worse missing the perfect moment and reviewing the photo to find that it blurred, so this will ensure perfect crisp sharp images

  295. a good camera makes it a lot easier to capture those unmissable moments and to be contacted to say i have won the new LUMIX DC-GH5 would be Magnificent as I could never afford to own one .. this would be so EXCITING and Unbelievable 🙂

  296. Krystal-Murray Reply

    The Panasonic G85 camera looks sweeter than chocolate, boasting a ‘Bounty’ of features. My photography skills generate ‘Snickers’ so winning would make life a ‘Picnic’ !

  297. Bee Bowdlert Reply

    I’d have to admit to being a lousy photo taker, with the Panasonic G85 Camera my photos will be improved because of the dual image stabiliser. Also love that dust and damp cant get into the camera. I’d love to be the new owner of the Panasonic G85 Camera because my camera hasn’t taken too kindly to dust and age, it works when it wants to and not every time.

  298. Kerry Kaesehagen Reply

    I love that it’s all weather. I took my daughter to the park recently and there were some cute poses and bugs around but I couldn’t take any photos because it was drizzling.

  299. Raelene Bennetts Reply

    I love that the G85 is splash-proof and wi-fi ready! Great for taking happy snaps of my active 7 year old 🙂 Thanks!

  300. Would love to be able to take beautiful, clear photos of my daughter to capture precious memories for us to look back on!

  301. Kevin Hebert Reply

    This camera would make my remote control car club’s year by giving us a considerably better photo’s.

  302. I love that the camera is weather proof. That would be idea for any situation not having to worry about getting water on it while getting storm shots etc. I’d love to win this camera for my partner she is a fabulous photographer and this would be a perfect gift to give her to encourage her passion.

  303. Natalie d hole Reply

    I would love to win this for my step son as he is excellent at taking photos

  304. Rachel Stribling Reply

    I need to upgrade desperately and as our family’s keeper of memories this camera would make my life easier!

  305. I am in need of a smaller camera to take out and this one meets all my needs

  306. What’s not to love…….but weatherproof, say what! I guess if this beauty came home with us, I wouldn’t feel guilty for allowing the camera to get wet and ruined when forgetting where I’d placed it. Looks like my lack of photography skills may go unnoticed with so many features on the G85!

  307. Mel Bourne Reply

    This camera wo u ld be great for our family camping trips to capture the fun and places with the kids

  308. I would love this camera I love taking photos but unfortunately my hands are quite shaky. I love the feature that if I my shake a little the camera will adjust to me and I will finally get a photo that’s not blurry..

  309. Jude Little Reply

    Wi-Fi ready sounds wonderful! I’d love to post to Facebook and Instagram straight from a great camera.

  310. I love that it is small and compact compared to my slr. It would be perfect for our holiday later next year.

  311. Susan Darcy Reply

    The weather proof function would make it a great travelling day to day camera to take out with me and capture memories on the go. The 4k video would mean I could create videos with my 5 year old son and load them to youtube, he has dreams of being a famous youtuber! This camera wouldnt just help create memories, it may well make dreams come true.

  312. I love that is id easy to use but give you such good quality pictures

  313. I love the fact this gorgeous camera is a 4G, is water proof has dual image stabilization which would help me as i tend to shake when taking photos, i would love to win as i have five grandchildren and just love taking photos of them plus it would be fabulous to take on holidays .

  314. Moyra Dinsmor Reply

    All weather and WiFi ready what more can I ask for, watching grand son play Ice Hockey brrrrrr freezing, watching daughter in the Credit Union Christmas pageant whhoo Hot hot hot, and then granddaughter performing on various stages dancing so all weather is what I need to capture the memories.

  315. Erika Coyne Reply

    Despite taking photos on my phone, the quality is so poor. I would love to take professional photos of my children- just point and click. I don’t want to miss anything and without a proper camera I fear I am missing a lot. Please pick me so they have awesome photos.

  316. Love that a beginner can use this camera easily… thats me, a beginner

  317. Fiona Ross Reply

    I would love to win this camera as my son is just about to start school and Id love a fantastic camera like this to record his journey.

  318. Ive never ever owned a camera (not even a decent phone camera) but have always had a fascination with photography, so please pick me & fullfil an old girls dream.

  319. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that the Panasonic G85 camera can be used outdoors in all types of weather. I’d love to win as I’ve always had an interest in photography and this would be a great camera to start with.

  320. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I would love to win to capture my grandchildren as they are growing up with their young lives and different personalities. With a Panasonic I would be able to get quality photo’s and would be nice to replace my stolen camera with new memories please

  321. I love the all weathe action. My son will be 2 in March and I would love to be able to chatch that day on camera. We will be spend the day with family celebrating my sons 2nd birthday along with his great grandmother who will be turning 82 and his Aunty who will be 32 . We will be at the zoo

  322. I love that this camera is WiFi ready. This would save so much time when transferring all of my happy snaps to my hard drive. I’d love to win this because I am only using my phone to capture all of my precious memories of my girls. This would make my pictures look so much better & be higher quality for printing. Thank you

  323. I would love to own a Panasonic G85 because I have a love for taking photos of friends and family.And this camera would make those memories all that more perfect..A phone can capture a good photo, but a Panasonic G85 would capture a great one.

  324. I love the fact you can upload straight to a device via wifi – perfect for our Instagram brand rep photos. Would love to win to help take our influcer page to the next level and turn it into a revenue stream.

