21 of the most Awkward, Hilarious & Embarrassing Drawings By Kids Ever!

Out of the mouths, or in this instance, crayons of babes… Here’s 21 of our favourite awkward, hilarious & embarrassing drawings by kids.

Do you ever feel as though your children are deliberately trying to embarrass you? Or air all your dirty laundry to the world? Well, you’re not alone. These pictures, as shared by parents of the interwebs, are some #nextlevel awkwardness proudly brought to you by Crayola. You’ll laugh until you cry – mainly because it wasn’t your child that presented this masterpiece to their teacher….

Here’s a whole stack of drawings that we’re very, very sure won’t make it onto the fridge. 

This is two children happily dancing around a maypole. Seriously, what were you thinking? Of course it is! Image credit.


Mrs Edwards is probably thinking it’s time to work more on spelling and less on maths… Image credit.


This is a giraffe. We expect little Olivia’s parents might be getting her eyes checked quite soon though… Image credit.


We’re sure the boys down the fire station had a laugh at this sincere little thank you note. Image credit.


This ‘illustrate your own story book’ picture, well, we’ll just leave it <right here> and you look for yourself… That’s a very special whistle no doubt… Image credit. 


We all love the bitch. I mean beach. Image credit.


Sometimes it’s funny because its true. Image credit.



This monkey is very, very hungry. Obviously. Image credit.


This teacher will never look at Dad quite the same way again.. Image credit.


Drawing skills? Strong. Spelling skills? Need work. Image credit. 



You might wonder exactly what mummy does for work as depicted here. (She actually sells shovels at a hardware store and had a busy day when a snow storm hit!)


This must be the kind of art projects that make lunchtime in the staff room so much more enjoyable for teachers.. Go dad! Image credit.


Dear Cameron… I’m really sorry about what happened. Here’s a truthful letter of apology if nothing else…

This Scripture Teacher must have really wondered at this depiction of a well known Bible story. Image credit.


So many.. apples. Yep. They are supposed to be apples. Image credit.


And Happy Valentines Day to you too… um. Image credit.

Seems Dad is a really great…. cook? Image credit. 


Every mum’s favourite utensil. Why they’re scissors. What were you thinking? Image credit.


Complete with little lines to make sure you know the hands are really moving… Image credit.
This is a line up on unicorns… obviously. Image credit.


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    Can’t believe no-one commented on this collage of hilarity. 🙂
    Awesome work Vic.
    Kudos to you.

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