11 Clever Magic Eraser Cleaning Tips and 5 Surfaces to Definitely Avoid!

Magic by name, magic by nature. There seems to be nothing a magic eraser can’t do. We love them as much as the next mum for their crayon-lifting properties and soap scum blitzing ways. But believe it or not, they should be used with caution. No one wants a cleaning catastrophe, so here are very useful do’s and don’ts to save you the headache!

We’re obsessed with magic erasers

Let’s be honest, we lap up at anything that makes difficult cleaning jobs easy – and that my friends, is a magic eraser. They look like nothing special – a plain Jane of the cleaning world. But boy oh boy they deliver some kind of sorcery as they magically erase just about everything, so prepare to be wowed! You can buy them just about anywhere for around $5.

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Word of warning though, they are slightly abrasive and can work TOO well. Any surface that is polished, glossy or easily scratched, shouldn’t come in contact with a magic eraser so always, ALWAYS spot test before going hammers and tongs cleaning.

Do’s and don’ts of using a magic eraser at home

1.  Always wet your sponge

Just like sea monkeys, water is required to ‘activate’ a magic eraser. If you use it dry, it’ll be at its most abrasive which can do a whole lot of damage to surfaces.

2. Wear gloves

These babies are abrasive powerhouses so it’s important to protect your skin against them, particularly if using them for long periods of time.

3. Removing kids’ artwork from walls

Do use them to get crayon or pencil marks off painted walls – but only if you have a flat paint finish and use them with a very light hand (ideally, you want the paint to stay on the walls).

magic eraser remove crayon
Magic eraser is brilliant for cleaning up after budding artists. Source: Bigstock

4. Clean up sneakers

Anyone who has ever wanted bright white Converse kicks knows only too well the horror of keeping them white. A magic eraser is your BFF for keeping those sweet kicks clean!

magic eraser clean sneakers
White sneakers SPARKLE thanks to your magic eraser. Source: Bigstock

5. Remove sticky residue

They are brilliant at removing the annoying glue that seemingly always REFUSES to come off with a price sticker. Dampen the sponge and let it do its thing as it dissolves away the glue while you rub!

6. Tea stains in cups

They’re just abrasive enough to lift tea and coffee stains from your favourite cups, easily too!

7. Spot cleaning walls

I can confirm since my kids apparently can’t keep their hands off the walls, that magic erasers are worth their weight in gold for removing handprints and spot-cleaning walls.

8. A vinyl shower curtain saver

If you’re still using shower curtains and yours needs a good clean-up – use it to remove nasty buildup.

magic eraser clean shower curtains
Wipe over a shower curtain with a magic eraser to keep it fresh as a Daisy and free of mildew. Source: Bigstock

9. Rust marks

If you’ve left a can of shaving cream in the bottom of the shower and it’s left an annoying rust ring on your shower recess tiles, a magic eraser makes light work of lifting it off.

10. Tile grout cleaner

Kitchen splashback grout looking a little tired with greasy build-up and the occasional splatter of pasta sauce? Use the edges of a magic eraser to clean them up in no time.

11. Vinyl floor cleaner

If you have shoe scuff marks on your vinyl floors, they’ll lift away with ease. No elbow work is required and scuff marks are gone!

And now where you should NEVER use your magic eraser:  

1. Don’t use them on your car

Scraped a bumper through the drive-thru or misjudged that parking space? Don’t attempt to rub away a scratch or scuff mark. You wouldn’t take to your car with sandpaper so this is pretty much what you’ll be doing.

2. Natural stone surfaces, including granite and marble

The abrasive nature will dull the surface and if you go nuts trying to get a stain off, you might just remove the stone sealant.

3. Steer clear of stainless steel appliances

Look, I get it, stove tops can get pretty gross, and it might seem like a really good idea. Sadly their micro scrubbing particles will scratch your shiny stainless steel surface in no time.

4. Non-stick pots and pants

Burnt something onto a pan and think maybe a scrub with an eraser will do the trick? NOPE, think again!

5.  Enamel, shiny painted, sealed or varnished surfaces

Be wary of using on wooden surfaces as the abrasiveness can scratch and strip the finish, especially varnished coatings.

What is your favourite way to use these epic cleaning sponges? Drop your suggestions in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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