  325. Love Panasonic, own an older model from my days working for Camera House and would love to upgrade. Especially love tge optical zoom in such an amazing compact size

  326. I’d love a new camera so I didn’t have to take my phone everywhere for photos

  327. i may be old fashioned but you can not beat a great camera lining up for that perfect shot and bingo print it you really never get a bad shot

  328. I love that the camera allows me to also take video so special occasions can be captured and reviewed later. The kids would especially love to review performances they’ve been apart of. So my nearly 9 year old daughters band performances could be enjoyed over, and over… and over again!

  329. Alissa Mills Reply

    Best feature of this camera is the upload to a device feature! I need this camera because I have a terrible memory!

  330. With 7 busy on-the-go grandchildren to take happy snaps of the high speed focus would be the greatest asset and upload via wifi- so quick and easy.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway

  331. Bianca Hensman Reply

    I love taking photos of my family but unfortunately the pics sit on my memory card. Being able to upload directly to my computer makes photo organisation a million times easier for this time poor mum! Also with a black labrador, phone photos don’t do her justice, I need this camera so I can capture crisp, clear photos of my human & fur babies!

  332. I bought a Lumix many many years ago and it was the best camera! Captured plenty of our wonderful memories. I’d love to see what the new Lumix can do!!

  333. Gingerchook (JeanR) Reply

    The dual image stabiliser, for blurry-free photos, is great for catching the kiddie action but most of all I like that its Wi-Fi ready as I love to share photos and that makes it so easy.

  334. Awesome photo opportunities sometimes come and go pretty quick. With the ease of just ‘point and click’ I’m sure to never let another moment pass me by.

  335. Family and Memories are so important and as someone who needs visual reminders to jog my memory having an awesome camera would make it so much easier to capture those important moments and the Wi-Fi feature is exciting as it means backing up straight away!

  336. Sharon Markwell Reply

    The amazing Panasonic G85 Camera from Macarthur Camera House would be invaluable to me especially as it is splash proof and so compact. Merry Christmas!

  337. With the WIFI ready feature capturing and retaining memories will be so easy for this tech illiterate mummy,

  338. I love that it is wifi ready and that means that if I am the lucky winner i will be able to share my pics easily with my family overseas.

  339. Tess Howard Reply

    With family overseas, I love love love the WIFI upload/sharing. Its amazing how far technology has come allowing the world to feel a little bit smaller and those far away, a little bit closer.

  340. I really would appreciate a new camera, thats not my phone! So many options and things to learn !

  341. Sarah Craig Reply

    Definitely the compact size and the image stabiliser are my favorite features. No more having to choose the least blurry photos to frame!

  342. Panasonic is the camera for me
    capturing the perfect Elfie Selfie
    Crisp clear photos hassle free
    Awesome for this Annie Leibovitz wannabe
    Please Santa cause I’ve been nice …not naughty
    leave a Lumix DMC under my Christmas tree……

  343. Visiting South Africa. Could get some awesome wildlife shots. That’s the only way animals should be shot

  344. Heidi O'Day Reply

    I love that you can do everything from the camera like sharing without need of a phone or computer. It’s also great for people like me who are no experts. I have not had a camera for years and missed a lot of my sons photo moments and regret that. With this I could miss no more. I used to be mad on photography at school and even considered studying it until nursing won out.

  345. Belinda Mouk Reply

    With the Panasonic G85 camera I can capture the little moments as well as the significant ones. The 16 megapixels and the image stabiliser will give my pics a better quality and more detail.

  346. if I was the lucky winner of this fantastic prize it would be the best camera that I would have ever owned , so fingers crossed that you pick me 🙂

  347. This camera is amazing for when your on the go. The 4k resolution video will make sure i capture lifes special moments in the best quality ever, The 5-axis dual Image Stabilisation, will make taking photos of my babys & pets alot easier because they just love to move around while im trying to take a shot. & as an amateur photographer who is always on my bicycle out & about taking new shots, This lightweight amazing camera is the perfect camera to take along with me on all my adventures.

  348. The Panasonic G85’s 4k resolution video, capturing every moment to perfection on the go.
    Well you have to pick someone so it may as well be me right?
    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  349. Russell McLeod Reply

    Taking probably what will be our last big trip of which we have had so few over the years. Spending big to go to the UK and when I think UK it is a great thing that the Panasonic G85 from the generous people at Macarthur Camera House is Weather-sealed and going to the highlands the dual image stabiliser, will give us pictures we can share and treasure.

  350. I love that it’s compact and easy to use and has a fully auto function for those times when you just want to point and shoot yet still get a professional result.

  351. Julie Pace Reply

    The Panasonic G85 is Panasonic’s latest DSLR is a mid-range mirror-less camera, and it offers some high-end features, The G85 gains some cool upgrades such as the 4K video. Very good quality imaging fast and accurate ISO performance , love to own one of these babies and capture all the moments families want to capture of their kids milestones.

  352. On the hunt for a new camera and heard this one was amazing.. just want to try out all the features

  353. A first class camera for quality photos. One I’d love to give to my daughter.

  354. Jane Thwaite Reply

    I love that you can take this sturdy camera everywhere even near water and each time it gives you a crystal clear shot of that unforgettable moment you never want to forget!

  355. Amy Petersen Reply

    A high quality camera perfect for capturing those memories year round!

  356. Julie Widjaja Reply

    When I was a young girl, Dad loved taking us on epic road journeys,
    And teaching us kids the ins-and-outs of ‘old-school’ photography.
    As a self-taught photography enthusiast, Dad was always patient;
    The unpredictable weathers never ever put a ‘dent’ on his passion.
    I watched Dad work his way around delicate films inside the dark room;
    In his eyes, our amateur handy work wasn’t entirely ‘doom and gloom’.
    Dad enjoyed showing us the ‘ropes’ on how to ‘seize’ every moment,
    Whenever we captured a great shot, I could sense his sheer excitement.
    Dad passed away 7 years ago, when I had my twin sons, Pete and Billy.
    I had wanted to teach them photography, but my skills had become ‘rusty’!
    The Panasonic G85 camera has ‘ELF’verything that I’m truly looking for.
    With its weather-proof technology, I can bring our road journeys to the fore.
    Dad’s ‘old-school’ photography won’t make much sense to the young ones;
    The camera’s 4K video with built-in Wi-Fi can certainly make things FUN.
    As it has been a very long time since I last experimented with a real camera,
    My photography ‘handy action’ had become ‘shaky’ and no longer on ‘par’.
    With this camera’s crisp, clear quality, supported by its dual image stabiliser,
    I can relive those priceless photography moments at my personal leisure.
    Rekindling myself with the skills that Dad imparted to me would be a blast,
    Turning those ‘blurry’ childhood shots from the past and making them last.
    With the rechargeable battery, I can ‘prolong’ our sessions with more zing;
    On the ‘bright’ side, we no longer have to retire to the dark room for processing!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  357. Melissa Davis Reply

    It’s wifi ready! Instant uploads means it’s fuss-free, no chance of my buying a usb cord every week because I either lost or broke it and no super-orange super-filtered editing happening!

  358. Amy Motherwell Reply

    I love that the G85 is weather sealed meaning I can consentrate more on my photos than if I might be getting dust, dirt, sand, water etc where it shouldn’t be.

  359. Love the Wi-Fi ready to be able to upload, share, save straight from the camera will save me so much time, I hope you pick me as with this camera I will take so may more photos and share them with friends of our kids playing sports together and family moments so they never miss a moment.

  360. The G-85 would be sturdy enough to keep up with my growing girls and the fact that it is wi-fi ready is unbelievably cool!

  361. I have never owned a good camera and have missed many memories, so to win a fantastic a Panasonic G85 camera would be just great…..and I have time to practice before the next wedding and baby,,,,and living in the Whitsundays I have many terrific shots I can take..especially on and around the water…and the WIFI would make it easy for me to share my photos….

  362. I haven’t had a proper camera for a long time and this would be amazing to be able to get some fantastic photos of my amazing children. My phone just doesn’t have the quality I coukd get with this amazing camera

  363. Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    Would love to win this camera because i haven’t had one. Really interested in the Panasonic camera because a friend has recomended it

  364. Taryn menzies Reply

    Wifi ready sounds amazing! I use my phone more than my digital camera so I can upload pics straight away, this would mean instant uploads of beautiful quality photos!

  365. I would love to win this camera, so i can take beautiful photos of my family and cat , so we can have lots of treasured memories

  366. I love the size of this camera, the compact size means I can take it with me wherever I go and capture high quality images. I would love to win this to capture moments with my family.

  367. As my hubby is a photographer I would like to finally have my very own camera to capture photos of my hubby with my family and reverse roles so he is finally in every photo and not the photographer taking the photo.

  368. I’d absolutely LOVE this Panasonic G85 because it has a 16.1-megapixel Sensor for High Image Quality, amongst many quality features for that perfect shot.

  369. Christina L Reply

    I have honestly never owned a camera and would love to get into photography. I think it would be so peaceful

  370. So many great reasons to take photos at the moment and this is the camera to properly capture it

  371. Kirsty McNaughton Reply

    I’ve never used a Panasonic camera to know what I would love about it. But I am looking for a great camera to take video of my son playing soccer. This just might be it

  372. Michelle Johnson Reply

    Photos are precious memories.My children are precious and to get clean crisp photos with a weather sealed camera is of most importance.

  373. Would love to win the camera and use it for good. Would love having a decent camera and not having to rely on phone cameras

  374. We need a camera with the dual image stabiliser function! Ever since our 1 year old was a newborn, he is always moving so we’ve ended up with a tonne of out of focus/blurry action shots and a handful where his face is visible. We’d love to fill a photo album of clear memories!

  375. Becky Palmer Reply

    It’ll make each shot a focused job, no more shooting a fuzzy blob!

  376. Getting that great shot in the rain will never be a pain, with the G85 all my pictures would come alive, just from all the great features it’s got.

  377. Hard choice.
    But a choice had to be made to be in the draw for such an amazing prize

  378. Like all the other mums/dads I would love to clearly and expertly capture all the special moments of my kids growing up. Am probably not as deserving as some, but would love my own special camera in which to take these memories.

  379. The clarity of this camera would be great for when I camp my way through tassie!

  380. Living on a farm my 4 and 5 yos are stud get up to photo worthy hijinx. So the weather sealed feature would be brilliant for confidence to whip out the camera for some action shots

  381. To me, all the features of the Panasonic G85 are just amazing,
    To capture precious memories of my children I’m raising!
    I love that the images are crisp and clear,
    As I have kids who move whether far or near,
    Blurry-free pics would be just fine,
    Working beautifully come rain or shine!
    My only camera is my phone which is ancient,
    It’s super slow that I’m losing patience,
    The screen is cracked, I can hardly see,
    There’s no more storage space for me.
    Deleting apps just to take a pic,
    A new Panasonic G85 would do the trick!
    Making me so very snap happy,
    Boy I need it so very badly!! 😉

  382. Diana Kiss Reply

    Love the Baker’s delight elf photo, it’s festive and slightly evil, just the way I like it 😉

  383. Would be amazing to have a decent camera other then my phone so i could capture lots of memories of our 6kids so they can look back on them for years to come

  384. kristy nicholson Reply

    This camera perfectly pin points everything I currently would love in a camera – its easy to use, produces great pics, is dust and splash proof and with it being compact, it’s convenient to accompany me throughout the story of my life

  385. Panasonic make amazing cameras that are user friendly and produce fantastic photos.
    I already take a million photos of my kids on the daily. I would love a new camera to take my photos to the next level. Especially one with a super fast shutter, as they’re always on the move.

  386. This is an awesome camera! High quality photos and very handy. Hope I can win this as our one is really old and so bulky.

  387. Gotta be better than my $100 Canon point and shoot.. And it’s free, what’s not to love about that!

  388. Would love to teach my young girls how to take a real photo with a real camera…not a snapshot with a phone.

  389. Picture quality and shooting in 4K video seals the deal for me! I want my precious memories captured clearly and easliy. The Panasonic G85 camera delivers! 🙂

  390. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    I have always enjoyed taking photos, even back when I was a little whipper snapper with the old 24 and 36 roll films, saving all of my pocket money to get them developed eagerly anticipating that 3 or 4 of the photos would turn out good. I believe this camera would be a great way for me to do some story telling through photos. I’m by no means a photography expert but I’d love to learn how this camera works and what it can do for me and the memories that I can capture.

  391. Knowing that all your pictures are crystal clear because of the dual image stabiliser means that you will miss out on the precious moments in time that will never be repeated

  392. Love the dual image stabiliser, as we often take photos which come out blurry as the kids can’t stay still for 2 seconds. We’d love this camera as we have 4 kids and plenty of memories to capture.

  393. amie m grech Reply

    Ultra high speed focusing and unbeatable crystal clear image quality with this model is fantastic, never have blurry phtots of the most precious moments and memories

  394. the 5-axis body Image Stabilisation is suitable for capturing family and active images

  395. What I love is that photos will be smooth as the shutter quietly clicks taking pristine photos. Sunsets will be an absolute dream to photograph.

  396. I’d love to win the camera. I have 7 gorgeous grandchildren & I would love to be able to take fabulous photos of them with a decent camera instead of my phone camera, which is now getting ancient. . I don’t have the means to buy an expensive camera as I am on a pension, so this would just be the “bomb” to own.

  397. Love the all weather feature, can take it anywhere with no fear

  398. This camera is fantastic!
    I’d love to win this as I haven’t had a camera for the past few years (except the dodgy one on my phone) and lost most of the baby photos of my youngest two children, which was sad.

  399. This camera is perfect to capture beautiful moments and make memories that will last forever

  400. Amelia Murden Reply

    The weather-proof Panasonic G85 Camera would be perfect for me, because I love to photograph all my crazy adventures!

  401. Elizabeth Commons Reply

    Crisp, clear images – MY DREAM! My super active not-quite 2-yr-old is impossible to photograph without a blurry body part!!

  402. Melissa Johnston Reply

    Beginner photographer, my passion is storms so I love that I could use this camera to get those amazing shots without needing to cover up!!

  403. Holly-Anne Reply

    I love the technology with Wifi making it easier for uploads to print and social media and that you can easily take quality pictures of moving objects!

  404. With the robust design, high quality features and elegant style this is the camera for 2018 – and for me!

  405. The Panasonic G85 Camera has do many great features. I love the Wi-Fi option too. I can see myself getting allot of use out of the camera for all different types of photography.

  406. A Panasonic G85 would be sublime
    Capturing memories will take no time
    With image stabilizers to ensure picture perfection
    I will be a budding photographer building my photo collection

  407. My phone doubles as my camera. This camera would save my phone battery, and produce great quality pics.

  408. This would be a great camera to capturr amazing family moments! The picture quality and ease of use make it ideal.

  409. Toni crawford Reply

    Focus tracking in the Panasonic a must for photographing kids, never miss the action and tack sharp photos are the reward.

  410. I’d like my children to understand what real photography is all about. Phone cameras are handy but for lasting quality photos you need a quality camera that can take spectacular images. School performances, sports carnivals, birthday parties, Christmas morning at the beach, family portraits, close ups of that newborn baby’s toes, fun in the snow, evening carnival rides – all these situations have special photographic needs that a phone camera, or other basic camera, just cannot handle. The Panasonic G85 could handle all of that and more.

  411. Alli McDonald Reply

    Love the elfy office antics pic! I would love a camera like this, because my 2 year old is so fast that so many of our photos of him end up blurry! I need a camera of this quality to get some clear photos of him, even when he’s running/playing at full speed, toddler style!

  412. We’re so excited to make the final 10 (photo #6) If we won this amazing camera, we would be sure to give the weather proof feature a work out. We love the outdoors and adventures as a family. Next planned adventure the Dinasaur Trail in Central Queensland- imagine the pictures we could capture with the Panasonic G85.

  413. Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Love the all weather feature and large display makes it so much easier to take photos out and about and then can easily upload by wifi without all the hassle or cords and computers!!

  414. The Panasonic G85 is a beautifully compact camera with all the features and simple to use…….. perfect for the whole family to use to create memories…

  415. I would love to win a camera to take photos of my 2 girls who love to get up to mischievous. We also have another baby on the way to make our family complete and would be great taking photos of them all as they grow.

  416. Melinda grant Reply

    I love so many thing but mainly that its
    weather proof. Would be great for any situation

  417. Belinda Moroney Reply

    Love that it’s point and click, can be used in any weather and can upload via wi-fi! So much easier to use than our current (over 5 year old) camera. We desperately need a new, easy to use, camera to take on our first overseas holiday in April. I’d love to be able to easily capture my daughters reactions to meeting princesses at Disneyland without worrying about blurry iPhone images. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous camera

  418. I am tired of taking average, slightly blurry, poorly coloured pictures with my phone. I want to collect the kind of beautiful memory shots my father did and I need the right, modern tools to do it! I could even use this one when we go to the snow!

  419. Rachel Brockbank Reply

    I would love to win this camera as I have always wanted to start taking pictures but as a single mum I believe there have been more important things to spend my money on. This would be great to capture life’s moments with my family

  420. This camera is amazing – great quality and weather proof. My girls got cameras for Christmas and I have camera envy so this would be amazing!

  421. Sarah Bevan Reply

    I’d love to learn how to take better photos. Few of my friends have good cameras, would be cool to learn from them.

  422. Lorraine P Reply

    Love to win the camera because I don’t have a camera and I would love to be able to take great pictures of my 5 grand children.

  423. Love that it’s point and click, can be used in any weather and can upload via wi-fi!

  424. This camera would be great love how it water proof and wi fi ready, I would love to win this camera to capture my kids growing up as I have lost phones and photos over the years and would love to capture more memory of my kids

  425. Jess McKenzie Reply

    I think the quality of the camera could only improve my photoson! With four kids to capture, point and click would be handy!

  426. Sharon Wimbridge Reply

    My son won an excellence award in Extension Photography at school but does not have a camera at home. He will be studying Media next year and I am hoping he will keep up his passion – hard to do this without the tools. Please consider as he is a fantastic kid and I am hoping he will go on to become a cinematographer. The Panasonic G85 could help him achieve this and more. Normally this would be way out of reach for a single parent family.

  427. Rita Duncan Reply

    To catch the special action pics of my twin Grandies! Time passses so quickly…..make a treasure trove of special moments!

  428. Photos provide us with tangible evidence of our lives and memories. This camera provides such a great way to capture those memories. Crisp, clear and perfect images

  429. Would love something that is largely point and shoot but offers up a really good picture return and the scope to learn more.

  430. I love how crisp the images are… Makes you feel like you are actually there living in that moment. Be great to have so I can relive all those special memories time and time again.

  431. From sunsets to sunrise
    From tall buildings to architure
    From land to sea
    From close up to distance
    From new born to great grandparents
    The finer details
    Every click a perfect click every time
    I love to keep memories close to my heart.

  432. Melissa Wilkes Reply

    Everywhere I go its like I can capture the moment with a blink of an eye but don’t have the technology to capture it forever. I want other people to be able to see things as I see it.
    The ultimate would be to own something that takes what I actually see and makes it a permanent snap I can share. Its modern Wifi abilities and True to life image capabilities is what makes it my dream camera.

  433. Allison Bunting Reply

    I started getting into photography a few years back then I had a child so that hobby got left behind for a while. Now my 5 year old loves taking photos with me so I would love to get back into this hobby with a new Panasonic G85 camera.

  434. Karla Newchurch Reply

    I would love to win this camera as I currently do not own one and from what I have seen this camera takes amazing pictures and is a quality camera.

  435. Kat Smitho Reply

    Waterproof! Always handy with small kiddies and various sporting events!

  436. How awesome is the WiFi connectivity? So convenient to be able share and send straight from a camera!

  437. Amanda Evans Reply

    What’s not to love? But I would have to say the wi fi ready feature is awesome! Also the all weather action is great

  438. Elskien Steele Reply

    I’d love to start taking some better photos of my kids, not just blurry phone photos and this camera seems to have all the bells and whistles, there’s too many great features to pick just one!

  439. This fabulous camera would make up for my non existent photographic skills, & make me look like a pro photographer

  440. Tracy Mackay Reply

    All the features are awesome but I really like that it’s Wi-Fi ready so you can upload and share straight away, no messing around and hunting for cables and having to take out the memory card. Too easy!

  441. Maria Wilkins Reply

    All weather action means I can take my photos anytime, any place, in all weather, to get that perfect pic

  442. A WIFI ready camera that makes a keen beginner photographer shine, taking beautiful clear, crisp photos of our family and friends ready to share instantly = yes please!!

  443. Capturing precious memories – and those not so precious but just silly family fun, would make this win extra special. My daughter is a budding photographer and would mean I didn’t have to share my phone as often

  444. I especially love that it’s wifi ready as I am always so slow in getting photos uploaded and shared or printed, so this looks like it would be so much easier.

  445. Dennis clark Reply

    Panasonic, a well known top of the range camera and I would love it because my DSLR has just died and this would be a brilliant replacement.

  446. The man flu!!! So funny,
    I spent Xmas with a husband who had manflu for the week- hence no gifts for me!

  447. I can’t decide between 4k videos or wi-fi being the best features. I would love this to be able to take better pictures and videos of my family, and give nature photography a go as well

  448. I love that it’sWi-Fi ready which means I can upload straight from the camera instead of using wires or removing SD cards. My kids are full of character, I’d love this camera to capture some of their priceless expressions.

  449. I like the all weather action so I can use the camera come rain or shine to take amazing photos of my daughter.

  450. A life-resistant camera! Amazing! Dust resistant, water resistant… what more could you want? Ohhh, clear crisp photos too?! That sounds amazing… It would be so wonderful to get chosen as the winner as I could then take fabulous photos anywhere, not worrying about the toddler splashing water or the newborn drooling. What a pleasure!

  451. I would love a camera to capture all life’s beautiful moments in crisp detail, rain hail or shine.

  452. My son is a para athlete in Athletics, I would love to take great photos of him racing, if I had this camera.

  453. The all-weather action is my favourite feature as its perfect for family getaways. We’ve never owned a camera and with a second child on the way we’d love to start creating and keeping our special family memories.

  454. Life is like a camera,focus on whats important,capture the good times,develop from negatives and if things don’t workout take another shot!!

  455. I love the amazing clear image and beautiful pictures that this camera can take

  456. I have been using my iPhone as a camera but after a trip to Hawaii, realised how limited I am.

  457. Trudy Scott Reply

    The image stabiliser. Every photo of me with my kids is blurry for some reason this is the only type of photo my partner can take

  458. Toddlers are busy little people and my daughter is no exception, running around everywhere she wants to go. It has been nearly impossible to take photos just on a phone, whilst DSLR cameras can be so bulky to carry around. The Panasonic G85 however is compact enough for everyday use and for capturing blurry free photos!

  459. Amie Steele Reply

    I would love to gift it to my sister, who has a wonderful eye for detail, but could never afford a camera which really showcases that. The image stabiliser would be great for her when one of the kids is trying to “help” with the shot.

  460. That it’s wifi ready, no more bumbling around with cords or being unable to back up photo’s because someone, who is always no one or ‘not me, has lost the cord!

  461. Terri Todd Reply

    I live on the Great Ocean Road and would love an easy to use camera with great results 🙂

  462. I love the wifi connectivity and all weather protection!!
    Having a little one on the move it’s hard to sit down at the computer to connect my camera to upload all my photos.
    This would make sharing his cute little face so much easier!!
    The fact it’s splash proof is just the icing on the cake!!
    We all know with little ones around accidents are bound to happen!

  463. BANANA HEAD Reply

    I like that it’s dust proof. Nothing worse than your beloved camera, a year in, filled with dust, adding that aged, cloudy look to photo’s, losing their crisp vibrancy. I should win because I’m really pedantic about things like that, always aiming for and striving for perfection with every pic I take.

  464. I love the style of the camera and I would love a new camera to catch all of the magical moments of our daughters birthday party coming up soon

  465. Emma Jensen Reply

    Please please please please please please I have two littlies and no camera other than my mob phone. Would love to be able to take better quality photographs of my two littlies.

  466. Ultra clarity that only 4K video and 16 megapixels can bring. You should pick me because my overloved Fujitsu is in the first throws of imminent death . . . . . . it’s missing two pixels on the screen and is now refusing to zoom in or out, and is making some alarming noises too, that hubby refers to as camera constipation!!!

  467. I love that it is weather proof as I broke my last camera as I thought it was weather proof but it wasn’t

  468. Kylie Smith 77 Reply

    Panasonic G85 + MDC camper trailer + 4WD + family = long lasting memories traveling Australia with my family and amazing photos to show future generations

  469. I’m just starting in photography. This would be a great camera to continue my passion in photography. I like the Panasonic G85 ability to take great photos. The battery life, weather proof and 4K video are all great features.

  470. My first digital camera was Panasonic Lumix, then I replace my camera every 3-4 times, and all of them were Panasonic Lumix series! Panasonic camera is easy to use, picture is very clear in details, and lots of function which I can set by myself. My last bought Panasonic camera was about 6 years ago…. so it’s time to renew my digital camera to top quality Panasonic Lumix!!!

  471. This looks like such a great quality camera. My husband has been looking at camera catalogues for ages. I would love to win this for him

  472. Would love this camera to take photos of my three children great megapixels.

  473. Kelley Forrester Reply

    I absolutely love that it is wifi capable – I do photography and this would make my life so much easier as a single mum of 5 to upload my photos so much quicker
    I love the pool party photo – that is so clever!! And so cute!!

  474. Heidi Wilkin Reply

    I think the wifi setting on the camera is a petty good feature. But to be honest they are all good features to have. I would definitely start taking more photos of our family and our activities that we do together

  475. I’ve just been looking at some shots taken with the Panasonic G85 online and I love it! Would be ahuge step up from using my phone camera to take photos of my baby!

  476. I love the thought Crisp clear images, not so easy to get while chasing around little ones I would love to win one to capture the beautiful chaos that comes with raising tiny humans so that I can look back on our memories forever (with less blur )


    Would be good to take photos of those precious moments.

  478. I love it because it has great features and id like to upgrade my camera only working part time so i cant justify spending $1400 on a new camera so this prize would be great.

  479. netnonymous Reply

    Mum Central, please pick me – The 4K video resolution on the G85 would let me preserve precious childhood moments, every dance performance, award ceremony, laugh, smiles and tears can be captured in crispy, crystal clear quality.

  480. Amazing Camera
    This would be a great camera to capture my own cheeky elve on a shelf doing naughty things next Christmas.

  481. 4k video, 16mp pics, perfect for kids on the move, pets and the great outdoors! We’d LOVE this camera!

  482. This would be a great camera for my daughter to further her studies

  483. Jennifer B. Reply

    I really appreciate that the Panasonic G85 Camera has a huge 16MP camera and is of really good build quality, resistant to the knocks and bumps of family life!

    • Jennifer B. Reply

      …and you should pick me as much as any mum here. We all want to be able to create great memories of our families in a more substantial way than phone photos.

  484. This camera looks amazing. I’ve had Panasonic camera’s before and they last for ages – so long that the technology gets way behind. It would be great to have a camera that does videos as well!

  485. Patricia Comer Reply

    My husband dose modelling, and he constantly reads and follows modelling forums. After a really tough year, where he almost died in September, and a refreshed interest in modelling F1 and LaMans cars. I would love to surprise him with a new camera. He has an exceptional eye for detail and this Panasonic G85 would compliment the detail that goes into each of his cars. True to life detail on a smaller scale, with Panasonic clarity, I am sure my husband will be willing to post his progress and finished vehicles to. Me I would be happy just to be able to CATCH a un-blurred vision of our 4 year old typhoon and start a collection of family pictures that we could share with our interstate relatives, that have NOT even met our youngest child Jack. My mobile is way to slow and most pictures of movement do come out as blurs. This would be a family treasure that we all could use and benefit from. That’s why I would love to win this camera.

  486. Rebecca gillett Reply

    That it’s compact and easy to just pack in the bag (with all the toddler and baby items) to make sure you get some great pics no matter what you get up to!

  487. Charmaine Schlaefer Reply

    The days fly by and the memory is becoming weak, I need a camera to keep me at my peak. My children run free and snapping their pics would fill me with glee. Having the Panasonic camera would be best to help me snap what has made me so blessed. Family is my one and only!

  488. Great Elf on the Shelf pics… would love an upgrade to our camera, lots of moments worth capturing in our household

  489. The LUMIX G85 is ready for adventure when I take it with me everywhere. I love all the features bust of all the 4K video resolution extends this detailed characteristic into movie making, which I will love making family memories.

  490. These are all very creative, I won’t be showing these to my kidd or they will think our elf is pretty lame!

  491. Debbie O'Donnell Reply

    I’m kind of excited in learning how to use a camera properly.

  492. Sharyn Williams Reply

    I LOVE that it has a weather-sealed splash and dustproof design protects all joints, dials and buttons against extreme conditions as this camera would be awesome to take camping, hiking, beach days and anywhere we make the kids enjoy nature 🙂 i would love to win as i dont have a camera or even a smart phone and i am sick of lugging my tablet with me just to get a photo (which most of the time does not work out that well)

  493. ross powell Reply

    super dooper, super sharp shooter, photos of my first grandchild Reyna Llew , weren’t expecting a girl she came out of the blue,easy camera to operate for an old timer ,learn the ropes or auto shoot it’s up to me,she’s my little 10 month old elf never on a shelf always in my arms

  494. Jane Whelan Reply

    I love that it is WiFi ready, l love photography but l don’t have a decent camera. I do my best with what l have but this would help me capture quality shots that l would be proud to show off to others.

  495. What a slick professional looking camera to take amazing quality photos of little faces i face paint as by business

    Family photo’s would never look so good with such a great quality camera.

  496. Jessica Gunning Reply

    I just love the fact its wheather proof so i dont have to worry about rain or water spashes andthe WIFI. Honestly sounds like the perfeft camera to capture every moment of our lottle ones childhood

  497. As I am not a photographer…I love the ‘point and click’ but the quality you get is amazing! We are due with our second child in April and would love an amazing camera to capture all the special moments in the best quality you can get!

  498. Wi-fi wonder…. No more trying to find the right combination of leads to download / upload and share with interstate family… ahhh love technology!.

  499. It;’s dust and splash proof which means I can take it everywhere to snap those beautiful photos, which can easily be uploaded online via wi fi.

  500. I love that the camera is great outdoors my 2 boys are adventurous and love being active. At least I’d be able to get a picture of them that isn’t blurt.
    These elf pics were so good. Thank you. X

  501. The last real camera i had used film. Now i just use my phone and it would be nice to be able zoom properly again with a proper camera.

  502. I’m in desperate need of a new camera, as everything is now on my phone because my old camera is just so horrible. Besides knowing the camera is from a well known and reliable brand, I love the dual image stabiliser for clearer images and the fact it can withstand water and dust for all those messy action shots which are great to capture.

  503. I the Wi-Fi ready capability. No more cords or removing SD cards. I’d love to win this so I can have great photos of the kidlets and my critters.

  504. Tammy Hope Reply

    I love the all weather feature. Less worries about using it everywhere that my 5 sons wish to go adventuring. Up a tree, over the sand… in a water fight. fun and photography combined.

  505. Mel Campbell Reply

    Wow what an awesome camera! I really need to upgrade my camera and this wood be perfect! So many features to ensure picture perfect photographs

  506. I love the feature that guarantees “Crisp Clear Images’. I often have slightly blurry photos when people have moved.This would be really important for me.

  507. I like the camera’s ability to take clear pictures and also looks good at the same time. This would be a great camera for husband.

  508. Katie Dalla Santa Reply

    I love that it’s Wi-Fi ready, this makes it so much easier, especially while caring for two young children

  509. I’m the family and friends photographer please pick me so I can take amazing photos

  510. Ann-Mariie Day Reply

    It has dual image stabiliser so my shots will not be blurry anymore.
    You should pick me so that you can have a hand in developing my photographic abilities and so that you can stop me being laughed at by my family for my poor photo taking skills.

  511. I have 2x toddlers and a 3 day old son, so an easy, weather-proof camera with amazing clarity will come in very handy to keep track of my busy household as everyone grows and changes.

  512. Kayleen Stevens Reply

    It would be amazing to use instead of my phone, the stabilizer feature would help with a clear photo with my shaky hands. Thanks for the chance xxx

  513. I am fairly certain everyone who has worked in an office has had the same fun with a scanner or photocopier hahaha

  514. Kacey Mahon Reply

    I love the camera is weatherproof and great for beginners too, which I would be, so that is why I would love to start my first photography adventure with this camera ☺

  515. I have been looking at getting a camera for ages. This is exactly what I need. It’s perfect! I love the weather proof and wifi!

  516. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    I need a new camera so that I can capture memories that will live on forever.

  517. I would love to win this as I am pregnant with my 6th child, so having the technology to be able to capture lasting images with awesome detail would be absolutely amazing. This product and the specs look out of this world and would exceed all expectations!

  518. Carla Durand Reply

    I would love a camera that has all the options but without the fuss… our boys are so active so I need something that fits in with our family.

  519. Would absolutely be thrilled to win this Cameron- my old camera broke quite a few years ago and I’ve never been able to replace it. Man flu is the absolute best pic. So true

  520. Jenny Watson Reply

    I need the dual image stabiliser as so many of my pictures turn out blurry, especially when I zoom in, I just can’t keep my hands perfectly still. I’d love a better camera than the one I have now, we have lots of wildlife, and some “tame life” (namely the cat), that I love to take photos of.

  521. Would love to get some nice family photos with Bub, as she grows up, with a good camera.

  522. I know this camera. Everything you shoot with it looks great! The quality of 4K video and audio is just perfect. I want this camera so badly!

  523. The weather sealing component is so appealing for outdoor photography. Also the upgraded viewfinder would make my photography a lot easier. So excited with the new technology and opportunities Panasonic and Camera House are providing. Love Love LOVE!!

  524. Blurry photos makes me Elfin mad – would love this Panasonic G85 as its compact so I can take it with me wherever I go but can help me take gorgeous blurry free photos. Love taking pics of our family adventures but my phone is just not cutting it anymore.

  525. Number three by a long way. If I win this camera I am going to take a great pic like that!

  526. I love the video function and the ease with which you can upload images via wifi. This will make sharing images of my son with his extended family so much easier.

  527. With Panasonic G85, I could take professional photos with any professional skills.

  528. The Panasonics G85 waterproof body would make taking the family adventure pics a breeze, and built in wifi would make it hassle free to share those family moments with friends.

  529. I love the weather proof feature. I love going out to take photos but currently I only use my OPPO phone which I don’t want to get it wet or sandy. So this great feature will be perfect for me! Thanks

  530. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    The quality of this camera would let me take wonderful photos good enough to create my own gift cards, calendars and such. As well as special family moments where I would remember to have a camera on me.

  531. Love the all-weather action – living in Darwin we get some of the most amazing lightening and storms, I’ve damaged more than a couple of cameras trying to get the perfect shots. This camera sounds ideal 🙂

  532. Love the dual image stabiliser.
    With the kids always on the go someone is always blurry in pictures.
    Would love a nice clear shot of everyone!
    You should pick me so I can FINALLY have a great family photo, & the pleasure of knowing I took it myself

  533. Tanya Dunstall Reply

    The G85 is so brilliant! It’ll give me crystal clear razor sharp 16.1 megapixel images with ease! It has a long eye point which is great for when I’m wearing my glasses and a live digital viewfinder. I’ve had difficulty with squinting through a regular view finder in the past. I Love that it has a fully rotating touch screen too. The 5-axis dual image stabilisation would be great for when I’m taking stills or video to give me the perfect shot without the blur. I’m a keen photographer however I have a Panasonic DMC-LZ1 with 4 mega pixels and no view finder and it’s limiting my abilities and photographic desires. This camera would let me take my photography hobby to the next level and make the happiest girl in town! Thank you for the chance to win this beauty!!

  534. Carmel Corry Reply

    The dual image stabiliser – Most of my photos are of my animals or family, none of which like standing still for long! Add to that my own balance issues and thus having the stabiliser is almost vital for us!
    Pick me please so that I can finally have a photo album with crisp blur-free pictures!

  535. The point and click feature would be perfect for capturing this candid moments of my little ones. Such a quality brand too, and you can’t beat that!


  537. Priscilla H Reply

    The right camera is the one you have with you – the Panasonic G85 is an powerful memory creator I can take with me anywhere to capture beautiful life moments.

  538. Michelle D Reply

    I would love a camera to take clear photos with, I have an older iphone and am always disappointed with the photos I take – the wifi option will be amazing too!

  539. Chris Arthur Reply

    Love to take really clear pictures and love the inbuilt wifi.

  540. Kim 'elf' R Reply

    This little elf would LOVE to take clear crisp photos with this panasonic for next year’s
    Elf on the Shelf competition and MANY family ‘elfies’ during the year inbetween!

  541. It would be nice to take some memorable photos of my grandchildren with a quality camera.

  542. This camera would be great to take photos of my now 21 month old daughter. My Camera doesn’t work anymore and my phone camera just isn’t that good

  543. Cherrie Tippett Reply

    I had to borrow a camera to take our Christmas photos. Would be lovely to have this camera to collect memories with.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  545. Nicole Armstrong Reply

    I like the fact that it is wifi ready. It always makes life easier.
    I don’t have a camera like this, only my phone so of course it would be nice to have one to take photos of my 2 children.

  546. With 2 kids and only a camera on my phone to use it’s not always the best picture and my 6 yr old is a budding photographer .
    So an actual camera that kids can use and adults alike and takes clear photos will help out school projects and my sanity.

  547. Joanne Bishop Reply

    All the amazing features especially the weather proof would mean being able to capture and treasure as many snippets of life any day any time. Our Elf Booga would also love posing in front of something so impressive

  548. What with people taking hundreds of photo with modern tech these days, you cant beat old fashion quality like this camera to make even the most simple snapshots into masterpieces worth framing, and keeping as treasured memories.

  549. Pauline Olsen Reply

    The G85 can capture sharper details, stabilise images and would withstand our family adventures.
    These fabulous features would compensate for my lack of photography skills!

  550. Donna Sorrensen Reply

    A new camera would make it easier to take amazing photos of my new grand babies

  551. Sally Baker